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10 signs that you met a kindred spirit


Many people want to meet in life, your soul mate – the person with whom you can be yourself. Unfortunately, to meet the close person it is possible not to all: the one who is desperately looking for a loved one – does not find it, and the one who lives his life without thinking about the meeting with love, and finds it.

Maybe the secret is simple – you need to stop "chasing" for love, and she will come to you? In addition, very often we build in the mind of some ideals, and our soul mate may live in the next house...

Look closely to their surroundings, and some signs will help you understand whether you have met your soul mate or not.

10. Honesty and sincerity

For anybody not a secret that in relationships partners often use the manipulation and trying to hide information that they do not decorate.

But the people who truly native land – will never deceive each other, they can easily say what I think or what I feel.

Sincerity and honesty are not something difficult to achieve. If you have to dissemble, to pretend to be someone else, think about it, maybe it's not your man?

9. Strive to spend more time together

Do you want to spend more time with this man because with him you feel relaxed, calm. You don't have to pretend when you have a bad mood, or to choose words in the dialogue.

In addition, you really have something to do together, you well, you feel a surge of energy, not energy loss. When you see someone, you just love knowing that he is there.

8. Tensions quickly settled

In all respects, there are quarrels, without this in any way. It is difficult to imagine the relations of people who are only in joy, weird...

For some, the fight is about to break up, people do not understand the other because they are strangers. But another quarrel or lapping are not afraid of kindred spirits, they understand that complexity is an important part of the relationship as something else. You quickly settle the conflict, and everything returns to normal.

7. You don't need to play the role

I guess that's all life has ever tried to play a role to attract any man.

Perhaps it worked – people you've noticed, but after passed some time, you stared at the man who was once in love and didn't understand why. That is the person you have become completely indifferent to – that's what happens when you fall in love with the image.

When you truly love someone, you love everything about him, including his bad side, take it for what it is, and he can be himself. Don't have someone to play with.

6. Mutual care

If you care about the other person with difficulty, and his problem to you – an empty sound, then most likely what you are experiencing is infatuation, which will pass quickly.

When you meet your soul mate, you sincerely want to help this person, take care of it.

You can forget about their problems to travel to that person and to help in this difficult time. This occurs even if you've always been selfish, as if you are born something new...

5. The pursuit of a common goal

Soul mate is a person with whom you are very close, with whom you feel an incredible peace and comfort. Of course, in close communication, you know about the plans and goals of this person.

Typically, soulmates always have a common goal, such that sometimes it is even hard to identify... You just know internally that you are "with one field", and move along in the right direction.

4. The same principles of life

My relatives each other people are always General principles. For example, if you are a very honest and kind person, I always try to be honest and your partner may cheat, to do bad things to others, this Alliance is unlikely to last long.

Soul mates always with the same principles: either it's two selfish people who will step over everyone to achieve their goals, or, on the contrary, these are two decent people who care about others and always support each other in good deeds.

In another case, people will quickly leave because they have different principles.

3. Constant interest to each other

Even if you have already discussed in 1000 and, you know, it seems, is all about each other, you never get tired of this man, you always wonder what he says, does, etc. If the interest is only on the one hand, it is nothing like the passion one and it will quickly disappear.

Soul mates always relate to each other, they have something to do together. And even if the lesson is very simple – for example, sharing videos, close people together it's always fun to do.

2. A sense of calm and comfort

Strangers felt very simple – they have to pretend, you feel uncomfortable and want to leave.

With your soul, everything is different – the human presence gives you peace of mind, you comfortable and relaxed feel. You don't need to choose what to say or what to do – you can just sit on the bench and silently eat ice cream, and you so easily, calm the soul...

You don't have tight communication or smiles, you take the time to say goodbye to this man, and when saying goodbye to quickly start to miss him.

1. You balance each other

When you meet your soul mate, your differences do not alienate you from each other, but rather, complement you and balance. The similarities also help you to develop, to grow, to become better.

This feeling is hard to explain in words, you just feel, "How am I so lucky! This man is perfect for me!"

And, indeed, that whatever you do, do you feel that your loved one will always give you the right advice that will help you resolve any issues you are thinking of the best for each other and always help.

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