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10 interesting facts about zombies


The zombie theme is so popular that there is even a brand official international zombie day – October 8.

Someone truly believes that we (i.e. humanity) will have a Grand "samoupravlenie" – even if not by unleashing a global nuclear war, dangerous experiments with viruses and human genes.

And some people just like to tickle their nerves, sitting in the evening in front of the monitor with a plate of Goodies and watching the movie people and zombies recklessly engaged in mutual "genocide."

Zombies are, apparently, our subconscious irrational fear of a series of "what if the body is deprived of soul, and all the other functions to keep?"

And in fact, stories about the walking dead and aggressive people are afraid of each other since the days of Ancient Sumer (which is, at the moment, 3,500 years ago). Recall, for example, Tibetan rolanov, Indian Batalov, Japanese, buso, Scandinavian Draugi, etc.

But if one day people were really afraid of these creatures to a nervous shiver, now a zombie – just an element of pop culture.

We all know about them from movies and series? What zombies can only be killed damaging his brain; that if a person is bitten by a zombie, he is also in a couple of hours you will become a zombie; that within weeks, the zombie virus infected 90% of people; that this process may, pay, etc.

And here you have 10 real zombie facts:

10. A pioneer in the literature on this topic can be considered Mary Shelley with her Gothic novel Frankenstein

As you know, in 1818 in England, his novel of Mary Shelley "Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus", in which the scientist Victor Frankenstein (trying to learn the secrets of living matter) creates the different parts of human bodies some are terrible, but, nevertheless, alive and even primitive thinking, is creating.

That is, it turns out that Frankenstein's monster was both dead and alive. Than not a zombie (though with a "stretch" in the form of any, but mind)?

By the way, already before the literary works of some scientists actually conducted experiments to revive the dead bodies (just at the junction of XVIII and XIX centuries were discovered the basic principles of electricity).

Thus, a certain Giovanni Aldini (perhaps a real prototype of Victor Frankenstein) 18 Jan 1803 in London made a public demonstration of "revival" of the bodies of executed murderers. After connecting a battery to 120 volts, Aldini made the corpse twitch, open their eyes and mimic (the sight of some people in the audience fainted).

9. Zombification exist in nature

Very often the word "zombie" we mean not only the walking dead and the living people who are convinced (by words, by video, or any other "non-physical" methods) to act just so and not otherwise.

But as it turns out, the idea of controlling another creature – not a human invention.

So, in nature there is a fungus parasite Cordyceps, able to manage their media ant. Cordyceps spores infect the unfortunate insect and makes it to climb the nearest plant to a height of 30 cm. Here the ant attaches to the leaf, and the fungus literally grows through it, using the body of the host as an incubator, and its chitinous armor – like protection. Ant, of course, dies.

By the way, sometimes the ants "zombify" themselves. All we have seen that, usually they move for each other. So if they accidentally close the chain into a circle, and run "in the dance" until exhausted to death.

8. The Voodoo cult practiced in the Caribbean today

Despite the fact that, as we have said, the legends of the walking dead was common in most countries of the world, the source of modern zombie horror stories- Caribbean Islands (and most of all – the island is Haiti).

Voodoo (which, in fact, associated the term "zombie" in the language of the Bantu – "soul is dead") is practiced here today. Imagine, in Haiti's penal code even has a special article 249 that prohibit turning people into zombies and equating this action to murder.

According to local belief, the wizards are bokors, who owns a black magic that can resurrect the dead and turn them into dumb slaves. Most of the population of the Caribbean truly believe this and therefore tries in no way "upset" of Bogorov, not wanting to one day become a "walking corpse" (because wizards are very "touchy" and besides, they have in these parts a huge impact, and therefore to involve them in any responsibility is very problematic).

7. The term "zombie" is coined by William Seabrook

In 1929 he published a book the reporter of the newspaper "new York times" William Sipuka "Island of magic", where he talked about his visit to Haiti. Describing the life of Haitians, Seabrook has devoted quite a large head and Voodoo, where he assured that he personally saw the process of "creating" "the walking dead", which he called "zombies".

