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10 stars who became parents at an advanced age


It's never too late to become the father of such a philosophy of life is practiced by many Hollywood actors. This is not surprising, because many take to wife girls that are tens of years younger and able to give birth even without any medical intervention.

Today we will talk about 10 such hats that age is not a decree.

10. Clint Eastwood

Actor and Director, who in may will be 89 years old, is the father of seven children. It is noteworthy that officially he was married only twice and from those marriages he had only three children, the remaining four were born outside of marriage.

His last child, a daughter named Morgan, was born in 1996, a few months before the 66th birthday of the actor. Wife, Dina Eastwood, was a younger Clint for 35 years and they lived together until 2013, when Dina filed for divorce.

There were rumors that Clint had started a new novel with Erica Fisher, who was younger than 41 years old (she was 42, and Eastwood 83). Given that he continues to make movies and to play leading roles in it, nobody much not be surprised if there were news about another daughter or son.

9. Mel Gibson

Unlike Eastwood, Mel Gibson was married only once, but the child had missed 8: one girl and seven boys. With his wife, who bore him 6 sons and a daughter, Gibson had been together since 1980 to 2011, when their marriage was officially terminated.

However, the novels on the side, he began to start much earlier, which would regularly become a hero of scandalous headlines in various media. The last (so far) of the child actor gave birth to the writer Rosalind Ross in 2017, when she was 27, and Gibson has already exceeded 60.

8. Alec Baldwin

Winner of the "Golden globe" and "Emmy", whose career in recent years is on the rise, was married twice.

His first wife was the actress Kim Basinger, with whom he lived from 1993 to 2002. In 1995 they had a daughter with the unpronounceable name Ireland (now she is building a career as a model).

After the divorce with Basinger, Baldwin has long been limited to the usual hook-UPS, and then appearing in public with different companions, while in 2012 it re-dragged to the altar yoga instructor Hilary Thomas, presented him with four offspring.

Last edited by father Baldwin was in 2018, after just 3 weeks after its 60-year anniversary.

7. Richard Gere

First time gir got married in 1991 on the model Cindy Crawford, the marriage lasted 4 years. Children from Cindy he did not have: first child, a son Homer James Jigmi actor gave birth to his second wife (also former model) Carey Lowell in 2000.

At the time, Gere was only 50 and he wouldn't be in our list, but recently, on February 11, he had a second son, Alexander, named in honor of his mother, whose Name is Alejandra Silva. Her Richard legalized relationships in 2018, although they began in 2013.

4. Steve Martin

The famous American actor and comedian in the movies often try on the image of someone's fathers, though he knew it already in advanced age. The first serious relationship he began an affair with Bernadette Peters in the 70-ies, which did not end with a wedding.

Further, he has put a wedding ring on the finger of another woman actress Victoria Tennant, whom he was married 8 years (1986 and 1994), but the father was not.

In children it was the third marriage with journalist Anna Stringfield, who gave birth to a baby girl in 2012, when Martin was already 67 years old.

5. Paul McCartney

One of the founders of The Beatles, the winner of 16 Grammy awards and is simply a living legend of music first became a father in 1968, adopt the child of his wife Linda Eastman. In marriage with her he became the father of three children: two girls and a boy.

After Eastman's death from cancer in 1998, the artist began a new relationship a year later. His choice was former model Heather mills, who bore him another daughter, Beatrice Milly, in 2003, when McCartney was already 61 years old.

This marriage did not last long: already in 2006, the couple broke up, and the parting was accompanied by lawsuits in which Gender Heather paid 24 million pounds.

4. Robert De Niro

One father of many children, who have adoptive and natural children (born to surrogate mothers). The actor in my life had 3 serious novel, 2 of which ended in marriage, every woman he has children.

His youngest daughter is only 8 years old, but in fairness it should be noted that she was born to a surrogate mother and not the wife of De Niro. However, at the time of her birth, the actor was 68 years old.

His son Elliot, born in the traditional way, came to light in 1998, when his father was about 55, which is also, in principle, not so little. It is noteworthy that De Niro loves black women: all the 3 mothers of his children are African-American.

3. Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas only a year older than De Niro, but the children I have a smaller one: the first time he became a father in 1978 at the age of 34 years (his wife was 20).

Despite the fact that he divorced his first wife he was only in 2000, an affair with actress Catherine Zeta-Jones he had started already in 1998 (she was born in the same day with Douglas, but with a difference in 25 years). A few months after the divorce, he immediately married Catherine, which is the same 2000-m gave him second son (first overall).

The third and currently last child was born in 2003, when Douglas was 59 years.

2. Bruce Willis

First wife "die hard" was actress demi Moore, who is more than 7 years. She was the mother of three children, Bruce daughters, Rumer Glenn, Scout Larue and Talulla Belle.

After parting in 1998 (although the divorce was issued only 2 years later) with demi Moore, Willis a long time not having a serious relationship while in 2009, not remarried to model Emma Heming, who is under the age of 23 years. She gave him two daughters: Mabel ray in 2012 (the actor was 57) and Evelyn Penn in 2014, a year to 60-year anniversary of Willis.

1. Al Pacino

This actor is considered the most famous Hollywood bachelor: he's already 78, with accomplished career, he has 3 children, but he has never been married.

However, the birth of children he calls the most important event in his life and tries as much time to spend with them.

The firstborn of al Pacino, the daughter of Julia Maria was born in 1989, and in 2001, the actor has become a father of twins Anton James and Olivia rose. He was then 61 years old.

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