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10 celebrities who tried to commit suicide


Beautiful spring time – the birds are singing, Apple bloom, warm breeze expels from the soul accumulated over the winter heaviness.

But not all people are able to see in the simple pleasures of life happiness. Not achieving selfish aims, or under the influence of mind-destroying tools they may decide to live and not necessarily. So even in the serene beautiful spring do not attempt to stop the suicide, unfortunately.

In fact, to solve the so problem can only weak willed people running from reality. They do not appreciate the divine gift once given life and are ready to rush to extremes because of the first problem.

But today we talk not about ordinary people, but the celebrities who are hunted by suicide, despite the implementation of creative, elegant life, universal love and fabulous fees.

It proves once again that "the rich also cry". The popularity and love of the public are not guarantees of mental health stars. But the thorny path to success, crazy schedule and neuroses can any ruffle.

Let's look at 10 famous people who ever in life attempted suicide.

10. Makkala Culkin

Makkala have not the cute blond kid, who so cleverly fooled the criminals in the movie "home Alone".

Children grow up and face the cruel adult world where you can become unclaimed actor to lose his girlfriend – actress Mila kunis, besides being addicted to drugs.

The result of another taking large doses of toxins was a suicide attempt, fortunately, unsuccessful. Culkin saved, although the trauma of parting with kunis after 10 years of relationship has yet to heal.

9. Drew Barrymore

The star of television, brisk and smiling, drew, even from an early age addicted to alcohol and drugs.

The mother took the girl to adult parties, where allowed her daughter to smoke and drink. So, the expectant actress has been formed alcohol dependence at the age of 11 years, and 2 years later she was already sitting firmly on the cocaine. In 14 years, drew was discharged from a rehab clinic, followed by an attempt to kill himself with a knife.

Eventually the girl was able to overcome neuroses, complexes and addictions, becoming a popular and beloved actress.

8. Mike Tyson

Great Mike, unchanging Boxing champion, was unable to protect a little daughter Exodus from death that was perceived as very painful. And even Manager don king brutally manipulated the talent of a boxer for receiving benefits.

The man took a huge dose of drugs so that the overdose occurred almost every day. So he wanted to settle scores with life, however, each time not successful.

Another attempt was made after a stayed sentence for sexual assault. Wife Lakiya fought for her husband and literally pulled it out of the "darkness".

7. Courtney Love

Wife of Cobain butchered his many interests, including addiction to destructive habits.

The famous rock singer attempted suicide exactly on the day of the fortieth anniversary, which was 5 years ago. Courtney managed to save, after which it was placed for 3 days in the psychiatric ward. It is known that the cause of suicide was a serious addiction with another adolescence.

6. Princess Diana

They loved all of the girl's life was hard right after she married Prince Charles. Yard, condemnation, gossip and intrigue, the lack of true love – all this tortured fragile soul of Diana.

She admitted that the first suicide attempt made 20 years when I was pregnant with the Royal heir, William.

The coldness of her husband and the rules of the court led to emotional imbalance, bulimia, and total desolation. As a result, the Diana threw herself down the stairs, but not badly injured and even lost a child.

5. Elton John

The world-famous composer and singer is openly homosexual. Of course, for all his life he had suffered much grief because of its problems and some period even tried to poison with carbon monoxide. It was at this point a pop artist was engaged to a woman named Linda, realizing that lives in deception.

4. Halle Berry

The path to a career at berry was a very difficult, and adolescence filled with unflattering stories. Additionally, the actress was hit by the breakup with justice that she topped herself.

Hallie had attempted self-poisoning carbon monoxide being in the car, but it stopped in time thought about his mother. After the incident, Hallie promised myself that I would never marry.

3. Owen Wilson

Of course, to lose such beauty like Kate Hudson is still the test. Owen shook it to the core, because the breakup with the actress in 2007 led to the suicide attempt.

Wilson took huge amount of pills, and even the vein itself opened on both wrists. The actor was found unconscious, but on time and in the intensive care unit able to pump.

2. Angelina Jolie

Yes, an exemplary mother and a glamorous Hollywood diva had every reason to try to commit suicide.

Insiders know Jolie as a troubled woman with a dark and dubious past. At the time, Jolie was snapped at classmates in school, chip's hair in wild shades and took drugs.

And once she ordered the killer's own murder. The assassin asked the girl to rethink the request, and it worked – Angelina never called him back.

1. Britney Spears

Sweet girl grew up and became alarming a woman, and it comes in various scandals. In psychiatry send it to a rehabilitation center for therapy from a drug or alcohol addiction.

It got to the point that Spears was screaming out loud that is a fake and the Antichrist. Once Britney is caught trying to hang herself with bed sheet. The clinic staff had time and pulled it right out of the loop.

People take responsibility for their decisions and life and not blame circumstances. All problems can be solved while you're alive and healthy. Of course, this is hard enough – after all, to put those parts and build a decent person. But life is always worth it!

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