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10 discoveries that brought people millions


Accidentally finding a purse on the road, you can become richer by a few thousand (or even dollars), which is nice, of course, but there's also a downside: your find means that someone has a few thousand poorer.

Much nicer to find something that, first, anyone don't actually belong, and secondly, costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are particularly lucky, the discovery could be worth millions and have a huge cultural significance.

I think this only happens in the movies? And here and there: we present to you 10 real-life stories of when finds suddenly turned man into a rich man.

10. Penny 1974

Father Robert Danvers was a man who worked as a Deputy head of the mint in Denver and addicted to, oddly enough, collecting coins. Your collection is packaged in a regular lunch box, he bequeathed to his son, who conveniently forgotten for many years until I moved to another city.

Deconstructing things, Robert stumbled upon the lunch box with the coins and decided to refer them to the appraiser for fun. First the entire collection was valued at$ 300, which the owner was not surprised, as more is expected, but then

Carefully examining the coin, the expert found among them a real treasure: 1 penny, issued in 1974, made from aluminium. It is believed that was minted for only 10 copies, and since they didn't take the soda machine, they decided to destroy. This "survivor" penny is now worth more than $ 2 million.

9. A Copy Of The Declaration Of Independence

The United States Declaration of independence is considered the greatest document in the history of the country, the original of which is kept in the National archive under heavy guard.

It is believed that there are only 25 copies of this document (this refers to the copy of the original on the same paper), each of which costs a lot of money depending on the degree of preservation.

In 1989, a lover of shopping at flea markets bought there old picture for a few dollars, which he liked even not the image itself, and the wooden frame.

At home, he decided to cut the canvas and put into a frame of another picture, as suddenly on the back of the notice a copy of the Declaration itself. In 1991, the man became a millionaire by selling it for 2 million dollars and change.

8. Action Comics No. 1

This comic is for the true connoisseur has no less importance than the Declaration of Independence, and even more. The fact that this issue of 1938 first appeared Superman the greatest hero in the history of this Universe.

This room is quite shabby and the man in the wall of the old house which he recently bought and did a repair. First, because of the poor state of the comic was estimated to be 100 000$, but after the restoration he rose in 20 times and is now estimated at $ 2 million.

7. Faberge Egg

And again a lucky and enterprising American, one male had been buying old junk for the purpose of resale after restoration. Among bought things he found a metal sphere with pearl inlays, the restoration of which spent a lot of time and effort.

He hoped that he would be able to "weld" on the sale of at least$ 500, and to make sure this went to the appraiser. He easily found the product one of the Faberge eggs, considered to be lost. A private collector has laid out for him 33 million dollars, making restorer rich.

6. Whale burp

The treasure, of course, questionable, especially compared to a Faberge egg, but such a substance is, and considerable. For 1 gram can be sold for about 20$, and sometimes there are "boulders" weighing 15 kg.

Use this material in perfumery: with a very strong (and unpleasant) smell, it is added to perfumes to make them smell more durable, resistant.

5. Anglo-Saxon gold and silver

Treasure hunting with a metal detector a popular pastime all over the world, in the US, this hobby is even homeless.

One of them keen on looking for almost 20 years, not finding anything really valuable until one day, fortune did not smile on him: he found a bunch of coins and weapons of the VII century, which suddenly made homeless millionaire.

Despite the fact that by law he was able to obtain only 50% of the treasure is still equal to the sum of more than $ 1.5 million.

4. Stradivarius Violin

Tools of the great masters has always been considered a benchmark: they gave the kings collectors are willing to give them any money.

One of the instruments was found completely by accident, brought its owner an astronomical $ 10 million, even though the violin would be worth even more.

3. The Royal One

The story, like a fairy tale: Australian miner Bobby who worked all his life at the mine, preparing to enter well-deserved retirement. To your last day of work he cleaned the bucket with dirt, already mentally saying goodbye to colleagues, and suddenly find at the bottom something strange.

After cleaning that "something" turned out to be a huge opal in the 306 carat, the price of which after treatment amounted to 756 000$.

2. Shelby Daytona 1964

In the 60-ies of the last century in the LeMans race saw a tough fight between Ferrari and Ford to win in which the latter company has attracted Carroll Shelby designed the legendary Shelby Daytona. He has created 6 cars, of which 5 survived.

The last car was believed destroyed, but in fact stood in an old garage while he was not found the woman a garage inherited from his father. After the car was restored, it not only became a decoration of the largest motor shows, but was sold for $ 4 million.

1. Unit certificate the Coca-Cola company

Tony Maron was fascinated by the fact that visited garage sales, where he tried for a penny to buy something of value and earn a few bucks.

One day he just for$ 5 bought a box with various documents, which found the old promissory notes that gave the holder the right of possession of shares 1 625 old oil companies, later joined Coca-Cola.

After talking with lawyers, Maron became a full owner of nearly 2 million shares of the modern "Coca-Cola", whose value on the stock exchange is about 130 million

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