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Top 10 biggest passenger planes in the world


To increase the efficiency of flights, thus reducing the cost of services are designed the largest passenger aircraft in the world, accommodating several hundred people. Giant liners superior, able to travel great distances without refueling, thanks to voluminous fuel tanks. High load capacity ensures the ability to transport large amount of Luggage.

The ranking was determined based on the maximum quantity, enclosing passengers, wingspan and overall dimensions of the aircraft.

10. The Airbus A330-300

The model has replaced the outdated version of the A300, rashadovna too much fuel and have little capacity. The new modification is able to simultaneously levitate 295 people, and classified as wide-body Airliners. Machine length is 59 metres and its width is 63m. The maximum range with a full load does not exceed 10 500 m Cruising speed is 870 km/h Maximum takeoff weight of 233 tons and a wingspan of 60, 3 meters. Fuel tanks designed for 97 000 liters of fuel.

9. Boeing 777-200ER

Certainly not the largest passenger aircraft in the world, but one of the most popular Airliners from airlines. The operation began in 1995, the car has proven itself highly reliable. Modification of the 777-200LR , capable of performing the longest non-stop flights. This model was first developed without the involvement of a traditional paper drawings, but only with the use of computer three-dimensional graphics. The aircraft is capable of landing to overcome a 17 000 km at a cruising speed of 905 km/h Machine at the same time transportorul 301 of the passenger, and its wingspan is 64.8 m.

8. Boeing 747-8

Upgraded version on the right came out the biggest passenger aircraft in the world, with the ability to carry up to 467 people. The aircraft overcomes the maximum distance of 15 000 km and is considered the longest aircraft on the Ground. Car is different from worthy predecessors lengthened fuselage. Engineers have installed new engines, wings and the on-Board system. The set of updates is allowed to make the liner much quieter, more economical. International name of the new version of "Intercontinental".

7. Airbus A340-600

To operate one of the largest passenger aircraft in the world started in 2002. The modification differs from its predecessor with larger fuel tanks and engines, with increased power. Serial production model was halted in 2011, the company issued 97 such liners. Wingspan is 63.5 m, and the maximum capacity reaches 440 seats. The airplane is able without refueling to overcome 14 800 km, moving the Luggage and passengers with a total mass of 373 tons. The wing area giant is 437 meters. Despite the end of production, the machine still successfully carry passengers all around the world.

6. Boeing 777-300ER

Got a list of the biggest passenger aircraft in the world Boeing 777-300ER. The aircraft is recognized as the largest aircraft with 2 engines intended for use in civil aircraft. The modification differs from the previous version of the 777-200 longer fuselage, allowing it to accommodate up to 550 passengers. Version of the 777-300ER is not considered basic and operated since 2004. The advantage of this model is increased range. Moving at a cruising speed of 905 km/h, the machine is able to overcome without additional charging 14 600 km, carrying up to 68 500 tons of commercial goods.

5. Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

Was in the ranking of the largest passenger aircraft in the world and a military instance, is able to carry both people and cargo. The liner is capable of transporting 270 soldiers and can be equipped with standard passenger seats 75 units. To carry the machine to the category of giants, let its impressive size. The aircraft reaches a length of 75.5 m and its width is 68 meters. To overcome without refueling, the aircraft can 5 600 km speed 920км/h. the Maximum height used by the giant, up to 10 km.

4. An-124

Russian "Ruslan" rightfully belong to the largest passenger aircraft in the world, because its wingspan of about 73 meters and a length of 69m. The machine stands out for the enormous cargo compartment, reaching a volume of 1050 m3. The maximum range of the liner does not exceed 7 500 km and its cruising speed is 850 km/h. the Machine is mainly used for the carriage of goods, but capable of transporting troops. Total capacity of modifications reaches 120 tons. Flight resource is less than 45 years.

3. Airbus A380

Beginning in 2007, the largest passenger aircraft in the world was considered the Airbus A380, first purchased airline Singapore. The aircraft flies around the world and offers an incredible level of comfort. The machine is capable of carrying 555 people, but if you want, the number of passengers increased to 700. Double-decked cabin is equipped with sleeping cabins that also provided recreation areas, there is a spiral staircase and a convenient bar. The wingspan of the aircraft is 80 meters, and the area is 845 m2. To levitate the car, only 4 motors Rolls-Royce.

2. Hughes H-4 Hercules

Historically, the largest passenger aircraft in the world was declared in 1947, the Hughes H-4 Hercules. The model stood out with a fantastic wingspan, reaching 98 meters, so the modification was recognized as the most wide-body. It was made two machines of this type, but now there is only one. The car traveled 750 soldiers, and is now in the Museum Fund of long beach, where she moved in 1993. More passengers not carrying any aircraft in history.

1. An - 225 "Mriya"

Perhaps, the biggest passenger plane in the world at the moment is "Mriya". Initially, the project was designed as a cargo and was used to transport space Shuttle "Buran". Subsequently, the Ukrainian enterprise "Antonov" has adapted the ship for commercial purposes. Wingspan giant is 88 m, and its length is 73 meters. The aircraft set several records at the carrying capacity. Now it exists in a single copy and is operated by the airline "Antonov Airlines". The airliner safely proven in practice.

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