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10 new music genres of the last decade


Along with scientific and technological progress and develop music technology, instruments. Often have natural vocal not necessarily to become the legislator of a musical fashion.

Able to own a synthesizer and efficiently mix Temko – dear you video on the "Olympus" of the music world. It is for this reason recently there are so many unusual genres, which grannies and dedulki just "wither ears."

The combination of sharp instrumental breaks with changed beyond recognition vocals poorly tolerated by those who are accustomed to the bloody song and popular folklore.

Nevertheless, modern electronic and other music genres found its crowd of fans, and based on some even formed a whole subculture.

Today we present 10 relevant music genres, powerful "shot" in the last decade.

10. Wizard Rock

Since we a very interesting direction, which at the time was inspired by Potterianoy. Indeed, the composers for the voice of the Saga did a good job, creating a mysterious magical world.

But the new direction moved away from the classical genre soundtracks. Now the group write a song or track with a character of Saga, and his style and the band are in the selected "magical" manner.

Interestingly, the rockers played not only in the underground clubs and fan conventions, but also in schools and even libraries. It is noteworthy that despite the complete Saga of Harry Potter, Wizard Rock practice about 750 groups on the planet.

9. Kawaii Metal

The very phrase "cute metal" true fans "iron" can strike fear into. However, the author of the genre, the Japanese just dig it.

Just imagine a mix of idol and heavy metal with traditional Japanese music, which bloom flowers, fly unicorns, and spreads a rainbow.

Interestingly, group-artists manage to collect huge stadiums and touring around the world. Maybe for someone it's just an excuse to look at the "freaks," but fans of "cute metal" is definitely there.

8. Vaporwave

A set of sound tones and e-gnashing not going to go into the past. The people woke up nostalgic longing for the digital performance of the music of the nineties. Then computers occupied part of the room, roared loudly, and were an unattainable dream, and Windows 98 was famous for its sharp and nasty sounds.

It is the "voice" of Windose and the soundtrack to the first video games of the time inspired the creators of the genre Vaporwave. Fans can enthusiastically listen to "polyphony" using Winamp 2.95.

7. Seapunk

Sea punk, and steampunk has managed to evolve from a simple musical genre into a subculture, despite the fact that it still knows little fans in the world.

The creators of the genre inspired by the nautical theme and decided to postpone the mysterious sounds of the underwater world in his music. To top it off they crumble hair in turquoise and blue shades, and in a circle allowed the various remixes of the soundtrack to "the little Mermaid".

In addition to the "marine" notes in the genre there are electronic rhythms, characteristic of the turbulent nineties.

6. Black MIDI

This genre has managed to hold no less than 10 years. He appeared for the first time in 2009, when a fan posted on a Japanese website with videos your video with a Remix of one of those anime. The mix was made in the simplest program for Synthesia learning keyboard instruments.

To the surprise of the instigator, many inspired by his attempts and also become the development of melody in the program.

Soon the genre has exceeded the borders of Japan and into the world of the global Internet content. Black MIDI infected program users from all over the world. Now even conduct a separate competition for the compilation of music from the greatest number of notes.

5. Skweee

This is a specific Scandinavian "cool" genre can be considered the birthplace of Finland and Sweden. It combines a simple melody with synth and bass on the basis of a well known funk, soul and R B.

Performers of the genre rarely use the services of vocalists, and even if the voice slips in the composition, it also passes a number of distortions and treatments using vocoder. Nothing should interfere with the natural rattle of the electronic Skweee.

4. Wonky

In recent years there has evolved the trend of using analog synthesizers to extract mid-frequency melodies. This tendency soon developed into a separate musical genre and was even named after a kind of stage in the evolution of electronic music for the first time after a sensational dubstep.

Wonky is not difficult to recognize – "broken" rhythms of pop and hip-hop music, eight "squeaks" and the incessant buzzing of the synthesizer.

3. Shangaan Electro

Shamanic tunes will never lose its popularity, at least among certain subcultures and peoples. And what if to take and zamiksovat tribal music of the people of lanagan with the usual club rhythms? You find it hard to imagine what could happen?

However, the genre gained popularity under a bit chaotic dance tune from the Limpopo province with pleasure lit dancers all over the planet.

2. Lowercase

Finally, in the review of the chaotic and Jumpy music will appear quiet and relaxing genre.

Lowercase is a minimalist, formed under the influence of Microsound'a, glitch and ambient. The music is a combination of everyday familiar sounds, voices, noise of the metropolis, the singing of birds, the rattling of keys, etc.

Surrounded by familiar sounds of a man can really relax and even go into a kind of meditative state.

1. Witch house

And again, occult oriented music with the prefix "Witch" (witch). For the first time the term was coined by musician Egede that the so-called style of the tunes played by him and his comrades.

The compositions are actively used frightening sounds of horror, extreme height and speed of the tones in the voice. Base for style was electronic music based on synthesizers and rhythm machines in a minimalist play.

Here are some unusual styles were formed under the influence of elektroprivrede in the last decade. I doubt that some of them survive even to the next generations, but now it is necessary to pay tribute to the boundless imagination of the authors.

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