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Top 10 best movies about sex


Regardless of social status, occupation or nationality, sex is one of the most important things for a person.

At a time when the Soviet Union "was no sex" in the more liberated countries already filmed erotic movies that went into wide release.

Today we tell about the 10 best paintings on the subject, remembering as classics 70-80 years, and more recent work.

10. Sex, lies and video1989

Debut film, Steven Soderbergh, won the main prize at the Cannes film festival, is a drama about human relationships, through the timing of which have sexual connotations.

The story tells about a group of people: John, a successful lawyer who has a beautiful wife Anne, and mistress Cynthia, who is the sister of his wife.

He comes to visit a friend from College Graham, who initially just jealous of John, and after an affair with his wife. In the end, the love tangle of lies, deceit, and passion ensnares each of the characters.

Despite the fact that it is an independent movie shot for just $ 1.2 million in box office "Sex, lies and video" has collected 20 million in the US alone.

9. Lady Chatterley's lover2015

The main character of this film from the BBC, a young, charming lady who wants to enjoy their youth, giving and receiving love, but cannot do so due to a paralyzed husband.

Conscience and innate nobility don't allow her to blatantly change and she is making every effort to overcome their sexual desires, but the result still seems under the pressure of a handsome man, played by Richard Madden (Robb stark from "Game of thrones").

This picture demonstrates that change is not always necessarily a bad thing. Yes, character can be condemned from a moral side, but after viewing you are unlikely to do so.

8. Eyes wide shut1999

The main roles in this movie played by Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman, who at the time of filming were husband and wife. Because of this, they felt at ease in each other's company, and the sex scenes do not cause them much discomfort, as is often the case.

The last picture of Stanley Kubrick is perceived by people in different ways: some adore it, praising the genius of Kubrick, while others complain about the unnecessarily long story with a lot of Freudian subtext. Whatever it was, to see this work of the master is definitely worth it.

7. The pen of the Marquis de Sade2000

The real Marquis de Sade believed that the main thing in life is satisfaction of their own aspirations, and religion, public morality and other concepts are secondary. Now it would be called "high on life", but a couple of centuries ago the world was different.

In the film "the Feather of the Marquis de Sade" the main role is played by Geoffrey rush, perfectly embodied the image of an elderly lecher. A young Kate Winslet, and Joaquin Phoenix and Michael Caine are perfectly complementary, by showing the reverse side of the life of the aristocracy beginning of the XIX century.

6. Shame2011

The film's protagonist named Brandon (Michael Fassbender) is a sex addict and a sex addict, unable to cope with their problems. He regularly visits night clubs, sitting in sex chat rooms, knows the addresses of the best strip bars in new York.

Thanks to the good looks and charisma, he manages to constantly find new girls for one night, but everything changes dramatically when he decides to visit his sister.

Unnatural relations is presented here faceless: Director Steve McQueen is trying to show otvetnoi incest, and not trying to whitewash such a relationship. It just shows two people with a deep internal trauma that are trying to cope with everything.

5. Vicky Cristina Barcelona2008

And again the tape with a stunning cast: Rebecca Hall, Scarlett Johansson, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz. The latter for his role received an Oscar, albeit for a minor role. Although, the key role is assigned is not the person, and the feelings experienced by the characters to each other.

Two young girls arrive in Barcelona and meet an artist who does not hide his desire to have sex with both of them. One of them agrees to spend the weekend, and the second first takes him for a spirit, then hates, then enthused, then eager.

A full range of feelings, embodied by such talented actors deserve to spend an hour and a half to view.

4. The pianist2001

French drama about a strange love a middle-aged teacher of the Conservatoire and a musician, she took in Cannes all 3 awards, which is a record.

Isabelle Huppert appears in the role of the teacher, which falls student: the story is banal, but only at first glance. Woman, aged 40 years a virgin who prefer the classic sex sadomasochism with elements of fetish, and even at home equipped with relevant facilities.

First, this is not ready, her young lover, but later she finds herself not ready for the violence and hard sex.

3. Nymphomaniac Part 12013

Despite the fact that the film of Lars von Trier came out recently, it has already gained cult status in its genre.

The story of growing up nymphomaniac, which was first interested in her vagina is already 2 years old, sometimes shocking, but shocking in a good way.

This film is definitely not for everyone, but if you're a fan of pictures in this niche, the game Charlotte Gainsbourg, uma Thurman and Stacy Martin to assess needs.

2. Nymphomaniac: Part 22013

The second part of the film is not a sequel: the tape is just shattered for greater effect. If the first part is a big part of the story is centered around young main character (up to 35 character plays Gainsbourg Stacy Martin), further demonstrates the Mature nymphomaniac with huge experience as well as reveals the other characters.

1. Basic instinct1992

Not to say that Thriller by Paul Verhoeven is a film about sex. Sex, or rather its anticipation, dreams about it, are the driving force, but not the main character.

The characters themselves are brilliantly played by Sharon stone and Michael Douglas are just puppets and are entirely at the mercy of this force.

Hard to find anyone not watched this masterpiece, because this is a real must have for any movie lover.

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