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10 most strange things from Aliexpress


Aliexpress is the biggest online Mall in the world. According to statistics, about 60% of purchases are done by the Russians. Indeed, it is!

You can order home appliances, phones, clothing, gifts, various things for the house. Maybe you don't know Ali but you can even buy machines for production and food.

On the website you can find everything. No wonder users create group "Look what I found on Ali!". People share their finds, indeed, in the online store too many offers, you can spend a lot of time and not find what you need.

No, we're not talking about the fact that the site's interface is awkward, and stuff like that, talking about something else. Aliexpress sell such things, the existence of which most people are not even aware.

The most weird things from Aliexpress. Perhaps some kind of unusual thing you enjoy and you decide to order it for myself.

10. Mask of a cat. Imitation cat head

Material – latex (plus the fur/wool, the composition is not specified). Is such "fun" to 19 dollars.

A rather strange thing. It is unclear what its functionality, but a large number of videos on YouTube demonstrating how you can use that thing to scare off all the local cats.

The site has several reviews. People who ordered the mask was left in awe. Maybe they have a strained relationship with your pet, and the mask they have won a place on the couch.

If you notice that your pet cat get bored, you can give her a bit extreme. If the neighbors are constantly noisy and interfere with sleep, go to them, don't forget to wear a mask. You can go to her at the masquerade ball.

9. Mane for dog

The wig (or hat?) for a dog, imitating a lion's mane. The price is about 7 dollars.

The unusual thing that will attract the attention of others to your pet, and will be able to protect him from the cold. Manes vary in size and colour. Beanie is ideal for a photo shoot if the dog would agree to wear it.

Surprisingly, the reviews about lion's mane is predominantly positive. People who dared to order a dog "accessory", were satisfied. They stress the quality, convenience, beauty products.

Some buyers attach photos of their Pets in the lion's mane. However, dogs they get very sad. Most likely they think differently than their owners.

8. Cushion beam

Pillow enjoys less popularity than the lion's mane. Of course, because this thing is not so original, however, it is no less strange.

Cushion for car made in the form of logs. Price – $ 8.

Sleeping on a pillow is uncomfortable. Decoration of the car is also unlikely to become. The seller promises that the pillow can be a great gift, with this statement is debatable.

I'll be delighted with this gift, the people whose activities are related to logging. Others simply do not understand.

7. The suit is "Rider of the dragon"

Even more absurd thing. Minimum price – $ 14, depending on the growth of buyer and appearance of a dragon.

Costume inflatable, battery powered. Getting dressed easily. It seems that the person sitting on the dragon. In fact, he walks on his feet, legs rider is a fake.

So you can dress for any occasion, to arrange a home show or become a local celebrity, go on a walk like this. Suit suitable for child and adult.

6. Keychain antistress

What is the meaning of the keychain antistress can understand, probably only those who already ordered it. In appearance it is impossible to determine what effect it has.

Keychain is a small chicken made of polyurethane. It needs to be compressed by the hand, then the bird "lay an egg". You need to squeeze it out of the keychain.

A terrible thing. As the Chinese would even think of this before? Besides, the appearance of keychain is poor. To put this keychain on my keys do not agree to any sane person.

It can be used for anything but game bird farm. However, this will need more than one chicken, but several. It is inexpensive, about 3 dollars, so if you want to order some chickens and to please your child.

5. Hat "Viking"

If you have already dressed up their dog, it's time to think about buying a hat for yourself. Aliexpress huge selection of hats, but "Viking" is distinguished by original design.

To a knitted hat sewn beard. A good option for the Russian winter. Again, Russian men don't like to stand out from the crowd, and hardly any of them dare to go out like that on the street.

Price caps of $ 10. Available in 4 colors, you can choose the one that like.

4. Lie detector

Plastic toy that simulates a lie detector. Everyone at least once dreamed of such a thing.

Toy not intended for children under 8 years. Its price is 14 dollars.

You need to put your hand on the detector and answer the questions. On the toy there are two buttons that will show the person speaks the truth or lying. If he decides to cheat, he will immediately get an electric shock.

The seller warns of the dangers of this toy, it is prohibited to use persons with a pacemaker, heart disease, epilepsy.

In principle, this strange thing can be a good gift, to help brighten up the evening or enjoy the real fun at the party.

Just before booking a lie detector, think about whether you want to know the truth? Because the seller promises: "the Truth hurts... but not as much as a lie."

3. Handset for smartphone

This thing is not only strange, but also useless. Costs $ 5.

It is unclear why you need to attach the handset to a smartphone? On the street no way, in a handbag this design will take up much space.

You can use the phone as a gift. Here only hardly anyone will be delighted with this gift. Although the reviews of this Chinese invention is nice. People are happy that ordered this thing, call it convenient.

By the way, still good to eat. You can communicate by video, in this conversation no one will hear. Again, buyers note that it is not very convenient because of too short wire.

People who like the "retro" style, will surely appreciate the handset for smartphone.

2. Pillow in which to sleep comfortably anywhere

The pillow looks very strange, but the thing is really comfortable. Have to sleep inside pillow, but to lie down anywhere.

This pillow is indispensable for travel. It is soft on all sides, covering the eyes and ears, which is also important. Sounds are muted, you can sleep even in a busy noisy place.

Its price is $ 10. Take a look at this pillow, if forced to travel frequently on business trips or like to travel. A funny pillow makes a wonderful gift.

1. Slippers-keyboard

For those who can not and minutes to live without a computer, resourceful Chinese offer Slippers in the form of a keyboard. Look original, also have a light massage effect.

Price is $ 11. Size 39 to 43.

The buyers give notice of their lightness, ease. In General, a strange Slippers to delight their owners. You can give them to her husband, brother, any man who is interested in computers. Most likely, the man himself will never buy these Slippers (they don't like to stand out, you remember), but the gift will really appreciate.

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