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Top 10 successful Actresses with unconventional looks


Well-known Russian proverb "Not born beautiful, but be born happy" will probably never cease to be relevant. Among the living evidence of this folk wisdom many Actresses of the world level.

Their peculiar appearance at the dawn of the career could be an obstacle to achieving his goal, but later it turned out that this shortcoming has become their hallmark, making them like no other.

Submitted 10 successful Actresses, whose appearance is not covered under standard canons of beauty.

10. Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte was born into a creative family: father is a French singer, mother of British actress, so it is not surprising that the future star chose an artistic path.

She is an exemplary refutation of established stereotype that the children of talented people nature rests. This, at first glance inconspicuous girl, managed the arc to break into cinema as a young boy: in the age of 15, she was awarded the prestigious prize "Cesar" for his work in the film "the hussy".

Was a good role in the movie "Jane Eyre", "21 grams" and "Les Miserables." In addition, she managed to become the Muse of the infamous Director Lars von Trier.

Fans of the actress and many fashion experts consider it a model of good taste, although Charlotte herself claims that fashion is definitely not interested.

9. Julia Roberts

From the point of view of the generally accepted canons of beauty, the star can hardly be called a beauty, that did not prevent her to become a living Association with that word.

At the beginning of her acting career Directors complained about her necklacesthe, ugly gait and lack of elegance. Her great big smile, which became her calling card, at first, a lot of whom were irritated, which even compared with the Cheshire cat.

But after her star role in the duet with Richard Gere, evil tongues silent, and yesterday's ugly duckling became a sex symbol of a generation.

8. Melissa McCarthy

This actress by Hollywood standards has a very unusual appearance, because her weight exceeds 100 kg!

In an interview, Melissa said that always tried to lose weight, but she never managed to lose significant amount of pounds, because they have plenty of other worries!

Indeed, this cheerful woman and very successful actress happily married, active in films and produces their own line of clothes for full ladies.

His example Melissa refuted the theory that only slim girls can be called beautiful. In the end, a good person should be much!

7. Renee Zellweger

The love of so many women around the world, Rene has earned through his work in the cult film "Diary of Bridget Jones". There she played the girl, always dissatisfied with their appearance. At the same time, she was so natural and charming that this image has become close to many women who suffer from various complexes, regarding their appearance.

6. Anne Hathaway

The first role Anne Hathaway in the film "the Princess diaries" can be called autobiographical: from a notorious teenager with inconspicuous appearance, the heroine turns into a delightful beauty. At the same time, in her appearance, little has changed, just change women's relationships to themselves, others she perceived quite differently.

Someone will say that Anne too large eyes, wide mouth, small Breasts and lanky body type, but that did not stop her to play many interesting roles, including many and lyrical images.

5. Whoopi Goldberg

The actress debuted in film when she was 30 years old. From the beginning, she relied not on her looks (which is understandable), and the inimitable charisma and inimitable sense of humor.

Due to this, Whoopi has repeatedly won prestigious awards such as the "Oscar", "Grammy", "Emmy" and the theatrical "Tony".

4. Helena Bonham Carter

Young Helena considered herself simply ugly. However, all that changed when with the experience she realized that the important thing is not what you see in the mirror, but how do you know how to apply themselves.

In the end, this ugly woman was able to become the Muse of Tim Burton. Famous Hollywood Director almost in each new masterpiece finds interesting role for Helena. By the way, besides the successful creative Duo, they have created a strong family Union.

Now Helena has a strong reputation as a serious actress, and her unique style is impossible to confuse with any other.

3. Barbra Streisand

"Every person is beautiful in their own way — from the height of his own experience says the actress. — You just need to believe in it fervently, and then you will believe and surround".

Probably, classmates, release in the address of Barbara young offensive jokes about her slightly squinting eyes and a long nose, could even imagine that after a while, its called the sex symbol of our time.

At a Mature age a movie star has had ample opportunity to adjust their appearance with plastic surgery. However, by the time Barbara had to love herself the way she was made by nature.

2. Uma Thurman

Herself a famous actress in life never thought of myself as spectacular: tall, angular movements, big feet, long nose, widely set eyes. However, these characteristics did not prevent her from becoming a successful actress in Hollywood and a Muse of Quentin Tarantino.

Early in his career her appearance, the producers called "custom features", but now they considered her signature "twist". And for good reason, because more than anything, she was afraid of becoming as all, i.e. to blend in with the faceless mass, albeit predominantly composed of glossy beauties.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Real world success came to the actress after she played the role of Carrie Bradshaw in the iconic film "sex and the city". For this work she was awarded not only the prestigious television awards, but the title of style icons, which then began to imitate the millions of women around the world.

The unusual appearance of Sarah Jessica was not the cause of the failure on the love front. In 1997 she married actor Matthew Broderick. In marriage they had three children.

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