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10 most mysterious places in St. Petersburg


A city built on the bones of the; of the city, where most suicides happen; a city which is afraid of the sun not only As the Northern Capital of our country.

Indeed, when Peter the great built St. Petersburg, had plenty of gloomy stories about immured in the walls of the city people, about the spooky ghosts in the marshes in the neighborhood and even about the mysterious mermaid, which can be seen in the Neva river.

Mysterious and dark rumors oovaut the city so far. There are a few places in St. Petersburg, which are considered the most mystical and attractive for lovers of all mysterious.

10. Damn Heath Ekaterinhof

Damn wasteland is so named for a reason. Once the site of gentrified Park located gloomy view of the vacant lot, which was most terrible rumors.

People claimed that they saw a strange transparent silhouettes at night and heard the otherworldly sounds. Many of these rumors did not dare to approach the wasteland.

But there were people whom the mystical mystery of this place is not repelled and attracted. It was such a curious lover of mysticism was the Industrialists Shamanidi.

The man was known for his attraction to the occult, mysticism and spiritualist sessions. Because in the beginning of the twentieth century, Sekandi decided to build a mansion promo in the center of the wasteland.

During the Revolution he was shot in the mansion, and the body bag dumped in a pond on a vacant lot. The new inhabitants of the house complained that they are frightened by the Ghost. Some still say they see the spirit of Shamanidi in the Park.

9. Nikolskoye cemetery

Claim that St. Nicholas cemetery of the night are the most dangerous to meet with a black cat. They say he could attack people because it's actually a sorcerer in the guise of a black cat.

Rumors connected with a terrible tradition which for over a century spreads among the natives. Referring to it, once near the Nikolsky cemetery lived warlock, witch doctor and sorcerer named Procopius. He prepared a potion to treat people on the basis of crushed bones, which he extracted, digging out the corpses in the cemetery.

Procopius dreamed about the invention of the elixir of immortality and for that reason made a deal with the devil himself. He said that Procopius needs to find the sinful woman, deprived of her eyes and tongue, and the blood of a sinner to gather and drink until dawn.

Procopius did not have time to drink the blood and began to weaken, and then died right at the cemetery. One leg of a corpse Procopius became the cat's paw. Since then, and started talking about a black cat who watches people lingering at Nikolskoe cemetery of late.

8. Rotunda

Peter is truly the city of rotundas. A lot of them, each has its own unique history. Rotunda in St. Petersburg are beautiful, love them tourists and citizens. But there is one very special rotunda at Gorokhovaya street. It was built in order to the walls of the round buildings can meet the masons.

Secret meetings were held in a top secret environment. Inside the rotunda looks beautiful and at the same time gloomy. People who are inside it, then argue that while they are not inside the feeling of someone's invisible but very ominous presence.

7. Apartment Of Rasputin

On Gorokhovaya street in the heart of Peter is the famous Rasputin's apartment, which is associated with a lot of rumors, legends and secrets. Doctor king's son lived here with their daughters.

This was the house to Rasputin came the cream of society for treatment of various diseases. On the night of his death, Rasputin left home and went to the Yusupov Palace, where he was killed.

However, many argue that the Ghost of Rasputin after his death returned to his home and still lives in it. Apartment the old man now has become a utility, and its residents say that at night I hear the voice and the sound of footsteps.

6. Obvodny canal

The mystical Obvodny canal in St. Petersburg has a reputation as a place where since ancient times people pokazivayut with you. Suicide jump from the bridge directly into the bottom of the bypass of pre-revolutionary times. The sad tradition continues to this day.

Decided to commit suicide very often people choose this channel. One of the legends of the city says that at the bottom of the bypass channel in the early twentieth century, was discovered a strange altar made of granite.

On granite were carved unknown characters and signs. Under the altar was found a dead body. What was the significance of altar and characters, failed to solve so far.

5. The sphinxes in front of Academy of fine Arts

The majestic Sphinx is located near the Academy and looks like they protect the buildings in the area. Brought these ornaments were of Thebes.

A rumor, supposedly on the statues can be found carved spells that were used by the Pharaoh Amenhotep. This cruel Egyptian ruler established in his country a violent cult and the rituals he used the corpses.

Peter sphinxes were imported in the mid-nineteenth century. Terrible fact, which has nothing to do with the rumors and is reliable information: for some reason, all drowned with the whole of the Neva pulls over to the Sphinx.

4. The field of Mars

Gloomy atmosphere and field of Mars is largely due to the history of this place. Since the days of the Karelian-Finnish epos, you can track the mystical notes in the tales of the Champ de Mars.

When Petersburg did not exist, and instead the city were swamps and Islands at the mouths of rivers was inhabited by mermaids and other water spirits, judging by the tales.

In the place where now is the field of Mars, they staged celebrations. If, during such events the people happened to fall on the field, they died at the hands of the mermaids.

And only one man managed to save his life because he was with a musical instrument.

And if you talk about fairy tales, but about real history, under the Champs de Mars was the mass graves during the October revolution, which signifies the heavy energy of the place.

3. Malookhtinsky cemetery

A small cemetery located right in a residential area. This is the first old believer burial place in St. Petersburg. In the 2nd quarter of the eighteenth century, people began to bury their loved ones in Malaya Okhta, and gradually populate it.

With that the old believer cemetery is associated with many mystical stories. Saying that he buried the wizards, witches and suicides. Indeed, in this cemetery very often seen how people who call themselves magicians perform rituals.

Until now, the inhabitants of Small Okhta claim to hear strange noises at night and seeing figures in the cemetery.

2. Elagin island

On Elagin island was inhabited by one of the most mysterious residents of St. Petersburg the count of Cagliostro. They say that this man lived in the days of the Great Flood and was personally acquainted with Noah and even escaped on his Ark.

Cagliostro himself denied the rumors and said that is born from the ordinary Princess. Cagliostro set in St. Petersburg, experiments on dead people, trying to resurrect. They say he is still alive and hiding in different countries under different names.

A few years ago, when the restoration took place the Yelagin Palace, under a small rotunda found flasks and vessels Cagliostro, but to establish their purpose, no one has.

1. The mansion of the Princess Galitzine

Residents of the Small Sea are sure the spirit of the Princess still lives in her former mansion, which now houses the clinic.

It Golitsyn served as a prototype of the heroine of the famous Pushkin's Queen of spades. Many say that the nephew of the Duchess revealed to Alexander the secret of the three cards described later in the story.

Tchaikovsky also was inspired by Galitzine when writing one of his works.

Noteworthy is the fact that both Pushkin and Tchaikovsky lived at the time next to the mansion of the Princess and died 3 years later after writing her creations about Galitzine.

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