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10 anime TV series similar to "nice to meet you, God", 2012-2015


Spring in the yard – greens blooming, buds are blooming, couples sit on benches and COO. How can you not want to watch something really romantic and interesting? American sitcoms are pretty fed up with your cliches and trumped-up stories, and modern cinema never learned to shoot worth a melodrama. So we have to go in for the intense emotions of the anime.

Among the romantic paintings, of course, at the forefront of the acclaimed anime "nice to meet you, God." It is about a young girl who lost the house, and accidentally met in the Park with a real God, and very cute.

He offered her to live in a Shinto temple, where he lived the irritable Fox-werewolf. The girl learned that has magical powers, which decided to send to a good cause. And without romantic adventures, and vibrant love, of course, has not done.

Below we present a selection of 10 anime that have a plot or General idea reminiscent of the "nice to meet you, God."

10. Moving complex2007-...

We get acquainted with a high school girl Risa is surprisingly high girl for Japan (as much as 172 cm). Also in the shot classmate Atsushi, who like guy, has too small height – 156 cm

Both the student subjected to ridicule until both of them were made headmen of the class, a kind of "comedic Duo". Guys during the summer collaboration quickly found a mutual understanding and were fans of one specific rapper. The idea is that these two would be destined to be together, if not oppressive difference in growth in as many as 16 see

9. The Special Class "A"2008

Girl Hikari grew up in a poor family, so from childhood accustomed to struggle and hard work. She has to compete with the K – descendant of one large and wealthy clan.

The opponents are trained not only in General a private school, but also in a special class for gifted children, where there were only bright personality. The guys own schedule, its own Conservatory and memorable school uniform.

Other students are wary of "genius". School intrigue and gossip, emerging love, there is definitely something to watch in this exciting series.

8. The monster sitting beside me2012-...

Romantic series about a pretty high school student Haru and serious student Shizuku, who met by fate. Haru was suspended from school for fighting, and Shizuka instructed to bring him the notes.

After meeting with sweet and kind guy, the girl's life changed. They were often seen and open those new feelings that have arisen.

Shizuka helped quitter, "pull the tail", and those conquered by her good attitude. But in every love story, of course, has his own obstacles: the rivals, gossip, misunderstanding, etc.

7. Mischievous kiss2008

Kotoka from childhood accustomed to the difficulties of living with his father Shigeo without a mother. Dad, working as a cook, was often gone for work, accumulating building materials for a small house.

Housing did not survive the earthquake, so dad and Kotoko called to him to come to call friend. This man was also son – in love with myself, idol school, where he studied Kotoka.

By fate she fell in love with "bad boy" and even managed to confess feelings but was rejected. The guy despised her in school, and the girl was still lost in his dreams. These are the intricacies of love with a solid touch of humor.

6. The President – the maid! 2010-...

This series is, perhaps, not less popular, than "nice to meet you, God." The story is about a private school for boys, in which there are slobs.

The local authorities decided to dilute the men's team girls, and led the school to put the President Misaki – athlete, the good girl and excellent student. Girl decides to restore discipline in the "temple of science", that has found the disapproval of pupils.

The situation became better when they found out that the girl at leisure moonlights as a maid in a cafe. And all would have been difficult and unbearable, if not a great misunderstanding in the form of a blond handsome man.

5. Crimson shards2012

As fate Tamaki went to the mountain wilderness to relocate to her grandmother. City girl it's hard to adapt to the harsh rural life without the benefits and the dangers.

One day she is saved from Ayakashi guy Takuma. Tamaki learns from her grandmother that she was the hereditary Princess, she's the guardian of a magical sword. Relic hunters gather up a lot, but the TAMAK support their own spirits – as much as 5 Guards who are part-time heroes and beauties in the selection. Everyone Guards their talents and characteristics, so romantic adventure can not wait.

4. Fruits basket2001-2005

I Heard the girl was left an orphan and during the repairs in the house decided to live in the woods in a tent. Even the girlfriend girls don't recognize how much Mead she felt.

Somehow on the way home I Heard you found a place, on the veranda of which stood figures 12 Horoscope. In the house lived her attractive classmate Souma uncle. The latter asked the girl to move to him, for there was taken the issues on the farm. So Torre found out about the family secret, and she began her unusual and romantic adventure.

3. Host club Ouran high school2006-...

It turns out, your life can turn around 180 degrees, if the random smashes a vase worth 8 million yen. Haruka an ordinary girl from a poor family that only thanks to the knowledge got into an elite school.

In an attempt to retire the girl went to the local club and accidentally broke a rare vase. For this she had to join the club, a duty to fulfill as a young boy. Interesting story wrapped? Of course!

2. A Homeless God2014-2016

The series is very similar in plot to "nice to meet you, God." In the frame story of a God of war Yato who wants to build himself a temple of worship.

And while the kid has to help the needy and to fulfill their every whim, that's just not the suicide. And yet, once Yato meets ICA and the cost of their health saves God from an accident. Romantic and dramatic story makes you wonder about the value of life and friendship in this world, so definitely worth it to watch it.

1. Lis secret service and I2012

Girl Perico feels inferior in society, despite the fact that is the successor of the well-known home Sirkin. She has to move to a specific place – a mansion where they can live only in the "completely clean" people who have passed a rigorous background check.

Also, for each resident puts the agent-bodyguard. For Perico was selected as the Fox spirit, which the girl had once managed to save. And where is the lovely young man for love Affairs, you ask? Watch the anime and find out!

Easy and Comedy anime "nice to meet you, God" and liked by adults and children, so the Internet has increasingly started to have requests for a similar series.

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