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Choosing the best fitness band: top 10 models with the most useful features


A few years ago nobody heard about such things as a fitness bracelet. There were no special applications installed on smartphones that could keep track of different moments, starting with the breath and ending with the quality of food. Many fitness experts and scientists only dreamed of. In the modern world of fitness bracelets is an essential accessories those people who care about their health, figure and quality of life. The most popular device with calorie counter and those that can count the number of steps taken for the day. But it is only 2 functions known to all, and the modern tracker is capable of much more.

Starting from research, to inculcate certain habits need to follow the changes. Here and come to the aid of the device — they own all the track, and the user does not have to bother with the charts and record how much, for example, the steps he did today. Another study found that people using the gadget, sit less and try to do more active things.

When taking into account important parameters, one is more consciously suitable to action. People are so arranged that underestimate the caloric content of food or overestimate its power. People who do not enjoy this bracelet, it is better to order a taxi, what will walking 10 000 meters. But the trackers allows to get objective information in real time that helps to identify "weak" places.

Consider the best fitness bracelets, take a look at their functionality and performance, and show you how to choose them.

How to choose a suitable fitness bracelet?

A key criterion for the selection of the tracker — the number of indicators that it tracks. It all depends on the installed sensors.

Main parameters:

  • The gyroscope and accelerometer. These sensors take into account the movement of the bracelet in space. Installed in all the trackers and allow you to count the number of steps (pedometer).
  • The heart rate monitor. The sensor that monitors the heart rate (pulse).
  • Altimeter. Sensor measuring height. Useful if you want to know at what height you are. In addition, counts the number of passed floors.
  • A GPS module. With this sensor, the user will know where he is. Additionally improves the function of pedometer.
  • Sensor galvanic skin response. Intended for different tasks: from tracking stress conditions and to monitoring of the level of dehydration.
  • Thermometer. Here everything is clear — the sensor responsible for measuring the temperature, both the skin and the environment.
  • Bioimpedance sensors. Analyzes respiratory rate, blood composition.
  • The NFC module. Allows contactless payment from your credit card (but does not always work in Russia).
  • The most classic fitness trackers equipped with a gyroscope, a heart rate monitor and accelerometer, and other functions found in more expensive models. Not all sensors work accurately. For example, the heart rate monitor operates in the following way — the heart rate is measured optically, which takes into account the amount of blood in the vein.

    Accelerometers also often mistaken in the testimony. For example, for passing step is a motion with his hand. Thus, no sensor shows the most accurate results and should not be accepted as truth.

    Attention! Selecting a device, note the battery life. Not every user will want on a daily basis, in addition to the phone to charge another device. The norm is approximately 15 days without recharging.

    The trackers sync with your smartphone, so support Android OS or iOS device that also draws attention. Choosing a gadget, a great advantage will be if he can be paired with a proprietary app — it tunes the bracelet, the arrangement of icons displayed on the info screen, which is convenient, because all have different preferences.

    Ordinary users do not always need a heart rate monitor or screen. In General each picks to the Golden mean. Fortunately, almost all models can be purchased on the website Aliexpress.

    Expensive models fitness trackers more like a smart watch in addition to a large number of sensors, a high quality screen, reliable electronics and even music. Many models are loaded GPS maps. Such devices are less accurate indicators, but do not always provide protection from moisture, so athletes-swimmers should be careful.

    Top 10 manufacturers with different functionalities

    With NFC-module

    Many relate to fitness bracelets as a helper for your healthy lifestyle. For other users, this ultra-modern functional gadgets with a set of useful functions, one of which was NFC. Trackers that support NFC is used for contactless payment. It's a smart device that does not require the physical presence of the card or cash — payment will be charged through a unique chip.

    10. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 NFC

    Saami offers modern smart devices at an affordable price. Even the first released model Xiaomi Mi Band became a hit. A modern Mi Band 3 NFC, though still a fitness tracker, but the functionality competes with the smart watch.


  • There is a touch monochrome display with a diagonal of 0.78 inches.
  • The gadget is waterproof, with moisture protection IP this indicates that the device is suitable for swimming and diving to a depth of 5 meters.
  • In regular mode from a single charge can work for up to 20 days in the sport — the order of weeks.
  • Is configured to have SMS and notifications.
  • Takes into account weather conditions and keeps track of sleep phase.
  • There is an intelligent alarm clock (in tandem with a smartphone).
  • Cons:

    Because there is no built-in GPS, distance is measured inaccurately. Another negative point is "weak" heart rate monitor with an accuracy of ±10 bumps.

    Attention! This fitness wristband with NFC are not suitable for payment in Russia — this function works only in China.

