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10 ways of preparing delicious coffee


Just opening my eyes in the morning, once in the head born first thought is, "Coffee!" Hot aromatic drink has long been a symbol of awakening, energy, vitality and clear thinking.

But coffee is not just doping, which allows you to shake off drowsiness and happy to run to work. For many, the drink is associated with the ritual of savoring the aroma and taste.

For such people and designed institutions that offer different types of coffee beans, roasting, flavoring and aromatic additives.

Of course, do not always have the time and money to hang out in modern coffeehouses, and drink a delicious beverage wants to regularly. Eventually tired of the instant stuff like 3 in one or from the base powder, drenched with boiling water and cold milk in a hurry. If you are a true gourmet coffee, then this article is for you.

Today we look at 10 popular recipes of this delicious coffee, which will not require from you special efforts and knowledge.

10. Homemade latte

Let's start with the basics – a classic combination of espresso and milk. However, it is not easy to dissolve granules in boiling water and add cream. For preparation of a speciality coffee we take coffee brewed from freshly ground organic grains of Arabica and definitely hot, but not boiling milk.

As for the proportions, it is one piece of strong drink, and three of milk. Ideally, one part of milk is a well – whipped foam.

Serve in a latte glass should the glass in layers: first, pour coffee, then the two parts of milk, and on top of the milk foam. Gourmets can separate layer, add honey or your favorite syrup.

9. Invigorating espresso

Good espresso is easy to cook, but only if you pre-purchased grain quality sufficient degree of doneness. For cooking we will need a coffee machine at the drink called "espresso", meaning "quickly".

Take a teaspoon of well-done raw materials fine grinding and serves to water under pressure, heated, ideally to 92-95 º C. The number of received drink 30 to 35 ml.

Strength is next, vary themselves, diluting with boiling water. Depending on the strength secrete a variety of types of espresso: ristretto, brand Americano, lungo and of course, doppio.

8. Viennese coffee

Love to arrange a coffee ceremony beautifully and slowly taste the rich flavor? Then Viennese coffee you will love it.

To prepare take 25% Cup strong espresso, 2 sticks of sugar (or syrup), 40 ml whipped with sugar and cream (or ready-made from a cylinder), flavouring "vanilla" and chocolate chips for decoration. The cream must be fat and chilled.

In Vienna itself you can ask for a particular shade of coffee, as well as to add alcoholic beverage (cognac, whisky, rum) or even egg yolk.

7. Brazilian-style coffee

In hot Brazil, home of coffee, he just can't be bad. Here there are many recipes for fragrant invigorating drink, but is especially famous for the following.

Combine 100 ml of hot water, sugar to taste, 2 teaspoons of good coffee and 1/4 teaspoon of cocoa. The mixture is heated and boiled, then carefully filtered.

Pour the drink in the Cup not until the end. Additionally pour a small portion of rum (to taste), and on top decorate with whipped cream chilled slide.

6. Turkish coffee

This country is famous for its aromatic and strong drink, which is prepared in a rather complicated technology. However, if you want to taste real coffee and uncover a whole range of sensory emotions, and you can sweat from the Turks.

To start, you need Turkish coffee is well-roasted beans that are finely milled before cooking. Cook needed in a copper Turk on open a small fire, not allowing to boil.

As soon as the drink is going to zaburlit – remove it from the burner. Manipulation do 2 times and you can enjoy an aromatic drink. Beware, the concentration of caffeine in this coffee is increased!

5. Coffee with cinnamon

Lovers of spicy aroma of cinnamon can prepare an interesting coffee drink. Pour freshly ground grain in a copper Turkish coffee pot (1 teaspoon).

Immediately add sugar to taste and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Pour 100 ml of water and warm up the drink, not allowing to boil. In fact, the drink is prepared like Turkish coffee.

4. Coffee with alcohol

And then, of course, the imagination of lovers of alcohol can roam. Indeed, coffee drinks, add a variety of alcoholic additives, ranging from liqueurs and syrups, and ending with pure rum, Irish whiskey, brandy or cognac.

Classic alcoholic coffee prepared in the ratio of 90 ml and 45 ml of alcohol. If you want a cocktail, the alcohol may be added as one of the layers of the latte. On top of this drink are whipped cream and laid out.

3. Aromatic Americano

The U.S., as we mentioned above, this is one of the most popular options for espresso. The ratio of the latter with boiling water is 30 ml to 90 to 120 ml coffee Flavor stays rich and full-bodied, but more soft, and the concentration of caffeine crashes.

If you want to dilute us milk, we take a proportion: 30ml of coffee concentrate, 50 ml of cold or warm milk, 50 ml of boiling water. The output is a coffee Cup 130 ml.

2. Coffee with spices

If cinnamon you were little, then add in strong classic drinks, and other popular spices. Surprisingly, the well helps to reveal the aroma of coffee flavoring such as salt.

This method of cooking is prevalent in Taiwan: salt and sugar are mixed with fine-ground coffee, pour water and boiled in a cezve. Also from the spices add a red or Cayenne pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cloves.

1. Delicious cappuccino

Finish the review a real delicacy, which is so popular with the fair sex. In fact, the coffee drink looks like a latte, but is prepared in different proportions. It is necessary to take one third espresso mugs efficiently, connect with a part of well-heated milk and the same amount of foam.

In this mug before serving it is also desirable to warm up. In cappuccino made to add various flavored syrups for a rich taste, such as maple, vanilla or almond.

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