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10 famous people who know how to do without sex


Today we have a very interesting conversation about modesty and innocence. Even a little strange that you have to do a review of celebrity virgins and put them as a sort of "heroes."

Real modesty and honesty just is not to advertise their virtue and chastity. And the fact that these stars are boldly publicly told about his attitude to sex, is in some sense flawed.

Although in the modern world, discussions of your "sexual status" to avoid difficult – if you're a virgin, then it is bound to cause a number of questions and clarifications, and even slander.

So today we get acquainted with celebrities, which has long been (and some still are) virgins.

Many of this state promoted religion and ideology, others could not decide on the relationship due to psychological or physical trauma, and still others deliberately came to life without carnal delight.

10. The Jonas Brothers

Remember American idols, three brothers-acrobats? The boys swore to each other that will save your body for your spouse. In honor of the vow they even purchased ring of chastity.

Rumor has it that the father of the brothers is a priest and instilled in them this belief on premarital sexual relationship.

Someone mistakenly believes that chaste guys have to be gay and therefore are cold to loving and admiring fans.

I think we know the real reason abstinence guys and, of course, will not be able to check whether they complied with his oath.

9. Adriana Lima

Famous supermodel manages to combine the image of women, casually laying body on display men, and the innocent lamb who boldly confessed about his virginity.

Adriana 26 years announced in an open interview for a men's magazine that will indulge in sexual pleasures only after the wedding. Lucky, it turns out, the Serbian basketball player Arico, because the couple is expecting second child.

Try to believe that showing underwear and swimwear Lima could really save themselves for marriage and guard themselves from the claims of many fans.

8. Hilary Duff

In the era of the depraved Hollywood stars manage to beget children by another lover. Not surprising, because the "pipes" are lit, and the age is running out, and that moral judgments are reset.

The famous singer and actress Hilary Duff is still the vanity of the world have managed to conceive and give birth legally from her husband. I remember that at age 19 she was clean, even Dating a man 8 years older than her.

Next Beau, hockey player Michael Comrie, became the husband of Hilary, from whom she gave birth to a baby. So the hussy of teen movies, life was chaste and honest. But with whom do the modern teenagers ought to take an example.

7. Lisa Kudrow

We all remember eccentric and a little weird Phoebe Buffay from the cult TV series "Friends". For the TV series Phoebe longed for many of his Cavaliers, including botany. But in the end still gave birth to triplets for her brother.

In life, American actress, as it turned out, was saving myself for my future husband. The marriage occurred when Kudrow turned 32. Good woman, do not say anything!

6. Anatoly Wasserman

We will dilute our "women's" review male who deliberately watches over the purity of the body. Moreover, the example cited is not someone, and Anatoly Wasserman – the legend of the Runet, the smartest man.

It turned out that he had made himself a vow of chastity as a teenager and could not betray his oath even when no women are hard.

Of course, Anatoly admits that prolonged abstinence affects mental state and physical health. However, this does not prevent him to be proud of the status of a prominent Russian virgin.

5. Jessica Simpson

It's hard to imagine a popular singer who starred exposed parts of the body in concert, were able to maintain chastity until marriage. However, in the 12 years she managed to give him a promise that I will keep myself for my future husband.

She kept him or not, knows only the ex-husband of the star, Nick lashe. Now Jesse has a baby from a new spouse and clearly observes celibacy.

4. Susan Boyle

Remember the legend of the Scottish pop singer Susan Boyle. Discovered the talented singer through a TV show "Britain's got talent."

Becoming successful, a woman open up in front of the paparazzi, and admitted that 53 is not even tasted the taste of a kiss with a man. However, fortune smiled on this lovely woman and just at this age, she first met the cavalier, with whom she began a relationship.

3. Miley Cyrus

Looking at the flamboyant and eccentric Miley is hard to imagine that this girl is rebellious can save myself for my future husband.

A 20-year-old journalists allegedly caught the singer in her possible pregnancy, to which she categorically stated about his virginity.

God forbid that the idol and the guide for many American teenagers do remain pure until marriage, despite calling and not feminine behaviour.

2. Gary Coleman

Again, the man wormed his way into our review, that really pleases. Black American actor, who always plays a chubby adolescent, he lived a difficult life full of obstacles. Even he died at the age of 42 years.

Rumor has it that before his marriage at the age of 38 Coleman remained a virgin. Unfortunately, the marriage of a man collapsed after only one year. The actor himself admitted to journalists that is not often visits the boudoir of a legitimate wife. That is, it is still unknown whether sex it in principle.

1. Brooke Shields

We all remember the lovely Brooke from the Blue Lagoon, which is now sporting a bare chest, and portray sex on the screen? That's not all – mother made the girl in 10 years to star in an erotic photo shoot for an adult magazine.

Trauma childhood or their own worldview, but the actress and model managed to stay immaculate for up to 20 years. What we see on screen does not always correspond to the truth.

Unfortunately, the star is still their ogrenimi a bad example to the youth that it targets.

Here's a review of chaste people we have. Hopefully, this list will only be updated and not empty, because our generation Oh as the necessary moral guidelines!

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