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10 secrets of famous magic tricks, which are silent magicians


When we watch performances of the great magicians, and wonder what their answer may lie on the surface! Illusionists inspire and, perhaps, each of us, it would be desirable though sometimes to be like powerful and bright magician-magician.

However, the magician is an ordinary man, and his professional skills he never stops to sharpen. Someone get to write brilliant novels, someone cooks, magicians and show some amazing, exciting our imagination...

To create focus you must have quick hands and have a good mind. From this collection you will learn about famous magic tricks, the secrets of which magicians do not like to reveal.

10. Levitation

Tricks can be performed in different angles: sitting or lying down, but they have one feature is the levitation (floating in space).

Have you seen the gear or on the show, as a man hangs in the air? Actually the secret of this trick is simple – there is a hidden support, and no miracles!

The magician holds the ring through a hovering assistant... do You think this is real? No, it lies on the plank, holding on a metal pole. The magician skillfully hides it, so its location determines how successful perform this trick.

9. Sawing in half

One magician can not do without the old and already well-known stunt – man sawing. The magician wants us to see that divide man into two parts is possible, but we know that there is!

According to reports, the roots of these illusions are more of Ancient Egypt. Trick saw the Light for the first time in 1920 at London's St George's hall, and not the public and the theatrical agents. Trick showed one well-known illusionist of that time Percival Thomas Tibbles.

Sawing is that people (note, stunt perform only skinny assistant) just running out of legs, and in another box there is a plaster cast of the feet. There is another version of the stunt in the second box hides the second assistant.

8. The disappearance of the statue of Liberty

The statue of Liberty is a sculpture made in the style of Neoclassicism in the United States, the date of its opening: October 28, 1886. She is always on the spot, but David Copperfield (American illusionist) in 1983 wanted to make sure that we thought that the statue might disappear!

The secret of this seemingly hard numbers can be easily explained. The sculpture was covered with material and turned off the lights, but the lights do not touch, they continue to Shine. They dazzle the spectators and their eyes creates the illusion of emptiness.

When the veil falls – people find it difficult to see the contours of the monument in the dark, their vision simply does not have time to adapt.

7. Passage through the mirror

This unique trick every sees with delight! Besides the fact that it is itself mysterious, and also associated with mirrors, shrouded in secret parallel worlds... Now trying to repeat this trick and surprise them, but after learning his secret, it becomes not so exciting...

To deftly disappear into the mirror mage requires a screen having a slot in the middle. Mirror panels (two of them) hidden in the back of the mirror in the slot. This clever construction allows you to move the main mirror, and in its place put 2 about. The magician crawls into the hole, and at the end of the trick lovely assistant put the main mirror to its rightful place.

6. Walking on water

We all know that walking on water is more of a fantasy than reality. And in this we are right. However, the illusionists want us to spend and show that we are wrong.

This trick is known already for a long time, but how is this done? Very simple. The trick is always performed by the magicians in the pool where the water is muddy, and of course there where people bathe, which creates waves.

The main purpose of this simple trick, is to divert the attention and the cameras should not photograph a transparent platform under the water. Through it a magician and goes or is.

5. The disappearance of the truck

Have you ever thought ever about how to make a truck (it could be a plane, and other heavy objects) under the fabric to fade? Is it possible if the ring surrounded by spectators?

Of course Yes, if this trick shown on TV, not live.

The veil is attached to a prepared design, it is important that it has ever been in the same place. Next you need to get front of audience and to divert the truck in the back.

4. Saw death

It seems that after such a stunt, no one will be left alive! However, all is thought over to trifles. Trick in which the magician cuts a man in two like sawing in half, but here circular saw.

For this room we need two skinny assistants. The secret trick is in the structure of the table is not solid, and consists of 2 parts, between them is a thin gap. It is for not him and passes the saw of death. One assistant hid the upper part of the body, and the other lower. That's the whole trick!

3. Walk through walls

On the stage or on the TV wall looks real, and indeed it is. But through the wall the mage is not.

First MAG is coming to one side of the wall, at this point, his assistants help him to escape with the help of screens on wheels. In the same moment exactly the same design, the viewer sees the other side of the wall, and the illusionist is already there.

The fact is that hiding under the wall V-shaped tunnel, and unlike the wall – floor not real, the magician on it successfully moves from one side wall to the other, it required only a few seconds.

2. Catching bullets with his teeth

Such a focus, like a bullet catch is one of the oldest, however, the same can be said about the bullets themselves.

In order for the con to work successfully, and the audience was satisfied, we need not so much training as the skill of his hands and tongue.

Performed focus simple – the bullets are doing such that and there was no doubt that they are real (wax bullets cover the real color.)

The following happens inside the blow gun blank bullets, and the magician remains in advance to hide in the mouth with a real bullet.

1. Doves out of a handkerchief

Without this focus it is difficult to imagine an entertaining show. The trick is so old that he probably already.

The magician shows the audience her handkerchief, giving the opportunity to consider it from all sides, and then somewhere there is a live dove!

This trick requires diligence and training, a magician, before you go on stage, puts the pigeons under my vest, one on the right side and the other on the left.

When he covers the silk handkerchief first the left hand and with the other he quietly takes out a dove, and then holds it beneath the cloth. It remains to remove the handkerchief and surprise the audience! The same is done with another pigeon, and with the other hand.

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