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10 cool Hobbies that don't require money


Even some hundred years ago a woman who wants to find a hobby that does not require high costs, basically a choice between needlework and reading.

In an age when the development of digital and information technologies has reached an unprecedented level, everyone can find interesting and useful hobby.

However, some of these Hobbies require significant financial costs, for example, the purchase of supplies or special tools.

But, there are Hobbies that you can do without investing money in them. Some of them can give the opportunity not only to occupy themselves with something exciting, but sometimes also to improve their financial situation.

10. Mastering the art of speed reading

First and foremost, I should say that that this technique is not only a rapid pronunciation of the written text, but also in remembering of the information provided.

To master the technique of fast reading fairly easy, although the same can be said about any other useful skill. So for this purpose we developed several methods by which anyone can learn to speed read has the opportunity to choose for himself what he will be fit.

9. Learning to draw in a variety of digital techniques

I'm sure many of us would like to learn how to create digital illustrations not on the Amateur level, but quite professional. However, this skill requires a lot of attention and time.

If you decided to engage seriously with digital painting, the first thing you need to understand the technique of digital painting, which can be built in several ways.

Online you can find a lot of articles on this topic, with a detailed description of options of creating a digital drawing, among which you will be able to elect the most suitable.

8. The creation of an electronic master classes

Now, there are many online guides for creating master classes, with which you can learn how using video and audio content will be to conduct trainings.

In order to create your electronic master-class, you need to learn how to make a content plan, record training program and to conduct an advertising campaign.

If you master all these disciplines, you will be able not only to share their knowledge with a wider audience, but also to convert this increase into a profitable business.

7. Keeping a personal blog

You spend a lot of time online, like virtual communication and love to share their thoughts with others? Then you can become a blogger! This is probably one of the most accessible Hobbies.

The blogger can simply share your thoughts with your subscribers valuable knowledge to tell interesting stories or to comment on any events.

By the way, blogging is not just fun, but also, in some cases, very lucrative. Now a lot of people have made their hobby the main source of income.

Another plus of blogging – this can be done by anyone, because this lesson does not require any special training.

6. Development of schemes for embroidery, knitting, weaving

I think most lovers of needlework embroider solely by patterns. However, probably, somewhere deep down, they want to create something of the author's that will differ from others! For example, we can embroider portrait of husband or child. Believe me, it's not as difficult as it seems.

5. The creation of virtual collections

Nowadays there are many virtual collections, the creation of which was not spent a single penny.

Think about what you would like to collect (vintage postcards, rare stamps, rare photos, etc.) and go!

4. The study of foreign languages on free courses

The study of foreign languages is not only fashionable, but also very useful pastime. This knowledge will allow you to find a paying job, to communicate freely with foreigners, and also just to expand your horizons and make the IQ a little higher.

Learning new languages is a wonderful hobby that is perfect for those who have free time and a serious desire to master a new and useful skill.

Such hobby helps to improve memory, to develop perseverance and learn to efficiently manage your time.

A systematic study of new languages is a kind of exercise for the brain, not allowing him to "rust".

This hobby will allow to extract information on foreign Internet resources, as well as to find virtual friends from other countries.

Also this knowledge will help to read in the original language the literary works of the world classics and to watch foreign films without translation.

It is important that the foreign language provides a significant competitive advantage when applying for a job.

Also, a person who knows a foreign language, you can find a variety of part-time work that will allow you to earn money remotely.

What language to teach? Take your pick – it all depends on your preference: French – the language of love, English is the international language, Italian is a melodic language, etc.

3. Digital scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking is a virtual instruments to create a beautiful design for your photos. The predecessor of digital scrapbooking has become a manual scrapbooking.

This form of needlework native to the United States. In the middle of the last century among the elderly ladies was popular to decorate your photo albums. To do this, they used fabric, ribbon, beads, coloured paper.

Now, there are even special shops where goods are sold to the professional scrapbooking, and all this is quite expensive.

Another thing is digital scrapbooking! In the network there are many sites where you can get a free set for your digital scrapbook. They can be a variety of stylistic directions: drawing, design, watercolor, animation, etc.

2. Getting new skills on free courses

This activity is very suitable for women who are long on maternity leave and realize that their profession does not give them the opportunity to develop professionally, while giving enough attention to the family.

Now there are plenty of opportunities through online courses to develop specialty that allows you to freelance or even open a business, which in the future will bring good income.

1. Create a database of personal recipes

If you consider yourself a born cook and understand that your talent goes far beyond home cooking, the perfect way to share your knowledge and experience is to create a database of personal recipes.

The more you exercise creativity, the more will want to use your advice.

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