    To buy on Aliexpress

    9. Xiaomi Mijia Hey Plus

    Manufacturers this model took into account the latest developments, with the result that the device is endowed with qualitatively new parameters and characteristics. Users will first pay attention to the new display, the diagonal of which is 0.95 inch. The screen has a resolution of 240 × 120 dots. To develop a display used AMOLED technology that gives it excellent color reproduction. According to experts, this screen is now one of the leaders in this category. And this is important, because it lets the user know about all the changes.


  • Battery. Its capacity is 120 mAh, which is enough for 18 days of use. By the way, from 0 to 100% the device is charging in just 2 hours.
  • Important and popular sensors. This device has a heart rate sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer. And thanks to technology Antimotion Skylark indicators become more precise.
  • Wireless. This Bluetooth and NFC.
  • Design. Visually, the gadget is similar to its predecessor — the Mi Band 3, with some modifications, taking into account the size of the front panel.
  • Belt. Now he's not only ergonomic, but also a reliable, convenient to be placed on the hand and does not hinder movement.
  • Compared with the popular Mi Band 2 and 3 Hey Plus more popular, as it already provides the latest designs. Unfortunately, the chip for contactless payment, NFC is only useful in China, as for our conditions he is not yet adapted. In favor of the model tells a larger screen, this item is one of the governing parameters when choosing a gadget because it displays all the information.

    To buy on Aliexpress

    With the pressure measurement (sphygmomanometer) and heart rate monitor

    Even ordinary users to track your physical activity. There are manufacturers that offer functional devices that measure heart rate and blood pressure. Is a convenient modern solution for those users who suffer from pressure problems.

    8. Smart Band CK11

    This accessory is suitable for athletes and for ordinary users, that is, in everyday life. Feature of bracelet, in addition to the functions, attractive appearance, making it look like an expensive electronic watch. And yet buyers choose this model for tracking heart rate. It is important to note that the tracker does not just track performance but also generates the statistics. Similarly, the bracelet monitors blood pressure.

    The manufacturer has provided a special application for smartphone so that user gets the opportunity to activate and deactivate functions of the device. Information is displayed on the high-quality OLED screen 0.66 inch. The device applies to protected gadgets, that is, withstands mechanical shocks, dust, dirt and water. In 2018-2019 it is the best fitness tracker with the function of pressure measurement, moreover, it is on sale on aliexpress.


  • measurement of blood pressure;
  • pedometer;
  • calorie counting;
  • quality sleep;
  • a reminder that the user it is time to take the water;
  • help finding smartphone.
  • Bracelet CK11 is gadget 2-in-1, it is an effective fitness tracker and attractive sports watch.

    To buy on Aliexpress

    7. Rovermate Fit Oxy

    The bracelet will attract users, involved in sports, through beautiful sporty design. The readings are monitored in real time and displayed on a sufficiently large display. Of course, accurate data is difficult to achieve, and talking about it, the producers themselves — for medical purposes the device is not suitable. In General, the difference of the tonometer V ±5 divisions is not so critical.

    This available model of a fitness tracker with a curved shape, which conveniently fits the hand. Disadvantages it also has. Users report a small Autonomous device from a single charge can work for no more than 1.5 days.


  • OLED display, 0.86 inches;
  • IOS 8.0, Android 4;
  • protection IP67;
  • battery capacity of 85 mAh.
  • This smart bracelet is good that determines the degree of blood oxygen saturation and measures the blood pressure. With the bracelet, keeping track of changes during training, it is easy to correct your own lifestyle. The device stores all received values, and, based on them, the burden or increase, or decrease, achieving optimal Wellness.

    Swimming in the pool (waterproof)

    These gadgets popular among those users who are fond of water sports and seek to track changes in their own body. Produces a wide range of waterproof devices with which you can swim in the pool and other bodies of water.

    6. Garmin Vivoactive 3

    This watch is visually almost indistinguishable from the traditional hours, except that no analogue dial. Thanks to such device demand to be worn in everyday life. Any user selects the band according to their wishes.

    On the front side is touch TFT screen. The model's distinctive feature is a thoughtful feature set, and the presence of many modes (yoga, swimming, Golf and so on). If necessary, create a own training mode where the user activates only the functions that he needs.

    The model is popular among swimmers, but swimming with these hours is only allowed on the surface without immersion, otherwise the device will be charged from the guarantee. Thanks to the integrated "app pool", the owner receives all the necessary information. Data is entered manually, and the intervals are automatically. Watch Garmin count the strokes, and the evaluation of effectiveness in points Swolf.

