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10 little-known facts about the show "Big Bang Theory"


Everyone's favorite TV series "the Big Bang Theory" for many years pleases the viewers. His heroes were adored by the audience and gained many fans.

We'll talk about the 10 facts that took place on the set of this iconic TV series.

10. The names of the characters

First, the authors of the show wanted to name the main characters, penny, Kenny and Laziness. But later scientists picked up other names, in honor of a famous actor Sheldon Leonard. He worked in television in the 1930-90's.

Names were borrowed from the scientists who received the Nobel prize in physics. Leon Neil Cooper was born in 1930, he is now 89 years old. Once together with his colleagues created the "BCS theory," in honor of him called Cooper pairs.

Robert Hofstadter was a physicist-experimenter, born in 1915, died at the age of 75. His works were devoted to nuclear physics and high energy physics.

A neighbor scientists penny's last name, if they were, never called. But in letters which came to her name, mentioned the name "London". The creators of the series chose it in honor of Scott of London, who was head of props.

9. The name of the series

All the titles of the episodes are the names of these experiments and theories. But there is one exception. The first episode was simply called "Pilot".

8. Compliance science

The series was created not for educational purposes, but rather for the entertainment of spectators. Nevertheless, the authors do not wish the main characters were talking from the screen of stupidity, disappointing millions of viewers.

Why was the invited scientific consultant. It checks all the scripts, dialogues and even formulas, to avoid obvious errors. A consultant was David Saltzberg, Professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California.

Due to the popularity of the series are enriched and others. So, Dave Zobel has written a book especially for fans of "the Big Bang Theory", which tries to explain all the scientific terms from the series people far from physics.

7. The comic book store

Kevin Sussman played Stuart bloom, the owner of the comic shop that love to go the show's main characters. Interestingly, the actor before he became an actor, worked in the store's underground comic book "the universe Jim Hanley", located in new York.

After some time he quit and got another job. When Kevin was able to repay the loan, which took on his education, he became a star in advertising.

6. Science degree Mayim Bialik

The actress, who played a major role in the series, Amy Headlight Fowler, not only an actress, but also a real scientist. She began acting in childhood, in the late 1980's, appeared in numerous television series.

In "the Big Bang Theory," she plays a neuroscientist who is also in life. The girl was educated at the University of California, selecting a specialty neurologist. She defended diploma and got a bachelor's degree.

In 2008, Mayim defended his doctoral thesis on the Prader-Willi syndrome. This is a rare hereditary disease, because of which children fall behind in mental development and development of communication skills, and also suffer from scoliosis, strabismus, low muscle tone, etc.

5. The ambiguous title

The series is called "the Big Bang Theory", because this cosmological model of the origin of the Universe is common. This name is understandable, since the main characters – physicists.

But it also has the second value. In English it is written as "The Big Bang Theory". The word "bang" can be translated in different ways, including with sexual overtones.

So the authors are implying that the series is not so much about the science as about the relationship between ordinary people who are concerned with the familiar themes of loneliness, relationships with the opposite sex, friendship, etc.

4. Buckle Howard

The series costume designer, Mary Quigley said that Howard Wolowitz wears to attract the attention of women. He was sure that the skinny pants, colorful shirt, worn over turtlenecks and original buckle is what you need to attract the views of the ladies.

Buckle on the belt that was his thing. The attentive viewer must have noticed that he is constantly changing. Dresser explained that they matched the mood of the hero. 21 series season 5 viewers can see all his collection, when Howard makes Sheldon clean his buckles.

3. The new version of the game "Rock, scissors, paper"

The creators have proposed a new variant of the well-known game that became known as the ""Stone, scissors, paper, lizard, Spock". It has some new characters from the movie "star Trek" or "Star trek".

2. The Voice Of Bernadette

Melissa Rausch got the role of Bernadette. It was only supposed to appear only in a small episode, the writers did not plan to leave her in the series. But the actress has played so well that season 4 she became one of the main characters.

She seems petite weak, but actually strong, pragmatic girl. Especially memorable is the voice of Bernadette is too high, squeaky, which can be a deceptive impression that the heroine is childish.

It was invented by the actress, to confuse the audience, actually Melissa is talking not. This cartoon voice she had copied from her mother.

1. Unsuccessful plagiarism

The series has become very popular with millions of viewers look forward to continue. Belarus broadcaster STV decided to create a series called "Theorists" in 2009. But she made some serious mistakes.

"The first Belarusian sitcom" was a copy of the original series, the authors have copied everything, down to the jokes. Was not purchased the copyright. The creators of "the Big Bang Theory" could not respond to the appearance of a clone.

On the website of Chuck Lorre was posted text, where he speaks with sarcasm about the new Belarusian TV series. He writes that they wanted to protect their copyright, but as it turned out, sue them, the company can not, because CTV is owned by the government of Belarus. And he hopes that due to remorse they do agree to pay, at least sending him a batch of felt hats.

The creators of "Theorists" have stopped shooting after 4 series. They hope that this story will soon be forgotten.

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