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10 domestic stars, who do not know the steps in alcohol


For many people the easiest way to relax is alcohol. Well, if a person knows your limits and tries to follow it. And if not?

People who cannot control themselves in the morning have not only headache, but shame for their behavior. Because drunk people often commit such acts, which the next day he has to regret.

The stars are not exception. On the contrary, they can afford what ordinary people do not even dream of.

Social events, restaurants, expensive champagne, collection wine... and haircut.

Scandals involving drunken celebrities is no surprise. They arrange drunk uproars, fights, traffic accidents.

Below are 10 domestic stars, who do not know the steps in alcohol.

10. Ivan Okhlobystin

Ivan had a big problem with alcohol. He believed that you need to drink, because everybody is doing it.

Okhlobystin drunk that ended up in the hospital. It happened on holiday in Spain but even this case has not helped the actor to be from alcohol. Ivan could not control myself.

He admitted that the reason he decided to "engage" was very simple – he no longer felt drunk. It is very scared Ohlobystina, he realized that "came chemical dependence on alcohol."

Now he almost does not drink alcohol, but the reputation of the drinker to get rid not so easy.

9. Shura

Star 90s Shura also likes to drink. And when you drink, do not understand what he was doing.

Last year, he gave a drunken scandal at the airport of Chelyabinsk. Also the singer had a good rest in the night club Yalta. Photo of Shura and Aleksei Panin has "walked" in the network. The stars got drunk and behaved very strangely.

However, Shura has never been craving for a healthy lifestyle. In the past he was a drug addict, because of this, even lost the apartment.

Fans sympathize with the star. They think that the singer took to drink, because of the loss of property.

Recently, the network appeared information about the fact that the Shura is being treated for alcoholism in an elite clinic. The singer has not confirmed these rumors, but there are several witnesses who saw him there.

8. Alexander Domogarov

About Alexander at the time was legendary. He drank a lot. Said the actor was a friend-a psychiatrist who helped him get out of the binge.

But in 2006, Alexander was not able to help even a friend, he was taken to narcological hospital, where he spent only three days. The doctors helped him, but to be free from addiction need a long-term treatment. It can be concluded that the actor refused it.

Recently Domogarov became the epicenter of the scandal. The actor wrote on Facebook that he was going to leave the Mossovet theatre. After some time he deleted his account, then wrote again.

The journalists linked this behavior with that of Alexander, that he was again carried away by the alcohol. Domogarov responded very rapidly, it offended the accusation. Apparently the actor is still trying to overcome the "green dragon".

7. Alexey Panin

The drunken antics of Aleksey Panin amazing. He is regularly accused of inappropriate behavior in restaurants. He's breaking dishes, cursing, fighting. Again scandals in hotels, smashed furniture, sometimes even running through the halls naked.

By the way, Panin loves to put pictures in the style of "Nude", although raising a teenage daughter. Apparently, when the actor drink to him "reckless", and the alcohol he uses very often.

Not so long ago in an interview Alex said that for three years in control of himself, doesn't drink, because he understands that he has a teenage daughter.

That's only in the end of 2018 Panin again became a member of this ugly history. He made a scandal on Board the plane, argued with the staff, drank alcohol and smoked.

6. Grigory Leps

The singer already struggles with alcoholism, but he can't defeat his "inner demons". He even has his own personal doctor, who helps him in it.

Leps never hid the fact that he has a drinking problem. He admits to not being able to drink a little. Gregory often appears on stage in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, but tries to do his best.

Leps says that never allowed myself to finish the concert ahead of time or bad to sing. Wife of Leps understand it, she supports her husband and hopes that someday he will get rid of alcohol addiction.

5. Sergey Shnurov

Cords has long positioned himself as a man drinking, just drunk. He made a promise to myself and fans that will drink three years every day.

Drunken nights was accompanied by a large number of novels. Sergey claimed that his relationship with a 15-year-old Oksana Akinshina was the result of such a spree. Apparently, in a drunken stupor, the actor didn't check the passport of his new lover.

Now the Cords are not like the drunk he was before, and the popularity of the "Leningrad" has increased significantly. In the same interview, the musician even hinted that the story of his drunkenness was slightly embellished. Maybe it was a PR stunt? In any case, if Sergey Shnurov wanted to be considered an alcoholic, then he achieved it.

4. Irina Dubtsova

Not only the famous men abuse alcohol, but women too. Are unable to overcome their cravings for alcohol and Irina Dubtsova. The singer admitted about his addiction to the show "Battle of psychics" where wizards and sorcerers got a star. She said she fights the urge to drink, but not always.

In 2016, the singer got into a bad situation. Irina gave a concert in Gomel. She sang a few songs and left the stage. She was taken to the hospital. The organizers of the concert explained this behavior of the singer is allergic to the flowering of birch.

But one of the workers cultural center, which hosted the concert, said that he heard Dubtsova asked to bring in his dressing room a bottle of whiskey. The singer became addicted to alcohol after a divorce. Most likely, so she wanted to ease emotional pain.

3. Dmitry Kharatyan

The actor admits that in his youth without limit. He was often drunk, attended the entertainment, and did not notice that alcohol is not the last place in his life. When Dmitry was 33 years old, he realized that more can not continue. He became a binge alcoholic.

Quit drinking the famous actor helped his wife. Now Horatiana 59 years, he is in great shape. The only thing sorry Dmitry, is that in his youth he drank a lot and smoked a lot.

2. Thank

It is not known how "close" relationship Fame has with alcohol, but a couple of drunken scandals on her account too. In 2016, the singer caused a stir, she threw a party at one of the restaurants of St. Petersburg. The girl obviously had too much alcohol, she uttered incoherent speech, used profanity.

In 2017, the star of scandal on the filming of one music channel. Glory was drunk, was arguing with the staff of the channel, and then it tore shooting. The next day, the singer has accused the channel of slander. She explained the state of strong fatigue.

1. Mikhail Efremov

Michael also refuses to relax with the help of drink. That's only after they use the actor not able to control myself.

He could easily appear at a social event in a Bathrobe and Slippers, a scandal to the service personnel. Behaved Efremov in 2016 at the festival "Kinotavr".

In 2018 Efremov disgraced in front of his fans when he came on tour to Samara. Actor was drunk, forgot words, mumbled something, and then scolded the audience mate. He said that they do not understand complicated plays, also complained of severe fatigue.

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