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10 predictions of Nostradamus for the year 2019


Michel de Nostrdam, better known under the name of Nostradamus – personality is extremely contradictory, if we talk about its predictions. Being first and foremost an alchemist and chemist, famous for it's no longer in these directions, and in the prophecies which he wrote in the middle of the XVI century.

It is no secret that many described them the facts about the future came true: the murder of the Kennedy brothers, world war II, Nazism, together with the rule of Adolf Hitler, etc.

However, if you dig deeper, it becomes quite clear that the veracity of his predictions depends largely on the interpretation of its records. Some of the language is quite vague and, if desired, they can attract to the different events that took place hundreds of years later after his death.

We are not going to understand this and to talk about whether to believe the words of Nostradamus, but just look at the 10 things that, in his opinion, will happen in 2019. Maybe in some ways he is right.

10. New universal language

According to legend, to build the tower of Babel all people spoke the same language and according to Nostradamus, it will happen again. He predicts the emergence of a mechanism that will radically change people's lives and will lead to the emergence of a universal language.

Some believe that this mechanism is the Internet, which may pass for truth, but the appearance of a universal language this year seems fantastic.

9. Understanding people and animals

Another prediction, which are unlikely to come true: despite the fact that the work in this direction is under way about the full communion of man and animal cannot be considered.

Although, this item from the category of those whose meaning depends on the interpretation. The phrase "Pigs will become brother to man" by some is interpreted in the key that the person will simply become better to treat animals. The popularity of vegetarianism here could not be more helpful.

According to another interpretation, this refers to all the invention of a technology that will allow us to communicate with each other.

8. Hurricanes in America

But, unfortunately, it is likely because the U.S. has repeatedly suffered from such disasters. Nostradamus believed that in 2019 the strongest hurricanes, which scientists would refer to the first category will cause great damage to different parts of the country, so people should be prepared.

The infamous hurricane Katrina in 2005 claimed the lives of nearly 2,000 Americans and caused damage amounting to approximately 125 billion dollars.

There is also information that in addition to U.S. hurricanes and earthquakes, which will occur somewhere between California and Vancouver in Canada.

7. The war on the grounds of extremism

Another prophecy that can come true. Although, in fact, the conflict on this basis, there is not the first year.

The mounting tension could lead to open conflict, which, unfortunately, will probably be armed.

6. Science extend people's lives

From negative turn to positive, though for us to live for hundreds of years will not succeed. According to available information, to live to 200 (or even more) years, there will be born in 2019, so if you get to the end of the year plan to have a baby – you are lucky if the prediction turns out to be true.

Research and experiments on increasing life expectancy has long been underway, and scientists expect a breakthrough in this area. Why wouldn't it happen in this year?

5. The terrorist attacks

As in the case of the war on the grounds of terrorism, all prerequisites to ensure that this can occur there. Some particularly zealous fans of the works of Nostradamus suggest that this year may be a repeat of September 11, but to believe this is not desirable.

Better true positive predictions, and here Nostradamus is better to make a mistake.

4. The fall of an asteroid

Concerning this Nostradamus wrote that "a moment of great violence coincides with the appearance of a comet in the sky", so the prediction that people attach several meanings.

Some believe that in addition to the fall of the meteorite (as if that's not enough) it could start a war using weapons of mass destruction, which will further exacerbate the effects of disaster.

3. Floods in Europe

If you believe the sources, nature is mercilessly in 2019 not only to USA but also to Europe. UK, Czech Republic, Italy and Hungary are the most dangerous places.

Those who strongly believes in the predictions of Nostradamus, it is better not to risk and to postpone the trip to these countries, if this was planned this year.

According to statistics, in recent years, more floods have occurred in China and overall in Asia, followed by the United States. Is given in the decoding of the prophecies countries such disasters are rare.

2. Climate change

The recording of the scientist says that this year there will be an unusual parade of planets, which will lead to strong climate changes on the planet.

In fact, that's what will happen: the Sun takes up a position opposite the constellation of Aquarius, entering the constellation of Leo. This happens every 20 years, so at first glance there is nothing to fear, but in 2019 the Solar system will pass through the galactic axis, which can radically change the situation.

Unlike the planets, it happens once in 26 000 years, and according to Nostradamus it will have a strong impact on the Earth's magnetic field. Because of this the temperature will rise sharply, the pools will be dry and glaciers melt.

1. The third world war

In this war can participate is according to the decoded data, on the same side may be Russia or China, and on the other – the US or Europe.

Moreover, the conflict will be protracted: the war will last 27 years, so the number of victims is difficult to imagine, especially considering the weapons these countries.

The result of the war should be the weakening of the West, but given the length, we can safely say that will weaken the whole world.

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