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10 Russian musicians who became world charts


The main problem of local music regardless of genre – is its secondary. All that appears to us in the West have been at least a few years ago, and our musicians is simply repeated.

It is because of this Russian listeners prefer foreign performers, even if you do not understand the language in which they sing.

No wonder our musicians are hardly known in other countries, and their songs and albums can't compete with the works of local stars.

However, to this rule also there are exceptions: some students manage to write compositions, which, though not become sales leaders in the West, but still manage to get into the charts.

10. Nastya Zadorozhnaya — Will

U.S. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks called the younger brother of the Billboard Hot 100, which is considered the main in the United States.

Russian singer Anastasia Zadorozhnaya in 2007 had all the chances to break into the top-ranking country, if not for one thing: the Billboard Hot 100 do not accept songs that have been recorded in other countries. Because of this, she had to settle for 41st place of the "younger" chart with the song "I Will".

Despite the fact that she "flew" past the main charts, it still managed almost the impossible: to conquer the listeners with a song in Russian.

9. Valeriya — Wild!

Husband and producer Valerie Joseph Prigogine struggled trying to help the singer to the West, releasing several singles in English. Most successful track Wild, which debuted at the 48th position of the hit parade Billboard Hot Dance Club, the rotary is popular in night clubs music. Gradually, the song climbed to 25th place and even stayed there for almost 3 months.

8. Alsou — Before You Love Me

In 2000, singer, represented Russia at the "Eurovision", where the song Solo was able to take 2nd place, made more than worthy.

After that, her producers decided to promote her to the West as "the Slavic Britney Spears," but they turned out so-so. The maximum that they could achieve is a 27-th line of the UK Singles Chart in 2001.

In this position the track lasted only 3 weeks, but if to abstract and to reason impartially, he was no worse than the songs of foreign pop singers of those years. Apparently, the British listener, prefer to listen to local and not to waste your time on "stray" stars.

7. t.A.T.u.

One of the most well-known abroad Russian groups got into the global top charts several times with different songs.

So, the single All the Things She Said won the top of the British chart, remained there for a month. Incidentally, this is the only time when the domestic musician was able to reach first place in the hit parade of great Britain.

Other songs like Not Gonna Get Us and All About Us was ranked lower, but also liking English music lovers.

As for the US, and they were able to declare itself: their debut LP, the Duo got on the 13th Billboard 200.

The greatest success of "tattoo" used in Japan: there, their album 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane has sold almost 2 million copies, a record for the artist not from Japan.

6. Timati — Welcome to St. Tropez (feat DJ Antoine)

The track, released in 2009, notably noise in several countries: Luxembourg, France, Germany and Austria.

The greatest success was waiting for him on the Billboard Luxembourg Digital Songs, where it easily conquered the 1st place. The second place he took in the German chart, and even hit the top ten global dance charts Billboard.

5. Serebro

Maxim Fadeev in his interview Yuri Dude said that the group Serebro it was originally created for the Asian market, not planning at all to declare it in Russia. However, because of force majeure he had to send her to Eurovision, where the girls took 3rd place.

Then began to write Russian singles that made the team popular, but complicated promotion in Asia.

However, in Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands and Italy pop group all know: Mama Lover entered the top 50 Japanese chart Mi Mi Mi in the top 100. "Mama Luba" in English in the Mexican airplay chart and was occupied 19-e a place.

4. Julia Kova

Not the most famous Russian performer in 2008 managed to take 88-e a place in Japan Hot 100, making it long before Serebro.

Her album "This is me" was so successful that he even wanted to re-issue on the English language specifically for the local market, but had disagreements with the Studio recording, so the release never happened.

3. Aram Khachaturian

In the early ' 70s, Soviet composer recorded with the London Symphony orchestra music for the ballet Spartacus, which was later published as a separate album. This album in 1972 came the national UK singles chart, lasting more than 3 months on the 16-th position.

Fragments or even whole songs from the LP have been repeatedly used in major Hollywood films famous Directors: the music of Stravinsky can be heard in "Strangers" James Cameron, "Space Odyssey" by Kubrick and many others.

2. Boris Grebenshikov

At the end of the 80s the Soviet rocker began to appear on American television, actively promoting his upcoming English-language album, Radio Silence, entered the market in 1989.

BG has laid on him great hopes, seriously planning to perform in America, but the record would fail. Although she failed to reach the Billboard 200, but debuted only on the 198-th position, because of what the musician had to focus on Russian-speaking audience.

1. Gorky Park

A true legend of Russian rock in the West: in those days in the States was not our group better known than "Gorky Park".

Their first album stayed on the 80th on the Billboard 200 21 weeks, and a total of records sold in the United States more than 300 000 copies, which, though not a record, but for the Soviet team imposing figure.

In Scandinavia, their success was even bigger: in Denmark, for example, the album Moscow Calling received platinum status.

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