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10 questions you should not ask a feminist


Feminism originated in the UK and the USA in the late nineteenth century. Basically its purpose was to obtain the rights to women to vote, when political elections are held. The moment has arrived – the women could choose their future ruler, but it happened only in 1920 – the voting was allowed only to men.

It is worth noting that in the Soviet Union the right to vote to women was written into the Constitution of 1918, as gender equality was part of the ideology of socialism. But there is a question – if women have the right to vote, why are they still fighting for equality?

Unfortunately, women still vulnerable to violence, and sexism in your own family, and pay more in men... it is not only the opportunity to vote, there are still a number of issues that need to be addressed.

10. Women and men are different biologically, is it possible to talk about equality?

"Biologically we are all different, and when it comes to the army, the hard work, the feminism on this point ends. Women turn into fragile creatures who can't do a man's job. The very idea of equality is absurd" – so said Alexander, 39 years old.

He answered in some degree to the question – the only difference is in the physiological features, but men and women are people, why doesn't everyone just do whatever they want and can?

If differences in mental abilities not (except physical), why inequality should be observed in political and other matters? In addition, many women work in such occupations, which are prohibited.

9. Russian women are now almost equal to men, what they are fighting for?

Achieved equality is just a myth. It is known that the man occupying the same position as the woman gets paid more.

In Russia, women have limited career among managers, Directors, very few of them. And this is not due to unwillingness but they are just not allowed – all major positions of responsibility are held by men, and in Public Office no more than 15% of women.

And this despite the fact that in our country there is no shortage of women, on the contrary, if you believe the research, they are even more. The fight is for the opportunity to realize yourself and your capabilities.

8. Feminists are fighting for equality, hence the heavy bags they can carry themselves?

The question sounds paradoxical, because it is women who carry heavy bags. If you've seen men who would carry bags of groceries? In women who have two hands busy with the bags, you can see a lot.

While women go for groceries, cook, take care of the dacha, the men strolling with cigarettes in the pockets or hanging out with friends at the bar.

7. How about the payment in the restaurant or other establishment? Feminists for themselves pay?

When a man pays a woman a restaurant bill, it often means that after dinner to be continued, that is, he captivates her. Do not need to consider the fair sex as a commodity, sometimes she just wants to eat, and she may pay.

But imagine one situation – a man realizes that his colleague-the woman does not pay the same as him, although they perform the same work, and decides to somehow correct the injustice. Feed her in the restaurant, then goes with her to the market and buys her the necessary products, brings the packages to the apartment, and then leaves.

Any feminist will only appreciate this help, just do not believe that any man can do something for free.

6. Can a feminist be offended if a man opens the car door for her or helping hand?

If a man wants to help a woman with heavy bags and opens the door for her in the store, helping the disabled or mothers with children – it's polite, and nothing wrong with that. But if a man starts to play, shows courtesy, that it drew the attention of any person, it is a violation of her personal space.

The woman is not mining, it does not need to involve a variety of techniques. Before you can care for any woman, you need to ask her, but she needed it?

5. Why can't you live quietly, it is nice when close to a strong male shoulder?

This is a very controversial issue, and it's strange. Why man is so eager to protect the woman from whom? It turns out that in most cases he has to protect her from himself, their sexual counterparts...

Isn't it easier just not bothering anyone, then will not have to defend? But if the woman is not who will protect her not so may be need a man around... This question scares most men because they feel attractive only as needed.

To be protected is perhaps nice, but not very reliable. For the protection of a woman must sexually serve the man, to stay home with the kids and do house work. For what?

4. Can a feminist be feminine?

Depends on what is the concept of every man for himself invests. We live in a world where femininity take high heels, tight dresses, sex appeal, or, on the contrary, modesty and shyness.

It turns out the whole set of stamps, and if we are talking about them, it is not – can not, because the woman fighting for their rights, to anything like the way that men like. It can Express as he wants.

3. Some companies invite women, but if a man is more suitable?

If earlier women could not "make it" to a serious leadership position (grudgingly conceded), it may be time to change the situation?

A woman can get an education, an internship in a good place to gain experience and climb up. Be in any case not worse than men. If they have always had privileges in society, then why do women they can not be?

2. Are there male feminists, and how often do they meet?

There are men that support feminism, but they are hard to avoid in conversation with women "mansplaining" (in order to explain something, they resort to simple language, as if laying out everything on the shelves, making a discount on the female).

Greater respect profeminist – they try to listen to the interests of the opposite sex and supporting the ideas of feminism, but not adjacent to the community.

1. An engineer from Google was fired because of gender stereotypes, a horrible thing?

Very good when there are smart employees, but despite their knowledge in various areas, this is not always the most important. Google employee has indicated that women and men are biologically different and women are more difficult to achieve progress in technological companies.

The management of Google decided that the dignity of female employees it is important to preserve and promote the gender stereotypes of the employee to dismiss. But about the mind it is possible to doubt... neither sexist nor racist, etc. is not a priori can wear the title of "smart people", because their thinking is limited.

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