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Top 10 best films of Clint Eastwood


Clint Eastwood is a legend of American cinema: it was realized as an actor, successful film and even wrote the music to his paintings.

Resounding popularity Eastwood brought to his roles, mostly in westerns, Sergio Leone, which he performed in the 60-ies. Cooperation with the Italian master gave Hollywood stunning actor and Director, who, contrary to the predictions of many critics, has managed to avoid the fate of the hero image.

Despite the fact that Eastwood for all her acting biography played many prominent roles in the film, he does not have any awards Oscar for acting. However, the picture that he made, four times honored with this prestigious award.

We present 10 of the best films directed by Clint Eastwood.

10. Letters from Iwo Jima2006

The island of Iwo Jima is a strategically important geographical point on the outskirts of Japan. To protect his General Kuribayashi.

After receiving this order, the captain immediately began to build a line of defense, using unconventional at the time methods.

He paid great attention to the problem of the relationship of the members of the command staff with ordinary soldiers. All of this caused resentment among the subordinate officers, which was warmed up by that valiant General once in the past trained in the United States.

9. Miracle on the Hudson2016

This case occurred in reality, 15 January 2009, it would later be called "Miracle on the Hudson". Then the pilot of the Airbus A320 Chesley Sullenberger made an emergency landing right on the Hudson river in new York and somehow, some way, all passengers in the amount of 155 people survived.

However, despite the excitable headlines, this incident was the reason for the investigation, which could put an end to the career of Sullenberger.

8. A perfect world1993

The film is set in America in the early 60-ies. Two criminals who managed to escape from prison, hiding from the police, sneak into the house where the family lives: the mother and three children. In order to protect themselves they take on a nine year old boy

7. Flags of our fathers2006

Six us Marines during the battle for Iwo Jima island hoisted the flag on the highest point of this island.

A photograph of this momentous event, did these guys are the real heroes.

They are withdrawing to the States, where officials are trying to use the hype associated with their act, for their own purposes – to obtain from the civilian population the money to continue the war.

The plot includes two lines: the first shows the real events that took place during the battle for the second island; — loud tour of the country, the young heroes who had become living agitation.

6. Changeling2008

The film is based on real events that took place in America in the late 1920s. the story of the woman who was kidnapped nine-year-old son. After a few months of searching, the police inform her that her boy was found.

But, when meeting with the child, the heroine realizes that it is not her son. She tries to prove to the police that he had been a terrible mistake and her son is still missing, but none of the authorities does not want to listen to it, ignoring its arguments.

Desperate, she decides to ask for help to reporters. When this is given to the public, the city authorities announced poor mother a real war

5. Mystic river2003

The film is set in the mid-seventies of the last century. Early Saturday morning three 11-summer teenagers decided to fool around. Their neighbor had caught you boys doing.

Posing as police, the man takes one of the boys in his car allegedly in the plot. Subsequently determined that it was a pedophile. Further events are transferred at the present time, where the characters communicate with each other again.

4. Sniper2014

The Central character of the film – Chris Kyle. After a series of attacks on the U.S. Embassy he decided to go into the army. Recruiter makes him an offer to join the special forces. Without thinking, Chris agrees.

After hard training, the boy officially becomes a seal and goes on the sniper courses.

Once the main character meets in a bar with girlfriend Taya. Their whirlwind romance ends with a wedding. Pick up wife, Chris went to Iraq, where his mission is to cover the soldiers, Stripping the territory.

His career is rising, he is well respected among his colleagues. And this time, he has a mysterious and very dangerous enemy sniper Mustafa

3. The bridges of Madison County1995

One native brother and sister Michael and Caroline was sorting the papers in the house recently deceased mother, Francesca.

Among the documents they find a diary in which their mother described the events that took place over four days, twenty years ago. This touching story gives the opportunity for young people to better understand their mother and to change his life.

Francesca was born in Italy. After the war she married a soldier in the us army, Richard. In marriage they had two children. Their family lives ordinary and, by local standards, a very prosperous life.

But everything changes when she meets a photographer Robert who comes to this region to make a number of images of covered wooden bridges. Their short acquaintance develops into a tempestuous affair, which nearly put an end to the family life of the heroine

2. Million dollar baby2004

Waitress Maggie Fitzgerald is trying to persuade the old Boxing trainer to become her mentor. However, he refuses her offer because of her gender.

Despite his refusal, Maggie continues to train on their own, gradually earning the reputation among many in the audience. In the end, the old man still agrees to train Maggie, which later turns out to be quite the talented ward.

1. Gran Torino2008

The main character of the film, Walt Kowalski. In his youth he had to go to the Korean war, and now he lives in a disadvantaged suburb of Detroit, where there are practically no "white" people.

Walt you'll be intolerable in nature. He hates his neighbors and so he often allows himself to let go of racist jokes in their address.

After the death of his wife he feels very lonely. His own children and grandchildren to spit on him. His only joy remains the car Ford Gran Torino 1972 issue, in an Assembly which was attended by the owner himself.

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