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Top 10 movies about the circus


Almost everyone in childhood have been to a circus, some do not miss the opportunity to visit him, becoming more Mature. The circus attracts people with its atmosphere of magic and celebration: jugglers, gymnasts, clowns and trainers seem to be people from another world... But outside of the performances they are ordinary people, and they have their problems.

From this collection you know the movies about the circus and get acquainted with the heroes of films with a difficult fate.

10. Freaks1932

The circus performers are ordinary people and those who have any deviations in physical development.

Cleopatra – beautiful gymnast accidentally discovers that the midget Hans has inherited a huge fortune. It costs nothing to feel the confidence to Hans to take away the inheritance, because he is in love with her and admires her beauty.

Because of Cleopatra Hans throws his girlfriend Frieda, and has a wedding with Cleopatra. But she loves someone else – strongman Hercules, so she plans to poison Hans and pick up the money.

But after a failed attempt to poison the groom, circus freaks (a hermaphrodite, a girl with no arms, Siamese twins) are meant to take revenge on Cleopatra. And their revenge will be brutal...

9. Clowns1970

Federico Fellini decides to make a real holiday for clowns from different countries. He goes to Paris, Italy, to acquaint us with the best clowns in Europe.

Artists can do whatever they want: to break things, to set fire and rolling on the floor – they have every right to do, the audience enthusiastically applauding everything they do.

However, no one thinks that for fun and painted face can hide people with a hard life...

8. Road1954

The film tells the story of the suffering of the torments of man, and cruelty, about the complex and intricate relationship funny, slightly crazy, a little Saint, ridiculous Gelsomina – the girls with tousled hair and rough, always gloomy, massive and like a beast Suddenly.

The film is about different men and women are far for each other, but, by coincidence, found themselves together.

7. The elephant man1980

The story is based on real events, directed by David Lynch. In the 19th century lived John Merrick – a man who suffers from a rare genetic disease which causes strong transformation to the head and limbs. Due to the horrible appearance he worked in the circus, where people paid to see the deformity.

Surgeon Trives, seeing Merrick, of scientific interest offers him to live at the hospital where he works. Surprised Trives eventually discovers that his patient is the intellectual development and spiritual man, he wants to go to the theater, builds a tower out of paper...

Scientific interest develops into something more, the phenomenon gets the glory, and the Queen offers to leave forever Merrick in the hospital.

6. Paper birds2010

The film tells the story of a group of wandering artists: about a young dancer by the name of Merceditas, cupletista Rocio, the ventriloquist, whose name is Enrique, about the orphan boy Miguel, who is 9 years old, and about the eccentric musician and comedian Jorge Del Pino.

Jorge is the head of all this wonderful group of circus performers. All these people are forced to fight for their survival after the war. To do this, they are in one of the Spanish backwater.

Despite the difficulties and hardships, the guys do not lose their sense of humor, believe in the best and excited.

5. Shadows and fog1991

Black-and-white film, combining Thriller, Noir and Comedy, directed by woody Allen.

On gates at night is dangerous to walk, because the maniac-Strangler is on the loose and attacking individuals. A city in terror after a serial killer loose on the streets. The gate is shrouded in fog...

In the rainy city will meet different people, their paths cross. Clerk decides to make a company to those looking for the culprit, but himself becomes the pursued...

4. Chocolate2016

The story is based on real events, 1887. Black clown named Chocolate circus acts in a duet with a white clown.

Rooms aroused the audience interest was acquired fame and national love. To attend a presentation, people gathered in a huge queue, tickets sold out at the moment.

Great interest was caused by the fact that a white comedian made fun of Chocolate – defenseless African-American man. He got ridicule and unflattering roles, and Georges applause and enthusiasm.

The triumphant rise was the fact that the concert program included racist jokes. But later everything has changed – the Chocolate talented and quite witty, to the same great dancing. Now he gets the people, on him and come to see...

3. Alraune1928

Jakob ten Brinken – the Professor who undertakes the creation of man from the root of Mandrake... it Turns out the girl Alraune.

Heredity is not transmitted to her, and all who are with her, experiencing good fortune. The Professor gives her a pension, the Time has matured and the company, in love with her young man escapes from his place of residence, to become part of a traveling circus.

Jacob meets the Time a few years later and tells her that he is her father, but she doesn't remember... Alraune finds a recording of the Professor who introduced himself as the father, and from them learns the truth about himself...

2. Aglaya2012

The film is based on real events during the reign of the brutal Ceausescu. Circus performers from Romania fleeing to the West. They hope to settle in the new place.

In order to feed themselves, the artists have to put quite risky numbers: for example, the mother of Aglaia Sabina falls in one of the rooms hanging on their hair to attract the attention of viewers.

Every day Aglaia worried for his mother, fearing that one day it will happen something bad. This fear is always with her but one day she will have to replace his mother

1. The prestige2006

Alfred and Robert are two magicians competing with each other in London at the turn of 19-20 centuries.

At first all went well – two young and inexperienced boys were easily able to surprise the audience, over time they became better and improved their professional skills.

But over the years, their tolerant and even friendly relations gain a different twist male begins the real war, they try to learn the secrets amazing tricks to each other, to disrupt the room.

But their animosity affects not only them but also other people, and even threatening their lives...

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