    5. Polar V800

    Polar has released the most functional sports watch, which are suitable for any sport.


  • GPS;
  • measurement of heart rate, training efficiency when navigating;
  • various training programs;
  • work paired with a smartphone;
  • the sensors for running and Cycling.
  • Along with the key features of the V800 involves other equally important features that makes this watch a real sport heart rate monitor, providing a complete picture of the condition of the body during class. This functional bracelet features an attractive sporty design, so will be a great help to the athlete.

    Useful features:

  • The calorie counting. The user enters his height, weight, age, gender, training intensity and gets the exact number of calories burned.
  • Orthostatic test. It is necessary to determine the current state. Takes into account changes in heart rate depending on the workout and other factors. Regularly test easier to understand what you need to adjust during class.
  • The program is run. A useful feature for those who are preparing for a marathon. Smart watches are offered to choose one of several options (5 km, 10 km, half marathon, marathon) in which it is running.
  • Guide. The wizard will tell you what you need to do to be more active and improve their health.
  • The status of recovery. A useful feature that displays how many you should wait time before proceeding to the next exercise.
  • It analyzes the workout swimming: records distance, pace, heart rate, number of strokes, as well as identificeret style swimming. As in the previous model from the ranking, there is also work Swolf scores — indicators of self-efficacy.

    For the elderly

    Fitness trackers are popular not only among youth sports, but also among the elderly. Many of them also strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, given food, rest and activity. And it is for this category of users produced a special model that is also functional and beautiful.

    4. Amazfit Cor 2

    For creating of this smart bracelet answer at once 2 popular company and Xiaomi Huami. As a result, it turned out stylish gadget in which nothing is superfluous. Color information display is IPS technology, protected glass with oleophobic coating, which does not remain prints.

    Manufacturers have taken care of the security of the device — the case is sealed, so in hours you can swim and dive to great depths. Battery enough to operate the gadget for 12 days.


  • compatible with Android and iOS,
  • pedometer,
  • heart rate monitor
  • accounting calories
  • the definition of sleep quality,
  • notification (works in tandem with a smartphone),
  • alarm clock,
  • stopwatch.
  • A handy feature for elderly users — watch will notify the owner about raising the standards of HR. For convenience, there are 4 types of physical activity, starting with walking and ending with the bike.

    To buy on Aliexpress

    3. Huawei Honor Band 3

    It is a compact fitness tracker with heart rate monitor and a silicone strap. In favor of the gadget note that it automatically monitors sleep quality and heart rhythm. It is protected from moisture, so the bracelet can safely go to the pool, where he also will count the number of strokes.

    To display information used OLED display. Available sync with smartphones, so social networking alerts will come directly to the gadget. For this purpose there is a special application Huawei Wear.

    Battery capacity 100 mAh, which is enough for a month of work. If the gadget is in a constant mode will track your heart rate, the battery life will be reduced to 10 days. If we consider energy efficiency, Huawei Honor 3 Band stands out compared to competitors.

    With pedometer

    Everyone knows the phrase "Movement is life", so many are trying to ensure that move more often. For easy control of this process there are special pedometers — sensors smart wristband that displays the number of steps per time interval. There is nothing better if you want to stabilize daily activity, especially when you clearly see the changes.

    To buy on Aliexpress

    2. IWOWN i5 Plus

    This is a simple and compact device with a large list of classical functions. An additional option — the camera control feature of the smartphone. Heart rate no, but it's forgivable in mind affordable cost of the gadget. To display information used OLED screen with a diagonal of 0.91 inch. Note that the display data vertically rather than horizontally, as in many of the popular fitness trackers.

    Time Autonomous work of the gadget is 7 days. It seems that this is not enough, but when you consider that the bracelet is charged in just 45 minutes — can be forgiven.

    Thanks to the bright illumination of even the sun's rays will not be a hindrance. The bracelet itself is a compact module with a USB connector, so no extra wires with you will not have to take, just laptop. The only drawback: there is only a simple protection against water splashes and dust, but to swim with them; you have to remove.

    To buy on Aliexpress

    1. Garmin Vivofit 3

    Series Vivofit is a functional and at the same time, the available bracelets. This waterproof device (but, unfortunately, the dive will not work) capable of measuring pressure, take steps and more.

    The advantage of the model is that it is convenient to use, no need to study the instructions to understand what was happening. Through the minimalist design, the gadget looks great in combination with any clothes. All data collected by the device are recorded in a special proprietary application.

    An important advantage of the gadget! On one charge the battery it runs for years!

    The only drawback noted by users — not available to pair with a smartphone, that is the bracelet you will not receive notification SMS.

    To buy on Aliexpress

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