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10 stars that turned gray early


Early gray hair is not a reason for ridicule or bewilderment. Often its emergence is directly related to hereditary factors, that is, genetically programmed.

You're a celebrity, politician or ordinary person, but from the "silver" hair is not going anywhere, if so intended by nature. It remains only to proudly show "strands of wisdom" or tint them regularly to the competent hairdressers.

In addition to genetic factors, premature graying can cause vitamin B12 deficiency, as well as violations of the production of hair pigment. With a busy schedule of celebrities, a high degree of responsibility and the chronic stress it is not surprising that the body begins to "surrender".
Today we'll look at 10 celebrities who early turned gray, but do not hide it.

10. Rihanna

Yes, a young African-American performer, despite his racial predisposition to a dense pigmentation of the hair, already beginning to sit. In his 30 kopecks a native of Barbados and part striking brunette is already starting to note the first "silver" strands.

And 6 years ago, the singer and does he spontaneously painted in platinum to see how it will look in the near of old age. By the way, fans of the new look of the pop diva hit the spot – cool grey shade definitely suits her.

9. Jennifer Lopez

Hot latina, which images at events maddening to millions of men, in fact, carefully conspire. It turns out that with a 23-years old girl had to resort to the services of a competent hairdressers.

Parents Jenny also began to turn grey at about the same age, so the singer is observed in a typical genetic predisposition.

Lopez admits that put up with the first gray hairs were difficult, as they unexpectedly appeared at the very beginning of his career. J. Lo also confessed that married mark Anthony she had to touch up the roots every 2 weeks.

8. Katie Holmes

Famous model and actress also beginning to go gray quite early. Now that the Girl's 40 years, so we can expect the first "glimpses" of gray hair.

But the problem she found while still married to Tom cruise at the age of 33 years. The complicated family relationships and the stress of the shooting has only exacerbated the situation, so the woman is forced to regularly touch up the roots.

7. Meryl Streep

A perfect example of a Hollywood star, which is very-very handsome silver-gray nobility. Actress in the 70 years refers to his age, wrinkles and gray brand top.

She's one of those few women that does not seek to artificially young, but with dignity demonstrates experienced appearance.

From Meryl still plenty of offers for work and sometimes you have to sacrifice the health of hair, tinting it under the appropriate type. But it is necessary to remember "the Devil wears Prado", and immediately understand why the actress is no need to hide gray hair.

6. Daniel Day-Lewis

A middle-aged actor in his 60-cents simply can not be gray. Your "silver" hair he wears like a crown, because they did not prevent him to get 3 coveted Oscar.

The actor prefers stylish youth haircut "hedgehog", so gray his even younger. Here's a ash trend is obtained for the blonde actor.

5. Kate Middleton

The beautiful Duchess and then rebuke in the retreat from the Royal canons. It is the same outfits to wear at the ceremony, then quietly shows up without makeup on the street, it is not clearly wears his graying strands.

Reporters just give the reason to win but to insult another celebrity. But Kate, like a true lady on the manipulation and the tricks did not lead, therefore, with dignity shows first gray hair.

The latter is closer to 40 years – this phenomenon is absolutely normal. But Middleton has admitted that the first silver strands had sprouted in 2014 during the second pregnancy.

Stress and hormones must have affected the production of hair pigment. Also, the socialite claims that the baby she was simply no time to monitor the hair, so it is quickly accepted by gray.

4. Hugh Grant

Suddenly grew up charismatic bully, the Hollywood heartthrob Hugh Grant. The man had, it appears, almost 60 knocked. Noble gray hair now can be worn safely and with dignity, only she revealed the actor much earlier.

For the role of male tinted strands and just continue to play full of cheats. Now silver strands attached to his life of peace and tranquility that befits his years.

3. Nicole Kidman

Lovely actress Kidman keeps appearing on carpet blonde. The era of the burning fire of her hair was gone, and now the woman is not shy about wheat curls with strands of gray.

Nicole honestly say that gray beginning up to 30 years (probably, it has played a role of genetic factors). The actress does not consider it a problem, because for the sake of image and the role in our time nothing is easier than to change color in the desired hue.

2. Richard Gere

One of the most famous gray Heartbreakers Hollywood, which demonstrates the "silver" top is even with the height of his career. Remember that even in the wonderful film "Pretty woman" 1990, his character is a successful businessman and luxurious, a little graying.

Now the age of the gear is rapidly nearing 70, and the hair is absolutely platinum. This does not prevent the handsome and Alaska to fall in love and get married a year ago with a young business lady Alejandra Silva.

1. George Clooney

Completes our overview of the unique person is the undisputed leader of the rankings about the most beautiful, sexy, charming and other "most-most" of the actors. Here is someone who, as he gray hair has never been a hindrance.

The actor began to turn gray at the age of about forty years. At first, the smoothie was too shy grey hair and intensely dyed, and closer to 50 finally relaxed. Now matured Clooney looks presentable, respectable and experienced, and so gives special charm and generosity.

Gray hair is not a drawback. Some star she is so naturally perfect that even is part of a special image.

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