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Top 10 movies with the most ridiculous villains


Initially, the writers carefully think through the way each character down to the smallest detail. If we are talking about the classic confrontation of positive and negative characters, the contrast between them needs to be especially visible.

That is why the history, appearance, and replicas of villains are written so carefully. But this is something that concerns the text in the script. In practice, the place has a lot of factors: the work of makeup artists and stylists, the game and appearance the actor, etc.

We present 10 of movies where the main villains is really ridiculous, disappointing their fans.

10. Dominic Greene from "quantum of solace"2008

The image of the villain was so silly and implausible that many viewers don't even remember the character at all.

In the era of Bond was different negative characters: romance, calculating cynics, lunatics megalomany etc.

It was somehow interesting to the viewer, in contrast to the faceless and maloemotsionalny Dominica green. The writers, even the death of the villain has not worked – it happened like behind the scenes without the epic groans, explosions, structural collapse, unusual use of improvised props, etc.

9. Poison ivy, "Batman and Robin"1997

By itself, the picture is not so good: not enough no action, no interesting story, no memorable characters. Uma Thurman, who played the villain "poison ivy", tried to salvage the situation as best they could.

In the end, her role was very funny and, of course, a little sexy. The idea of the ability to control men with the help of pheromones is quite funny.

And if you look at the ridiculous synthetic character costume and vulgar cheap makeup, or even get a Comedy, not action-adventure superhero movie.

8. Mr. freeze, "Batman and Robin"1997

And again the same picture, full of ridiculous characters. Now consider the second creepy villain Mr. freeze in the execution of Schwarzenegger. Who ever thought of inviting Mr Terminator on this funny and inappropriate role.

You imagine that brutal German had to play the organ, sing in the choir, to have a hand the penguins and collect army coats. I think talking about some very funny Comedy? So no, it is the atmosphere which surrounded the Schwarz-frieze.

And if you remember the legend of the character, you can even start laughing. Mr. freeze accidentally spilled on cryogenic means, while trying to find a cure for his ill wife. Well, just wonder what fantasy can be the writers!

7. Candyman, "Candyman"1992

Villain from the same film is another way that "the head will not fit".

In a parallel world inhabited by strange maniac who hurts his victims with the help of a prosthetic hook instead of a hand. To call the angry Man must be in front of the mirror and as much as 5 times in a row to summon it.

The story sucked from the finger – who would do such nonsense? However, the Americans bought the picture, so she managed to acquire a few fans.

6. Lex Luthor, "Superman Returns"2006

Luthor was played by several actors, but in this picture the villain was particularly ridiculous. Actor spacey in character so poorly, depicting the sad side of the villain, playing an ardent hatred of Superman.

Luthor in his performance operated on a prudent intellect and cold reason, what happened with the actor forced and unnatural. Of course, the purpose was to some extent achieved, as Luthor brought a complete antithesis of the positive hero.

5. Captain Salazar, "pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales"2017

In the epic about pirates we watched a variety of villains, including the insidious, charming, cunning and calculating. We saw Beckett and Sparrow who have transgressed the laws, but remained fun adventurers, interesting to the viewer.

Captain Salazar also appeared in the form of an "honest COP" who has to bear the burden of their evil deeds, clearing the sea from pirates. Isn't this a good cause performs Salazar?

Sooner or later he's starting to sympathize and even to some extent to want a fair victory. Agree, strange emotions towards a villain.

4. Stoddard, "Spartan"2004

The main villain was played by a talented actor drama Macy. Previously will have already appeared in the role of villain in the film "Fargo," and he succeeded.

David Mamet invited the actor to play the villainous party in the Thriller "Spartan", handing him a firearm and he was awarded with the role of the daring operative.

But how would Macy nor brandished menacingly with a gun and not drove in anger, the eyebrows, the role of the villain had never happened. In the main fight of the film against the Kilmer he looked, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

3. Alan Feinstone, Dantist1996

Fear of dentists is stalking us since childhood. Just remember buzzing the handpiece, a terrible doctor in a mask and a tooth on the napkin with the remnants of blood.

Director of the film "the Dentist" decided to properlybut on children's fear, removing the picture of the bloodthirsty dentist-killer, a schizophrenic.

Despite the terrible sadistic experiments, many viewers of "spit" from the role of the villain. The actor himself looks so disgusting and ridiculous that to review the film absolutely do not want.

2. Victoria Leeds, "Baywatch"2017

Priyanka Chopra as the villain is something ridiculous. How such beauty can lead to feelings of rejection and righteous anger?

Priyanka is good in the role of romantic and feminine heroine, but prohindeya the gang she obviously failed.

And script writers end up not working the way you mix the evil plans of the heroine with her obvious sexual appeal.

1. Katherine Tremmel, "Basic instinct 2: risk addiction"2006

Again, of sexy women trying to make the treacherous villain, the killer. During the recession of the career of Sharon stone again ventured to return to the image of Catherine Tremmel from "Basic instinct".

Only in the second part of a Mature woman could not recreate vibrant and sexy image of the young writer, not how to play the negative character.

Even the most bloodthirsty and ruthless villains on the screen may suddenly look totally stupid, pathetic and weak. Instead of trying to instill fear in the viewer some of the negative characters evoked a smile or a sincere laugh.

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