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Top 10 national parks of Canada


There are many reasons, besides political and economic, why our citizens are moving in droves to Canada. On TV we are shown the unfortunate emigrants and communities of the city, losing sight of the picturesque nature and the magic zone.

But the state consists of the beautiful natural landscapes, national parks and tourist attractions. Then stretch the snow-capped mountains, at the foot of which lies the wide green valleys, wild canyons and lakes with crystal clear water.

All these beauties are available for both tourists and permanent residents. Conducted walking tours and hikes, Cycling, boat, and other activities.

Offer to meet with the 10 national parks of Canada, which you may not have suspected.

10. Yoho

Yoho is located on the continental separation of the two regions of British Columbia and Alberta, side by side with another famous Park, Banff, which we'll cover next.

Yoho Park is within a couple of hours drive from the major city of calgary, striking for its untouched wild nature. On-site poured two lakes: Emerald, with its wonderful shade of water, and O'hara.

Also located on the premises other sights and tourist attractions: waterfalls, a unique Natural Bridge, etc. are a legacy of the indigenous people who inhabited the area many centuries ago.

9. Prince Edward

This area was named in honor of the Prince and is located on the island of the same name. The piece of land is remarkable that is the only place in the region with access to the Atlantic ocean.

National Park lies on the Northern coast of the island and literally beckons tourists with its red rocks of Sandstone, descending right into the ocean.

Tourists can relax on the fine Sands, swim or even camp. Fortunately, the Park has something to see: to go to the Lighthouse Coughed, visit the local lore and historical museums.

8. Auyuittuq

Located in one of the largest Islands on our planet in the area of Baffin island. The territory is impressive for its panoramas and its unique flora which has developed under the influence of the Arctic climate.

Summer days are long here – the sun barely sets, so tourists prefer to visit the Park in the first two months of the summer. At midnight in the Park Auyuittuq the sky bright as during the White nights. From unique excursions here from a race on the Arctic tundra on a sled of sled dogs.

7. Gros Morne

A unique place of beauty you can see on the coast of the famous city of Newfoundland. A significant part of the Park surrounds ridge mountains long Range, where he formed the famous Appalachian mountains.

Tourists flock to the area primarily for Hiking – viewing platforms and panoramas of the Gros Mourne breathtaking. Here you can swim on the West the Creek – you will open a large-scale view of the mountain peaks. Is worth a look and to the lighthouse "cow's Head", listening to the mysterious legends of the local guides.

6. Riding Mountain

The Park is located in the region of Manitoba and is a delight for fans of Hiking and camp vacation. It is noteworthy that the Park covers the area of indigenous tribe Wasagaming that will give the opportunity to learn unusual traditions, and to taste the unique traditional cuisine.

In a certain historical period, the Park was the site of a pow camp. To visit in the Park is necessary Path of the island Lawn with its rich fauna: moose, geese, white pelicans, beavers, wolves, Cougars, etc to the local swimming lake Odie you may be lucky enough to see unique animals – wild bison.

5. Waterston Lakes

A Park in a unique location – the border States and Canada. Sam Waterston lakes covers an area of canadian.

Here it is necessary to visit Red Mountain Canyon where the slopes of the red rocks vaguely resemble the types of the Arizona desert. Interesting to visit the Buffalo Paddock, admiring the Buffalo in a natural environment.

Of natural areas famous waterfall Blakiston, clear lake Cemerno.

4. Pacific Rim

The beautiful reserve is situated on the island. It is divided into 3 main zones with the most popular is long beach, located in the Bay. The area is a developed area for Hiking and camp tourism.

Broken area the second Group is a series of Islands. Here you can see the famous island of KRI. But the third area is a continuous walking route to a couple of dozen km, which is located along the Pacific waters.

3. Nahanni

To get to this wild and beautiful Park you can use the seaplane, as it is far from organized roads. Here dares to come the most adventurous tourists for South river where you can kayak, canoe, and raft.

Turbulent waters of the river will carry you to the waterfall VA. Also many here set up camp for weeks, revealing the divine nature, mastering mountain peaks, visiting the hot sulphur springs. The Park is one of the 10 natural wonders of the state through a unique Alpine tundra.

2. Jasper

The Park is at the base of the Rocky mountains is a massive protected area with glaciers and snow-capped mountain peaks.

Tourists appreciate the place for Hiking and active pursuits (rock climbing, horseback riding, fishing, rafting on mountain rivers, etc.). Here it is possible to visit beautiful waterfalls Athabasca and clear lake Medin.

1. Banff

Is the most popular state Park. Located in the Rocky mountains, attracting Hiking trails.

Tourists are invited to see the hot sulphur springs, snow-capped mountains, where the possibility of skiing or snowboarding. You must also see lake Louise, where you can float on a gondola.

Here is a selection of unique natural places that you could not guess. You have at least 10 reasons to visit the beautiful country of Canada.

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