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10 reasons to lie upside down before going to sleep every day


When a person wants to lose weight, build muscle mass, that is to make your body beautiful, he was advised to play sports. Indeed, the simplest exercises are able to change shape for the better.

People who have no problems with overweight, for the most part, do not attach importance to physical activity. They think that, if the figure is right, exercise is optional. This is not so. There are lots of exercises designed to promote health.

So even if you do not try to lose weight, exercise is still needed. Again with the busy schedule of modern man is hard to allocate at least an hour on sport activities. There is a solution.

The most useful and simple exercise is to lie upside down. For its implementation does not require any sports equipment, even sports clothes, it is important to not have tight elastic bands that will hinder the blood circulation.

If you still doubt whether you need to perform this exercise, 10 reasons to lie upside down, will help you make the right decision.

10. Swelling

Many suffer from edema, but try not to pay attention to them. Most of them think, "And so pass away." Of course, be, but isn't it better to help your body to fight this unpleasant phenomenon? After all, sometimes swelling not only spoils the appearance of your feet, but causes discomfort and even painful.

The reason for the swelling is fluid accumulating in the tissues of the human body. It is necessary only to change the position of the body and blood flow improves, the symptoms of swelling subsides.

If you have a sedentary job, or you are the whole day on my feet, eat properly, take medication, provoking swelling suffer from kidney disease, and all this is accompanied by edema, daily, do this exercise.

9. Reduces fatigue and heaviness of legs

Lying upside down is useful not only with swelling, but with the heaviness and fatigue in the legs. If you go a lot, you have uncomfortable shoes and in the evening you begin to understand the prisoners, who lived a few centuries ago. After all, their legs were shackled. Get in the habit every day to lie upside down.

Blood circulation will improve, you will feel the tiredness retreats. By the way, exercise is able to fight not only fatigue, but also restless leg syndrome. This disease often affects elderly people, mostly women. They feel a strong tension in the legs, in which it is difficult to sleep. Lie upside down, and such problems will never concern you.

8. Promotes better blood circulation

Heart muscle every day is subjected to heavy loads. She pumps a day, more than 7 thousand liters. In some cases, blood circulation may be disturbed.

The most common causes of violations: pregnancy, unhealthy lifestyle, overweight, sedentary or standing work. Position upside down in this case – the best helper. The blood rushes to the upper body, it is enriched with oxygen. Also it is evenly distributed throughout the body.

7. Reduces back pain

People with a bad back should lie with raised legs. Back may ache due to sciatica, herniated discs, sprains, arthritis. In any case of severe pain you need to see a doctor. If the doctor won't find anything serious to alleviate the condition will help this position.

In the normal position the spine is experiencing a huge load. In the supine position the load decreases, the spine rests. When you perform an exercise, choose a hard surface. Do not lie down on the soft sofa, you better lie down on the floor with your legs pull up along the wall.

6. Promotes rapid relaxation

This exercise can be replaced by yoga classes, it promotes rapid relaxation. Tense muscles relax, normal blood circulation, the brain is saturated with oxygen.

Lie down with feet up only 20 minutes, will immediately feel different. This pose is recommended for people who suffer from insomnia. The body will not feel discomfort, in a short time you will relax, relax, you'll be able to sleep.

5. Improves digestion

This is especially useful pose for people with overweight. They may even lose a little weight, though, and everyone else has to stand in this position. The fact that this pose promotes better assimilation of nutrients entering the body.

In addition, the outflow of blood from the lower extremities and results in increased tone of smooth muscles, improve intestinal motility. Therefore, those who suffer from constipation, a laxative is better to do this exercise. So you can establish a regular chair without the pills.

4. Reduces pain during "critical days"

Many women suffer from severe pain during menstruation. Someone on the pill, someone who is suffering. Reduce pain can, after lying upside down. In this position the abdomen is relaxed to the maximum, unpleasant sensations disappear.

Many women avoid physical activity in "those" days. Don't be afraid, the more it is only a posture, not jumps and leg swings.

For example, yoga not only forbidden to practise in the critical days, but strongly recommended. And this position will be able to replace a complex, full-fledged occupation. Try it and you will feel that you became much easier.

3. Calms the nervous system

It has already been noted that the position of feet up and relaxes the body. Also this exercise calms the nervous system. When you raise your legs up, begin to breathe slowly and deeply. Calm breathing helps reduce nervous tension.

People who during the day under a lot of stress, worry, worth every day to practice this exercise. By the way, yogis believe that this exercise can change the polarization of the outflows of energy. According to them, negative energy comes from the earth, positive space. In this position there is a mixture of these energies. That is why it has such strong therapeutic effect.

2. Relieves stress and anxiety

If this pose relieves tension, it is logical to assume that people get rid of unnecessary emotions, and calms down. Anxiety recedes. When a person is under stress, it reduces blood pressure, lost appetite, fatigue accumulates.

Position feet up and relaxes the body and mind. Some can even achieve a meditative state. That the exercise worked, try not to think about work, a fight with a loved one or lack of money. It is very important that in this moment you "rested" from all the problems, think about a pleasant or even "cut off the head."

1. Accelerates recovery processes

Another huge advantage of this exercise is to accelerate the processes of recovery and healing. This pose is recommended for patients after operations on removal of varicose veins.

Of course, without the permission of the doctor should not try to do any exercises. By the way, with this exercise you can work out all the muscles of the legs. Only this will not just lie down and raise legs to the side, rotating movement.

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