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10 actors of the film "Love and doves": then and now


"Love and pigeons" from a popular Soviet movie, which is very much like the modern audience. For this picture of Vladimir Menshov received a large number of awards.

The state did not want to accept it, because in the film there were many scenes with alcoholic beverages. After some time, the Creator of the picture defended her, and she appeared in the box office.

Many years have passed. Let's see what happened to the actors who starred in this film.

10. Vladimir Menshov (starred as the leading quadrille)

Vladimir Menshov – not just the Creator of the picture "Love and pigeons", I was directly involved in the process. In his film, he starred in the role of leading the quadrille.

The audience saw the picture in this version thanks to his talent and perseverance. Menchov has created 8 movies and played a large number of roles.

In the early 80-ies he became the owner of "Oscar": this award managed to win thanks to the wonderful film "Moscow does not believe in tears".

Now Vladimir Menshov producing some projects and starred in different movies.

9. Konstantin Mikhailov (Vasily Kuzyakin in childhood)

Young Basil kuzjakina played Constantine, the son of Alexander Mikhailov. Unfortunately, the final version of the film scenes in which he participated, almost completely removed.

The son fully manifested all the talents of the actor: Constantine holds social events, writing music, working with popular radio stations, is a producer of movies and TV shows.

He very much loves his mother and supports her after the divorce with the eldest Mihailov: Musatov Faith and has not married again.

8. Lyudmila Gurchenko (Raisa Zakharovna)

Raisa Zakharovna, treacherous rival in love, was a very unusual woman, having a large number of weird interests. This exalted lady tried to save Basil from old habits and instill in him new that she was unhappy with his wrong speech.

In the end, make washi a member of high society did not work, they quickly broke up, and the main character has returned to a previously abandoned wife.

Raisa Zakharovna said a lot of funny phrases, which then become quotes. She played a talented actress Lyudmila Gurchenko, who in all his life appeared in over 100 films.

7. Yanina Lisovskaya (Lyudka)

Ludmila is the daughter of Basil and Nadi. She returned to her parents after breaking up with her lover and had his mother's support in difficult period of her life.

People often quarreled with Hope, but they quickly reconciled. The daughter of the main characters forgave Basil was one of the first, she wanted to reconcile with him and other family members.

Yanina Lisovskaya was born in a family of creative people and from childhood was sure that a would-be actress. She played in many Soviet films, and then moved to Germany. Her acting career continued to develop in this country.

6. Sergei Yursky (uncle Mitya)

Some fans of the film "Love and doves" is more remember a funny uncle Mitya, and not Nina, Basil and Raisa Zakharovna. This character is an alcoholic, but he is very interesting and noticeable.

Baba Shura, his wife, tries to control the husband, but she is not always obtained. The couple often quarrel, and their squabble is very funny, and there is no doubt that husband and wife feel for each other very tender feelings.

Sergei Yursky, who played uncle Mitya in his life performed a large number of roles. The most famous of his characters in the films "Queen Margot", "Look for the woman", "Stalin", "the Golden calf".

The actor is still starring in soap operas, movies, he also does voice-overs for cartoons.

5. Natalia Tenyakova (Baba Shura)

The actress who played Babu Shura, much younger than Nina Doroshina, who played a major role. However, this did not prevent forty-year Natalia Tenyakova fine to cope with the task. It is also worth noting that the Jurassic Tenyakova, and are in fact husband and wife.

The actress starred in 35 pictures, besides, she actively worked in the theater. Natalya Tenyakova is removed now. One of her latest works – a role in the film "the Year when I was born", which was released in 2017.

4. Lada Sizonenko (Olya)

Lada Sizonenko has not devoted his life to acting career: the role of Oli, the youngest daughter of the main characters, only one left. She was offered a role in the film "Crash, daughter ment," but she refused because there were too many explicit scenes.

She decided to devote herself to family life: she married, became a mother, and then a pretty successful model. Sizonenko and Lisovskaya still somewhat resemble each other like real sisters.

3. Igor Lyakh (Lenka)

Lenka, the son of John and Nadia, cheerful young man who loves to Tinker with technology.

When the head of the family went to new lover, the boy immediately became more serious. He was very much worried about my mother actively stood up for her.

This role was a first for Igor Lyakh, and she allowed him to win a lot of popularity among viewers. It was a very good start. During his lifetime, Igor Lyakh starred in 11 films.

2. Nina Doroshina (Hope Kuzjakina)

Spouse Basil empathized all Soviet women. They all saw the Nadya anything by itself. Nadia was very sad when she left her husband. Then he came back, but the main character is not immediately able to accept it. In the end, the family members began to live still, but it started stronger than each other to appreciate.

Nina Doroshina played in the theater, actively acted in films. In the late 80-ies the actress for a long time disappeared from screens, but after 20 years she returned to the beloved.

1. Alexander Mikhailov (Vasily Kuzyakin)

Vasya Kuzyakin, an ordinary man who lives quietly with his wife and children, but he needs to shake things up. He finds her in the person of Raisy rice Zakharovna loved interesting women from work. They have nothing, and Basil tries to get back to his wife.

When Alexander Mikhailov starred in the film "Love and pigeons", he was already an established actor, but this role made it even more popular. The actor still works.

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