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10 famous scenes in cinema, disturbing man's imagination


The creators of modern film is not easy to surprise the audience with the presence in the painting of erotic scenes. However, it was not always so.

Even 30-40 years ago such episodes could cause a barrage of criticism from conservative sectors of society and could even cast doubt on the release of the film in wide release.

However, the Directors still used her talent and sense of beauty to show the beauty of the female body, so to speak, in all its glory, for which men, acting here as spectators, very grateful to them.

We present 10 of the best scenes in cinema, forcing man's imagination to work with increased power.

10. Fiery dance eyed Esmeralda (Gina Lollobrigida) ("Notre Dame de Paris", 1956)

When this stunning Italian with an incredibly small waist and beautiful brown eyes performed tragic role of Esmeralda in the film adaptation of the immortal novel by Victor Hugo, fell in love with her all men on the planet.

Hot Gypsy dance in the square has become one of the most recognizable scenes in cinema. Bodycon red dress emphasized all the charms of the actress, the morning sun reflecting in the black as pitch hair, and her smooth graceful movements kept my mind not only the main characters in the movie, but millions of viewers around the world.

9. Striptease from Sophia Loren ("Yesterday, today and tomorrow", 1963)

The Oscar-winning film directed by De sica was considered to be incredibly honest, for its time. Here the brilliant Sophia Loren along with his partner in the photo Marcello Mastroianni embodied 3 bright image in three small stories.

One of them, the actress has played the role of a prostitute Mara, the deceiver of the hero Mastroianni. Mind-blowing sexy sultry Italian, which at that time first in the history of cinema in the frame played a Striptease, allowed it for many years to secure for itself the right to be called a sex symbol of all times and peoples.

8. Lying in bed naked Brigitte Bardot ("And God created woman", 1956)

Bridget herself in conversation with the journalists argued that the more successful shots than in the film "And God created woman" at that time she was not.

In this film the actress has embodied on the screen an interesting, quite controversial and sensual image of a girl suffering from their natural sexuality and from the reproaches of the people around her.

Immediately after the premiere of the picture, the barrage of criticism showered the actress who performed the main role in the film. Including due to the presence of the film's many provocative moments, one of which is the scene where Bordeaux lies perpetrated Nude in bed.

Many community organizations, including the League of decency, the salvation Army and the Society of the virtuous Catholics, opposed the screening of the film. However, despite this, the popularity of the picture was boundless, and Brigitte Bardot became a sex symbol of a generation.

7. The moment when the wind lifted the dress Marilyn Monroe ("Seven years of desire", 1955)

Hollywood actress, singer and sex idol Marilyn Monroe wore a white dress in the film "Seven years of desire", filmed in 1955. This legendary dress was created by famous designer William Travilla.

Thanks to this scene, striking blonde, who innocently smiling, trying to hold zdravljica hem, became one of the iconic images of the twentieth century.

6. The appearance of the sexy brides of Dracula (Monica Bellucci, Michaela Burke and Florina Kendrick) ("Dracula Bram Stoker", 1992)

These three incredibly charming and equally dangerous beauty unwittingly become an erotic fantasy for a huge number of men. Even the enormous canines are unable to make their images less attractive for the stronger sex.

5. Spectacular dance young sexy vampire (Salma Hayek) ("From dusk till dawn", 1996)

One of the most memorable scenes of the painting "From dusk till dawn" has become a sexy and seductive dance of a young Salma Hayek, while still making the first steps in the big cinema. This episode is not ostavil anyone indifferent spectator.

Small role (almost without words) Queen of the vampires, which after the execution of the fascinating dance with a boa constrictor attacks the hero of Quentin Tarantino and furiously bites through the neck, made Salma is really popular.

She masterfully coped with its task, despite the fact that in real life she is very much afraid of snakes.

Largely because of this episode of "From dusk till dawn" is one of the greatest movies of the 90 years in this style, and the dance itself became the basis for imitation in many Striptease shows.

4. Dance cuties Nancy (Jessica Alba) in leather lingerie and with a lasso (sin City, 2005)

Even in the dark and "soaked" through human vices sin city if you know where to turn, you can come to the hot spot, where those graceful beauties like Jessica Alba perform an erotic dance.

The role of a young and seductive stripper Nancy became a landmark for its singer. While the famous strip is reduced crazy bar that has not left indifferent and millions of viewers.

3. Ellen Ripley (Sigourney weaver) walking around in microtronica space Shuttle ("Alien", 1979)

In the movie "Alien" Sigourney weaver played the iconic a role. And let the filmmakers wanted to make an image of Ripley maximally courageous and bereft of lyrics, they still could not demonstrate to the audience trim figure of the main heroine.

In the absence of garish makeup, long hair and attractive lingerie, the actress still managed to fascinate the male half of the audience, flaunting the space station in shorts flesh-colored, blending with her skin color.

2. Seductive dance Kim Basinger ("Nine and a half weeks", 1986)

Divorced and unsure of himself gallery owner Elizabeth, played by the brilliant Kim Basinger, and very charming investor John gray, whose image is embodied on the screen Mickey Rourke – the main characters of the movie "Nine and a half weeks," woven from the most popular erotic.

Ice cubes moving through the stomach Kim, passionate sex in the rain and, of course, playful and outright dance of the protagonist to the song You Can Leave Your Hat On – have become key parts of the plot.

This strip was excited and stimulated on various erotic fantasies of men of the most different taste preferences. And Kim Basinger after this role began to wear the title of the most sensual sex symbol of the late 80-ies.

1. The scene of the interrogation of the writer-killer (Sharon stone) (Basic instinct, 1992)

A quarter of a century ago, the screens out erotic Thriller, which was subsequently destined to become a classic of this genre – "Basic instinct".

From the beginning of the film became controversial and even revolutionary, because before Paul Verhoeven is one of the masters of Hollywood never dared to remove sex scenes closeup – then it was considered the prerogative of the movies category V.

But despite this, Basic instinct was shown in all cinemas of the country. Moreover, the film has become one of the most profitable up to that time.

The episode, which shows the interrogation of the writer-nymphomaniac and murderer, whose image on the screen brilliantly embodied by Sharon stone, was in truth a cult.

The scene where she slowly puts one leg over the other, thereby Stripping in front of the stunned guards your intimate area, became the subject of many variations and outright parodies. Thanks to the work in this picture, Sharon stone was considered the main vamp of Hollywood.

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