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Top 10 successful actors with non-standard appearance


Along with the recognized Hollywood pretty boy like Keanu Reeves, Brad pitt or Chris Hemsworth, huge fan army for women were actors, far from the ideals of male beauty.

Wrong facial features, small stature or excessive fullness they more than make up for charisma, conquering women's hearts no worse than the "perfect" men.

About 10 such "unusual" beauties today and we'll talk, remembering the most typical cases.

10. Adrien Brody

Brody's childhood was notable for its unusual appearance, be proud of where his mother taught photographer Sylvia Laments. She often used the boy to his work, teaching him to behave in front of the camera and not be afraid of it.

Since childhood dreaming of becoming an actor, Adrian is already in the late ' 80s began to appear on TV in small episodic roles, and rather quickly was able to draw attention to themselves.

Really famous he was able after the film Roman Polanski's "the Pianist," which earned him an Oscar.
On the personal front, he's also amazingly Brody was never married, but at different times he attributed novels with Halle berry and keira Knightley, with the Spaniard Alsoi Pataki he was engaged, but in the end she is married to Chris Hemsworth. Now the actor is 45 and he is already 7 years Dating model Lara Leito.

9. Danny Trejo

The actor was in prison for about 10 years, long time used hard drugs, and generally led a criminal lifestyle. All this left an imprint on his appearance, which at first glance may scare.

During one of his release, Trejo "jumped" to drugs, and after his release began to help others do the same, including the actors.

Accidentally fell on the set in 1985, he never left. And let he plays mostly villains and scoundrels (no wonder with its appearance), charisma I'll give him that, as fans among women. Often the actor can be seen in the society of young beauties, although he was already 74.

8. Adriano Celentano

Iconic Italian actor is far from having model looks, but at the peak of his popularity, he was one of the world's major sex symbols, especially in the Soviet Union.

Fabulous as the typical macho, Celentano is also perfectly sang and danced, and this combo did not leave any chance to women.

Despite the image of revelers and ladies ' man, Adriano family-oriented: with his wife Claudia Mori he have been together for over half a century.

7. Vincent Cassel

Another actor who has quite an ordinary (to put it mildly) appearance, but made at home the standard of male beauty.

If you think that the dream of this man can only provincial female fans, it is not so: his first wife Kassel was actress Monica Bellucci, which is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful and sexy women of his generation.

Second wife, model Tina Kunaki, younger than his 31 years, but nonetheless in January of this year it became known that they were expecting.

6. Jack Black

American Comedy actor and musician has never sought to fit into any framework, be it norms of behavior or standards of appearance.

Well aware of his fullness, he turned it to his advantage: slender Jack black wouldn't have been able to make people laugh, as does "plump" Jack black. About as the actor himself has always answered the questions about if he was going to "get in shape".

Now, when he's almost 50, similar issues have lost their relevance: all realized him so well.

5. Danny DeVito

Overweight, had early balding and with growth of only 1. 47 M. De Vito was instead of looks should win an Oscar and a human charm.

In the movie, he came in the mid-70s, starring in a small role in the film "one Flew over the cuckoo's nest". Then he got a more prominent role in the television series "Taxi", where he successfully starred 5 years.

Being a well-known and loved by the public, the actor began to experiment with the role, agreeing not only on Comedy, but drama.

His track record can be found and drama ("Hoff"), and even Neoware thrillers ("Secrets of Los Angeles").

Danny is now 74 years old and very soon it will be possible to see in the movie "Dumbo" directed by Tim Burton.

4. Javier Bardem

The Spaniard mixed with Cuban blood, Bardem was born in a family where filmmaking was engaged in almost everything: grandfather was a Director, grandmother, actress, uncle, a film Director and screenwriter.

All childhood spent on the stage and debuting on TV at age of 6, he still didn't want to be in a movie, wanting to devote himself to painting.

When Javier realized that his paintings are not for sale, and earn as it is necessary, he stopped to draw and tightly engaged in acting craft. As time has shown – not in vain.

"Oscar" and "Golden globe" for best actor the second plan – this is not a complete list of his accomplishments.

3. Eddie Redmayne

The Brit also cannot be called a model of male beauty, but he did not stop in 2008 to become the face of the brand Burberry and to build a rather successful career as a model.

Even more success he has achieved in the cinema: devoting most of the time the theater, on the big screen Redmayne appeared rarely, so the major roles began to Mature age.

The work on the film "the universe Stephen Hawking" was the first really big for him and immediately brought a resounding success: "Oscar", BAFTA and "Golden globe".

He is now busy filming in Pentalog about "Fantastic creatures" based on the works of JK Rowling.

2. Rowan Atkinson

Man, well aware of the shortcomings of their appearance and knows how to use it to their advantage. From an early age demonstrating a talent for Comedy, Atkinson already in 1978 he launched his own TV show, which, though not a hit, but allowed him to gain a foothold in the right environment.

Success came to him in 1990, when the screens out the series "Mr. Bean", each series which has collected at screens of 20 million viewers.

1. Peter Dinklage

With a height of 135 centimeters, Dinklage, it seemed, was doomed to play the roles of the dwarfs and remain unknown actor extras, but thanks to his talent and perseverance, managed to achieve much more.

Despite the fact that have declared themselves he in 2003 the role in the film "the Station agent", the real popularity came to Peter only with the release of the series "Game of thrones". Tyrion Lannister in his performance is the highlight of the entire show. Three Emmy awards and one Golden globe for this role, he fully deserved.

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