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10 popular television shows that are cheating the audience


Television show appeared relatively recently, but immediately became very popular. The audience had never seen anything like it, so watched with pleasure as the young men and women build love, and the psychics tell the truth about everything. And people are sure that in the TV show, no staged scenes, they all take it at face value.

That's just not worth unconditionally believe in what is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, even the most "truthful" of the program contain elements of the production. Otherwise they would simply be uninteresting to watch.

If you are a fan of such programs, read our article. Perhaps in the ranking of popular television shows that cheat the audience, you will find your favorite show.

10. Bachelor

Every girl would like to go on this show and to marry a famous bachelor. But the casting is invite only well-known bloggers or models. And then the story begins.

All the events – according to the scenario, the girls are told what to do, what to say, how to behave. And star grooms not looking for any brides that they come to the show "PR".

The show ends, and the happy couple immediately breaks. None of the bachelor is not married to the winner of the project, and it's been 6 seasons.

So girls do not waste time and dream about what will never happen.

9. Married Buzova

The show had good ratings. Still, the audience did not give up the opportunity to see how the star will choose a husband. Again everything happening on the screen – no more than a statement.

Slip one of the participants. He thanked the organizers of the show for the invaluable experience "despite the role that he was given". It is logical to assume that each participant played his role.

However, there is nothing surprising here. Olga Buzova tries to attract attention to himself. This project is sure to come up with the same purpose, and not to the star found her love.

8. Let's get married!

Single people who hope to find their second half on the "let's get married" can not be hoped for. It's also staging.

For the average person to get there is not easy, you need an outstanding type, original appearance, or character. The audience should be interesting to watch the show.

The lucky ones who got to the project, creating a story, to impose certain traits, say, how to behave. One of the participants shared their sad experience.

Moreover, information about changed and embellished, so even without the groom's left. Rather, the bride chose her, but after filming they never met.

By the way, a free trip to Sochi, which always say in the transfer, also did not take place. It's just a word, not even a single member of the show not had a rest in Sochi due to "let's get married".

7. ProjectorParisHilton

Even Comedy shows can be staged. It turns out that leading transfer Urgant Svetlakov and Martirosyan, but seeing that sparkling joking and improvising, acting on a pre-written script. So when it came to fans of "ProjectorParisHilton", they experienced a strong disappointment.

One of the guests of the show told the truth about how it is removed. The filming will continue for quite a long time, then choose the most successful of the stage, mounted the show. Indeed, no one can be trusted, even Urgant and Svetlakov.

6. Tomboy

Successfully hosted two seasons of the show, but in the third season, something unexpected happened. One of the participants decided to share their impressions of "Patsanka".

Ksenia MIAS talked about the fact that she had a dead loved one, but it would not let go of the project. Girl was hoping that it would be released, a lot of scandals, but none of the conversation with the producers of the show did not get aired.

Ksenia told the fans of the show that these ladies become one, the others only pose as such.

It turned out that some participants of the project were lesbians, but for the sake of the project meet with the men. What are people not only for the sake of popularity.

5. Battle of the psychics

Perhaps the most popular show, which has a lot of fans. People believe in everything happening on the screen. Wizards and sorcerers tell you about their life, find the reason for the murders, loneliness, and solve other problems.

In fact, most psychics do not have any abilities. But participants of the show are ordinary people with their problems and concerns. They come to "Battle" with a purpose, want to find answers to their questions.

Editors collect information, interview participants, and then give instructions to the psychics. Leading first season Michael Porechenkov, and the contestants acknowledge that the show is staged.

In such a situation can only sympathize with the people who come to the program with their troubles and hope that they will be able to help.

4. Heads and tails

It seems that in a show about travel accurately show the truth, but no. Under the terms of leading going on a short trip. One of them give $ 100, another gold unlimited card.

Now, the host of the show, Regina Todorenko, accidentally (or intentionally) said anything. The girl told me that no card no. Luxury and wealth staging.

The crew arrives in expensive hotels, they remove material, and then sleep in the cheaper hotels.

The organizers of the show tried to justify himself, and Regina tried to give up his words. Here are just a "show "heads and tails" is no longer credible among viewers.

3. Actually

In the program Dmitry Shepelev brings warring parties to clean water. It helps the lie detector. Indeed, the show is pretty spectacular: the screams, scandals, disputes, fights. Each viewer will want to know who is right actually.

Have to disappoint you, show off on the script. One of the participants told how to proceed shooting. On the show invited the girl who played the role of his mistress. That's just a young man saw her for the first time. For a certain amount the participant played a role.

2. Stars under hypnosis

At the time, this entertainment show has caught the attention of many viewers. ISA Bagirov hypnotized stars, make them do and say silly things.

Experts on hypnosis confirmed that the show is no truth to it. They talked about the fact that a person under hypnosis cannot be forced to do what he wants.

Particularly attentive viewers have noticed an oversight. When ISA hypnotize one person and gave him the command to sleep, he immediately fell to the floor. Of course, the hypnotist supported him. When he was forced to sleep the entire away team, then no one was falling, everyone just turned a blind eye.

Apparently, the organizers of the show did not pay enough attention to small details, which could not affect the reputation of the program.

1. House-2

This year, the "House-2" will be 15 years. How he still manages to keep such high ratings? Compared to what it was before, the project changed significantly. Now they show a lot of dirt, quarrels, scandals, fights.

Former participants say that 90% of the events – setting. "Dom-2" remove the script. To attract the attention of the audience to invent scandalous stories, which in fact was not.

Heroes of order editors quarrel, make peace and even have sex. According to the participants, for the most high-profile scandals pay good money. That is why adults consent to participate in this deception. They will do anything for money and fame.

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