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10 of the most likely conspiracy theories in the history of mankind


What else can be alerted and intrigue the layman, like a new conspiracy theory which was started by the world leaders against humanity.

Each of us in my heart always "knows best", so happy to dive into new information flows from the ever-watchful media.

Stuffing the masses continue with regular savigneau, so it is important in the flow of the next "spam" to highlight the truly relevant global processes, in order not to give themselves to manage as a sheep in the herd.

And this, dear readers, it is necessary to include brains and to run the logic, otherwise the conspirators achieved their goal and you zadurit head. How to make people manageable crowd – vking distorted information and just watch how "word of mouth" itself will spin.

In the new age of Aquarius, it is essential to ensure informational security of citizens. So here are the top 10 plausible conspiracy theories that still has not lost its relevance.

To believe the information or not is the choice of the reader. But remember that the criterion of truth is practice only – double check the facts

10. A petroleum conspiracy

The conspiracy theory States that the heads of the huge oil multinationals inhibit the development of alternative energy, because otherwise will be an energy revolution and a breakthrough in the development of a unique fuel-free technology.

The development of humanity for oil is fraught with the loss of enormous revenues. 11 years ago the European Commission has unveiled paraffin conspiracy, which involved global brands and leading oil companies Sovintel huge prices on paraffin in the industry.

Now like with the success of crank and in the field of fuel, oil, gas, and other valuable renewable resources.

9. Lunar conspiracy

According to this theory, Armstrong's team never went to the moon, despite the obvious "lunar" videos and photos.

The thing that brought images professionals see quite a Worldly signs, such as the force of gravity, is optimal for film temperature, wind.

Also do not forget that the United States lost to the USSR in the cold war, therefore, urgently needed something to distract indignant population. The theme of flight to the moon was suited for this purpose as it is impossible by the way.

8. Conspiracy manufacturers

Entrepreneurs of the world market and then find themselves embroiled in the most shocking story. GMOs have long been used to reduce the genetic potential of the planet, in an effort to reduce the population to the notorious "Golden billion". But that's not all.

Global MNCs in the field of food and life are also in the conspiracy, allowing you to evenly distribute the share of the market and maintain high prices for their branded products. Therefore, competition and diversity is only an appearance, stimulating the consumerism of ordinary citizens.

And remember the pharmacists who create the medicines that heal the symptoms but not the cause of the disease.

Concerns for the production of electrical and transport at all insolent, producing products that barely live up to the warranty period.

7. Medical conspiracy

A separate issue will put the conspiracy of pharmacists to their work they began to create in laboratories, new diseases, bacteria and viruses. And thriving global business nahimichili a new attack, and then immediately on the "hot on the trail" developed from it an effective vaccine. And then promoted as preventive measures against new strains.

It is no secret that major pharmaceutical brands are under the control of the global families that are interested not only in personal enrichment but also to reduce people on the planet resources, you see, is not enough at all.

Otgenotsidit people with diseases and chemicals easy, and works actively advertising on TV.

6. Pearl Harbor was planned

I do not doubt that the international military campaign is not a spontaneous action, but a carefully developed over the years a global plan.

Theory makes it clear that the President of the United States authentically knew about a possible attack and purposely withheld that information to give precedent to be. This was the reason for Roosevelt to enter the war with Germany in spite of the lack of support of the population of Europe.

5. Zionist conspiracy

Have you heard the phrase "Zionist occupation government"? Unlikely, because this term is walking mostly in circles of anti-Semites and right-wing.

The plot takes roots in the 19th century, when the media "accidentally" penetrated the fake "Protocols of the elders of Zion".

According to the theory, the Jews (Freemasons, the Rockefellers and other synonyms of the secret world "behind the scenes") have influence on planetary politics and are global managers.

Recent years we find more conclusive evidence that this theory actually has long been an axiom.

4. September 11 was planned

It is no secret that the terrorist act with skyscrapers-Twins – it is a worldwide event of global significance. Moreover, started the attack the Americans-globalsite under the strict execution of the Bush administration. Sacrificing its own citizens, politicians got the main argument for the invasion of American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Michael Moore in his documentary film did raise the question of close cooperation between the bin Ladens and the bushes.

3. The secret world government

And again we return to the topic of global governance, which involves the world's most famous family.

The entrance to the arena booked for the "uninitiated", and to inherit the right to be a member of the global Council only the members of the families who came once from the Royal ranks of Ancient Egypt.

Interestingly, many people are starting to finally run the brain and to learn about the impact of the global banking system (of course owned by Jews like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers) to drive the planetary economy and the financial markets.

2. Global warming is fiction

Environmentalists are dancing to the tune of the same world government, vkidyvaya to the masses the theory, the refutation of global warming on the planet.

We have heard different variants of climate change, ranging from test States "climate" of weapons, and ending with the ozone holes in the atmosphere of the planet.

The world "minds" to speculate on the topical theme of human survival, to draw in their pseudo-research crazy investment.

One truth – all people have noticed dramatic climate change, and if you don't start listening to mother nature and control their economic activity, the planet will sooner or later decide self cleaned from parasites in the form of humanity.

1. The promotion of non-traditional sexual orientation

Conspiracy theory one of the priorities of social control designed to authentidate the best potential of the planet. Let's work together to change sexual preference to LGBT marriages did not appear mentally healthy children and in sufficient quantity to improve demographic indicators.

Globalsite actualize through the media the issue of gays in Russia, which is one of the effective methods of the cold war.

Unfortunately, the Americans succeed in its destructive career, because the gay lobbyists POPs up at the political level and has reached to the legislative framework.

People, do not let "ears to swing the ass", manage independently their lives and what goes in your subconscious.

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