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Top 10 most sweetest places on the planet


Chocolate has long been not just a sweetness that is loved around the world as part of world culture. There are even holidays – International Chocolate Day and World Chocolate Day celebrated on September 13 and July 11, respectively.

It is not surprising that there are museums entirely dedicated to this dessert.

Today we will discuss top ten most famous places to visit, which is every tourist, especially if he have a sweet tooth.

10. Museum "Panny" (Victoria island, Canada)

On Victoria island, located in Canada, for quite some time there is a confectionery factory in Phillip Island, specializing in the production of chocolate and other products.

Its distinguishing feature is that there is virtually no automation of the manufacturing process: most of the treats workers made by hand.

To attract tourists and promote their products at the factory opened a Museum "Panny", which presents large-scale exhibitions: portraits from chocolate bars, statue of David of the same material and other exhibits. It looks not only delicious, but also very beautiful.

9. The Museum "Chocolate castle" (Jeju-do, South Korea)

Despite the extravagance of local food, chocolate in Asia is like, although a well-known Museum there is only one on Jeju island in South Korea.

Here, in a stylized under the old castle of volcanic rock collected a number of samples of chocolate from all over the world.

The main attraction of the collection, her "zest" model of a tram that went in the XIX century in San Francisco. Visitors affects not only the detailing of this "sweet" toys, but they are fully operational.

8. Chocolate Museum "Musee du Chocolat" (San Stefano, Canada)

Box of chocolates in the shape of a heart and candy this shape, familiar to everyone. To say thank you for this is the pastry of the canadian company Ganong Bros James and Gilbert Ganangal who came up with this design over a century ago.

Since their production started with a small patisserie has grown considerably, and the Museum "Musee du Chocolat" not only tells the history of the company, but also demonstrates modern achievements in the field of production of chocolate.

It employs some of the world's best chocolatiers (master chocolate art), so the Museum collection is regularly updated with new exhibits.

7. The Nestle chocolate Museum (Mexico city, Mexico)

Museum in Mexico city despite its name is dedicated not only to the history of the Nestle company and product history in General.

The Museum building was built in record time in just 2.5 months, making it similar to origami.

In addition to a large variety of exhibits here there is a kind of theatre: a large room, where visitors can learn a lot of interesting things about chocolate sitting on the soft padded stools in the form of candy.

6. Candy Americana Museum (Lititz, PA, USA)

This Museum is better known under the name "Wilbur" and has a rather unusual history of the appearance. Unlike most others, it was founded not manufacturers of sweets, and the wife of the local Baker.

A woman who loved her husband too became fond of chocolate and collect all that concerns him: a utensil for its production, Souvenirs, prescriptions, etc.

Over time the collection grew and grew to include more than 1,000 items, which can now look every tourist, accidentally or not caught in Pennsylvania.

5. Museum secrets of chocolate Responses (Strasbourg, France)

The spacious house is divided into several sections, each with its own purpose. For example, one can know the history, another to watch this documentary, the third is to see the "mystery" of chocolate making.

Of course, there is a tasting section where visitors can the taste buds, and a souvenir shop, from which it is impossible to leave empty-handed.

4. The chocolate Museum in Bruges (Belgium)

List of museums of chocolate will be incomplete if not to mention the "Choco-Story": a Paradise for fans of this delicacy.

In Belgium, where it is located, is annually held themed festival that gathers the best chocolatiers from around the world, a masterpiece of a work which later remain just in the Museum, so there is definitely something to see.

But there is still a great bar, where alcohol can be enjoyed about fifty chocolate cocktails.

3. The chocolate Museum "Choco-Story" in Prague (Czech Republic)

This Museum is a branch of the "Choco-Story" of Bruges, therefore, bears the same name, and the lion's share of the exhibits come from Belgium. However, production in other countries there is also a lot: for example, Russian tourists will be pleasantly surprised to see "Alenka" among the exhibits.

The Museum employs a staff of chocolatiers who give master classes for everyone, giving the opportunity not only to watch from the side, but also to personally take part in the creation of sweets.

2. The chocolate Museum in Barcelona (Spain)

This Museum was created by the Catalan confectionery Guild (Yes, this exists) and boasts an impressive exhibition of chocolate sculptures.

Tourists are excited by seeing figures of prominent political or cultural figures, easily recognizing them thanks to the fine work of the master.

Every Easter the city hosts a kind of "battle of the bakers", which attracts chocolatiers from around the world, so the collection is regularly updated.

1. Chocolate Museum in Cologne (Germany)

Three-meter high chocolate fountain, growing cocoa trees and the secrets to making classic chocolate bunnies and Santas are just a small part of what tourists visit this Museum.

There is also a greenhouse with tropical trees, and at the factory is a hive of production of sweets for every taste.

Such a gift your friends will appreciate much more than the magnet from Cologne, no doubt.

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