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10 ways to understand what people really


Things happen in life. Nobody is surprised by the stories about the betrayal of a close friend or family member, cheating wife or husband.

That's the only person that had a similar story, is not ready to such turn of events. He can't believe it happened to him, and then shuts up his heart from others. He no longer believes. It is harder to communicate, start Dating, he was alone.

It can happen to anyone. Even if you think that you are well versed in the people, you are not immune from betrayal or deception. To avoid this, is to pay attention to their surroundings.

Below is a list of ways that will help to understand what man really is. Perhaps your new (and maybe old) friend is not who he says he is.

10. Tell a man a secret

The easiest way to know whether you can trust a new friend is to tell him a secret. Make up some story and share your "experiences" with him.

If after some time you will be heard, you will immediately know who was the initiator. You will have to decide whether to continue communication with this person.

There are people who can't keep his mouth shut. They can be good friends, help in a difficult situation, but you should not trust them with important information relating to your professional activities or personal life.

If the person you are, continue to communicate, just remember that now your mouth should keep you.

9. Talk about the relationship with mutual friends

Of course, not everyone likes to gossip, but if you want to check a person have. Talk about the relationship with mutual friends or colleagues, if they work together. Listen carefully to what will be talking about them the source.

Usually people notice in others those traits that are inherent in them or evoke a sense of envy.

If he notices the good nature, courtesy, emotional stability, perhaps, that he possesses these qualities.

If your friend speaks badly about everyone, most likely, he's jealous of them or is of type "eternally unhappy" people. To deal with such a person is very difficult. Be especially careful if he notes a sham for profit the adulation.

8. Embark on a journey with this man

If you communicate well, there is a more extreme way to find out what it really is. Go with him on a journey. The more you spend time with a person, the more you learn.

He won't be able to pretend around the clock and always give yourself away. During the journey there will be many opportunities where you can test your buddy.

If you don't trust him and understand that people behave insincerely, this method is better not to use. This could be messy, and your friend won't even give you a helping hand.

7. Pay attention to how people communicate

Let's see how your friend behaves with other people. If he has a large circle of friends or does he prefer solitude? Converges easily with people or ignores any attempt to rapprochement?

It is easy to understand, what you are is only a little to watch him. Normally, the characters of which are similar, it is easier to find a common language.

If your friend or friend closed man, likes to sit at home and you're ready for change, I love adventures and "take everything from life", it is unlikely you will be able to make friends.

6. Take a person money or lend him their

There is no more simple and effective method to learn about the person as much as possible. Of course, it is better never to borrow from friends, but change its principles at least once. Moreover, someday you may need financial assistance. In this case, you will know whether you can count on this person.

Ask to borrow money. If man, will not hesitate to lend you, so you can rely on him in difficult times. But do not use it with kindness and constantly try to quickly repay the debt.

When the friend has any financial problems, offer to help him. Better it be a smaller amount. If after a time he will not return you money, then you are an irresponsible person. Better to have no shared financial Affairs.

5. Produmyvayte border

Each person has boundaries that he will never be released. Or will be released only in a critical situation.

When a person is trying to communicate, he does not notice poor quality, gives your PAL or darling virtues which he never was.

Remove the rose-colored glasses. Your business partner may seem to be pathologically honest, but what happens when he had an opportunity to profit at your expense? Wouldn't trade a good relationship for money?

Also in relations with the opposite sex. You can't know for sure how sincere the feelings of your partner. Maybe he is attracted to your relationship or financial situation?

4. Notice details

To know more about a person, not resorting to extreme methods. Just need to be careful.

When you spend a lot of time together, you see how people behave in the everyday situation, as he's on the phone, how animals are treated, what food it prefers.

Especially important if this person is of the opposite sex and you're certain types. If he hates dogs, do not expect that after the wedding you will be able to talk to a cute puppy. If eating the same meals, so he is not inclined to experiments, is quite conservative and does not like changes in life.

3. Note the relation of man to the maintenance staff

If you visit cafes and restaurants, shops, look at the behavior of your friend. Pay attention to how he treats waiters, sellers, managers of fitness clubs.

If you don't allow yourself too much, gentle, means a person is well educated. He will never show his superiority and to humiliate those who have not achieved a certain status in society.

If you can be rude, nasty, mean parents bad raised him. Perhaps the bad attitude of the service personnel is not the worst thing he can afford.

2. Rate the human behavior in a critical situation

Of course, you don't need to start a fire or attack by bandits. If you happened critical situation, will see how it behaves your friend.

If in any other situation people can dissemble, to hide his true face, then at the critical moment he will not manage to put on a mask, he can't.

If your man runs away, sparkling heels, leaving you in danger, better to look for someone else.

If a friend, risking his life helps you appreciate his attitude and never betray your friendship.

1. Observe the intonation and body language

Pay attention to the intonation and gestures. A person can masterfully lie, but his behavior will still be different from the behavior of an honest man. On the Internet a lot of information about body language. Study it, it will definitely be useful to you in life.

There are several signs that help to recognize insincere people: during a conversation, he abruptly changes the subject, no reason is justified, all the time trying to touch his face.

Just do not overdo it, it is not necessary in every person to seek the desire to deceive you. If you pay excessive attention to intonation and body language, as well as to share your findings with loved ones, people will start to think that you might be paranoid.

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