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10 films that resurrected the career of actors


Here we will talk about the actors who could not win the love of the audience with their roles and to get the attention of good Directors. Some actors even personally destroying his career with drugs and shootings in the bad films.

But only one role at a crucial film allowed these actors to become the most recognizable and popular people in the world of cinema. The roles that they played have become iconic, and the films brought in huge cash makers, allowing the actors on the wave of popularity to take part in big projects and revive his career from the ashes.

10. Joaquin Phoenix, "The Master"2012

Top opens the actor, who buried his career for the film flopped at the box office. According to the plan, Joaquin had overgrown hair and beard, acting strange in public, to give controversial interviews and generally to cause people confusion.

Of the actor began to laugh on the Internet, parodied in Comedy shows and all agreed that the career of Joaquin ended, and a man slowly going mad.

In the end, the screens out the film, in which it became clear that the Phoenix just over a year played a role in everyday life. Surrounding agreed that the actor is not crazy, but the residue remained, but because the actor about a year remained without work until he was invited to sing the role in "the Master". The actor has played so well that questions about his condition at the time of the disappeared and career of the Phoenix again went up the hill.

9. Tom Hardy, "Bronson"2008

Now, if the Fact stated in the title role, the viewer safely can carry the money to the distributors: the film with hardy is just good. But it was not always so.

Previously, hardy was an actor, appearing in low-budget films. It was not until 2008, while hardy was not offered a role in "Rock-n-rolldice" and then in "Bronson."

For the role That gave full gained 19 pounds of muscle mass, personally consorting with a known criminal, whose identity he needed to move on the screen, transformed into my character and played a best role in his film career.

Hardy noticed: first, was invited to "the Beginning" Nolan, then in the movie "Warrior", and after That played the role of Bane in "the Dark knight".

8. Mickey Rourke, "The Wrestler"2008

Rourke was a star in the 80s and 90s, and then disappeared from all radar, and even did a lot of plastic surgery on the face, after which the appearance of the actor badly deteriorated. Yes, and a bad character Rourke was not in favor of attempts of an actor to climb the corporate ladder.

To return to the big screen'rourke could only in 2008, starring in the film, Aronofsky's "the wrestler". The actor has proved that it can still be the main star of the film, because "the wrestler" has collected considerable sums at the box office, and he and Mickey got a Golden globe for best actor and was even nominated for "Oscar".

Following this success, Mickey called in "Iron man 2" in a role of the main villain in the promising movie "the Expendables".

7. Ben Affleck, "the Town"2010

He started his career Ben quite cheerful, even took an Oscar for best screenplay for the film "Good will hunting", and then began a black stripe. First nomination for the "Golden raspberry", and then did a full statuette for her role in the film "Daredevil".

The audience and the authors of the films suddenly became clear that Affleck is a bad actor, and therefore are closer than the starring Ben were not allowed.

Then Affleck realized that to save his career will have to end, and therefore adapted the book and directed the film "City of thieves", playing also a major role. In the end, good directing, Affleck has helped the film not to fail at the box office, but the film was nominated for "Oscar".

The producers realized that Affleck may not be the best actor, but he clearly has the makings of a great Director, and I trust Ben to direct "Argo" and waited a fantastic success. After has had lead roles in the films "lost" and "Batman" that returned the name of a good Affleck an actor.

6. Steve Carell, "the Hunter on Fox"2014

Steve actor, a comedian, and therefore familiar to the viewer as a good comedian. The view of the actor changed after the role of Carell in the film "the Hunter on Fox", where the comedian was asked to play the role of cold and distant and crazy Steve coped with the task!

The film may not appeal to the viewer a dark and dreary story, but the acting performance in this movie is at the highest level. Ruffalo, Tatum and Carell did a great job with their roles, Carell eventually nominated for a Golden globe for his work in the movie.

The next year, Carell again was a resounding success for her role in the film "shorting" and another nomination, the same story happened with the movie "Battle of the sexes".

5. John Travolta, pulp fiction1994

John's career began in the 70s. He successfully starred in the film music genre, announcing himself as a good actor and dancer.

When Travolta starred in the Comedy "Look who's talking" it and there was success, but the second and third part of the movie was so terrible and poor quality that John stopped to call in any projects.

It would seem that Travolta's career is complete, but then came Quentin Tarantino. Quentin didn't care what kind of reputation is the actor in Hollywood, he offered John a major role in the film pulp fiction, and Travolta, in turn, agreed and amazingly coped with it. For this film the actor was nominated on "Oscar" and "Golden globe".

4. Matthew McConaughey, "the Lincoln lawyer"2011

Now we know McConaughey is great in his roles in the films "Dallas buyers club", "interstellar" and "True detective".

But until 2011, McConaughey was the image of the handsome man who only did what he played in romantic comedies similar to each other role. Changed the situation from a few movies when Matthew realized that to be a profound drama, not a second-rate romantic comedies.

For two years he starred in three good movies: "mud", "the Lincoln lawyer" and "Killer Joe". After the debut in serious films, McConaughey called "Dallas buyers club" that brought the actor "Oscar". When Nolan looked "mad", I immediately realized that the main role in "interstellar" should play Matthew, and then had work in "true detective".

3. Michael Keaton, "Birdman"2014

In the late 80s, Keaton has played Batman, and this role brought Michael to worldwide fame. After the departure of Keaton's superhero project, the actor was missing from all radar, only occasionally appearing in low-grade films in the roles of the second plan.

In the end, Keaton for all others became an actor in one role, and is so fused with the role that the Director Alejandro gonzález iñárritu invites him to play in the film "Birdman" actor in one role.

The film is shot, took a few Oscars and reminded the producers and the audience about Keaton. Then there was the success of the film "In the spotlight", and the role in the cash restart "Spider-Man", in which Keaton played the main antagonist.

2. Robert Downey Jr., "Gothic"2003

Robert is a shining example of the dizzying success and then fall to the bottom. In the late ' 80s Robert was called one of the most talented young actors. In ' 92 he was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as Chaplin. And then Downey's life went downhill.

First time tried drugs Downey at the age of 8, and the dependence becomes stronger. Permissiveness, fame and financial situation had a detrimental impact on him, but because in 1996, the actor was sentenced to 16 months in prison for possession of weapons and cocaine.

After his release from prison, the actor tried to find a job, but all the roles were small and insignificant, while in 2003, Robert has not played in the film "Gothic". The film may not be the best in the career of Downey, but it was on the set he met his future wife, for which he was off drugs and changed his life.

Came role in the movie "Kiss on a departure" and "zodiac", and then the role of Tony stark in "Iron man," which has returned to popularity not only Downey, but also the struggling Marvel.

1. Marlon Brando, the Godfather1972

Marlon began his career in film in 1950, and two years later received the first nomination on "Oscar". For the first 8 years an actor, Marlon was nominated for the statue 5 times, but after Brando's career went into decline.

14 years the actor starred only in minor roles, until one day, he was invited to the movie "the Godfather". The role of the mafia became a cult classic, brought the actor a second statuette "Oscar" and allowed Brando to star in good films such as "Last tango in Paris" and "Apocalypse now."

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