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10 rich celebrities that don't waste money


Contrary to popular belief, the famous does not mean rich, but the rich does not mean wasteful. Many believe that politicians and Hollywood stars literally are throwing money around, buying up luxury villas, fingering luxury car class and collecting unique jewelry.

Indeed, many of the characters, "Dorval" to the high fees begin to spend them mindlessly, not thinking about old age, nor the heirs, nor on charity. However, this does not mean that in the world of celebrities from a prudent and economical nature, that they can save by indulging in excesses.

Today we talk about the 10 rich celebrities that have accounts large sums, but to use only the minimum necessary for normal living.

10. Jennifer Lopez

The tabloids only have time to catch the diva in the clothes or jewelry for millions of dollars. Journalists do not get tired to discuss the whims and the riders pop singer, losing sight of some details. Of course, in order to collect a huge stadium audience, Lopez needs to have a flashy shiny outfits that are every time different.

But the woman allowed herself to flaunt on the red carpet in dress, bought for $ 26. By the way, this is not an isolated case, they prefer the democratic brand. The condition of j-Lo according to preliminary estimates, Forbes is more than $ 30 million.

9. Julia Roberts

Recently the actress interested in spiritual enlightenment, so she pays little attention to material goods and especially luxury items.

Hollywood beauty does not consider it necessary to reinforce their femininity with the help of expensive cosmetics or fashionable outfits. On the contrary, Julia can be found in comfortable, easy clothes. For my children star knits the outfits on their own in between filming.

Roberts also prefer organic healthy food, so do not scruple to raise it on their own garden. Hair also Roberts washes shampoos from hotels. But really, why throw that is included in the room rate?

8. Tori Spelling

Once the star of the 90s to walk around in a luxurious house and was a collector of expensive clothes. But a couple of years ago, tori sold the property, he moved with his family in a Bungalow. Beside him, she broke a big garden, where the pleasure grows fruit and vegetables.

Distance from the dirty and smoky cities allows the actress to safely raise five children. Tori also keeps unusual Pets – a pig and a chicken. That kind of love to nature-mother, this is not the bling to beg from her husband.

7. Matthew McConaughey

Despite the gloss in Hollywood films, Matt knows firsthand what a savings. Before acting career, the guy we lived in the trailer, and after the appearance of seven-figure fees have not changed housing.

According to the actor, minimalism in life helps to deal with the extra bustle and stress, save time. All right, big estates and expensive cars, in fact, are the vampires that drain energy and attention on its maintenance.

6. Halle Berry

Bright actress has experienced in life, many shocks, so I learned what not in money happiness. Berry thinks about the future and about the period when you will become less popular. Therefore, she started saving money – it is often seen in supermarkets, as the average housewife.

Hallie loves to go out for shopping together with their children, not disdaining travelling on public transport. And this despite the fact that while the decline career, berry is not expected, and the fees are measured in hundreds of thousands.

5. Lady Gaga

And how in our review could worm his way girl, ready to order the most expensive designers dresses, including steaks? However, "shocking", "glamour" and "luxury" pop diva shows on stage as part of her popular image.

In ordinary life, Gaga wears democratic clothing, and even ready to wait for discounts in the store. The star complains that the sellers accept it was mad when she makes the coupons or trying to bargain. Gaga loves to eat out, so often prepares herself complicated side dishes: pizza, ravioli, steaks, etc.

4. Kate Middleton

Probably one of the first royals who did not consider it necessary to change several outfits a day and only buy food from the famous milliners and designers.

Being an ordinary woman earlier, the Duchess used to wear affordable casual dress. Imagine Kate even managed to wear to social events the same outfits as in Royal circles simply unacceptable. Interestingly, this approach does not repel the cold and reserved British, but on the contrary increases the rating of girls in the nation.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress was invited to various film and television projects, where it acts as a stylist or a fashionista, knowing the taste in expensive luxury clothes. In life, miss Parker is not accustomed to stand out, preferring the practicality of the refinement.

Their children Sarah brings respect to things and the ability to prudently manage money. For example, the son of the actress without any hesitation wears quality clothes for the cousins. Buys him a star and a rich mother mostly clothes and shoes because the sizes are different.

2. JK Rowling

Queen of Harry Potter has lived a difficult life and was once below the poverty line. Therefore, even when the expense exceeded $ 1 billion, most of which were distributed to charitable organizations.

Rowling prefers a calm and unremarkable life, she's comfortable doing alone, very rarely attending social events. In ordinary life Joan dresses modestly and does not support the image of a popular and successful business-woman.

1. Keanu Reeves

One of the most famous ascetics of Hollywood, Keanu has long realized that money doesn't have any real life value. Reeves about 85% of the royalties from "the Matrix" gave other project staff (costumers, cameramen, make-up artists). According to the actor, he earned money and so are enough for several centuries.

Keanu can often be found in the most ordinary plain clothes on the streets. He goes to public transport, buys clothes in the sales, prefer conversations on the benches with the common people secular receptions.

Honor and praise of celebrities that have not lost their humanity and understand important life tenet: "money can't buy happiness." Probably only accumulated huge sums, you can depreciate the value of money and start to live a full emotional life.

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