But, in contrast to the modern idea of the zombie aggressive and bloodthirsty creatures, "the walking dead" Sibruk even aroused sympathy: they were apathetic, weak-willed, deprived of memory, but understand simple commands and perform some meaningful action.

Wizards bokors used them as free and submissive workforce, able to work on the plantations and other heavy work over the years, without holidays and almost without food.

By the way, "fuel to fire" rapid spread of horror stories about zombies poured and the American soldiers who served in Haiti from 1915 to 1934, They also listened to stories about black magic Voodoo, and then retold them back home. Since then, zombies entered American popular culture.

6. There are documented instances of zombifying people

To believe in zombies or not is a personal matter. But there are official documents that describe very strange cases, indirectly proving that the phenomenon of "zombies" (whatever it was due) is still the place to be.

The most famous of these incidents happened to Clairvius Narcisse. In 1962, he suddenly fell ill after a major argument with his brother, and after 3 days died. He was immediately buried (because in fact the climate of the Caribbean is not conducive to long "storage" is dead).

And after 18 years, Clairvius came home... His case is unique in that unlike other zombies, he kept the memory (and spoke and moved mechanically and monotonously).

Local psychiatrist Lamarque Douyon, wanting to expose the pseudo-Clarvis, interviewed him (making questions with the help of the sisters "the walking dead" and other of his relatives, who, by the way, it immediately and unconditionally learned).

But "the pretender," answered right, remembering to detail even my own funeral. Clairvius said that all these years he worked on a sugar plantation and was able to leave only after the death of the sorcerer-Bokor, who has turned him into a zombie (perhaps at the request of the brother of Clavius).

In addition, there are documents to return to their homes after 29 years after the "death" in 1907, Felice's Mentor (in a state of complete insanity and without memory), Nataletti Joseph (6 years after the funeral in 1966), Francis Ilius ("died" three years ago – in 1979), etc. they Say that such cases were in the 1990-ies.

5. Perhaps zombie "pose" by nerve agents

Of course, any doctor rightly say that "the walking dead" (from the point of view of science) – a phenomenon impossible. After brain death a person can be "technically" alive, but walking (especially to work!) he's not going to be able.

How then to explain the above cases? This issue very seriously, asked in 1982, Dr. Wade Davis. He specifically went to Haiti, where he by hook or by crook (and flattery and bundles of money) able to talk with several of Bocharov and their confidants, and even get "samples" of drugs that these wizards use in the ritual of "reviving" the dead.

In the end all 8 brought Davis funds was different (a few of them even turned out to be useless dried grass). But the trip paid off: in the majority of "useful" samples showed a tetrodotoxin – the strongest natural poison of nervously-paralytic action.

Knowing that bokors hardly so simply took and gave him their secrets, Davis still assumed accurately measured out the desired dose of the drug, the sorcerer is able to enter the person into a state of lethargy for about a day.

During this time he was buried, and then – a technical matter: digs out the coffin and take quite "willing" slave. But don't forget to constantly "feed" it with substances that suppress the will.

4. The first film about "the walking dead" ("White zombie") was released in 1932, but the "father" of zombie horror Director George think. Romero

After the publication of the book by William Sipuka and there are so many stories about zombies from an American soldier, the film, of course, could not miss this "tasty" (and, potentially, a very cash) theme.

In 1932 he published the first film of "the walking dead" "White zombie" in which the story was based just around meekly and dumb employees-zombies on Haitian sugar factory.

The film's budget was minimal – 50 thousand dollars, but he collected 8 million. "It's a real goldmine!" – rejoiced Directors. Zombie movie started to shoot a lot and often.

But the real success of this genre is acquired only in 1968, after the release of the first zombie horror from George Romero's called "night of the living dead". Then the audience and saw "those" monsters who are obsessed with only one purpose – to eat the living (and therefore John. Romero and called the "father of zombies").

And then there was his "dawn of the dead", "diary of the dead", etc. today movies about zombies have already taken over 500.

3. 19.08.2001 in Sacramento (CA) for the first time held a "zombie parade"

Who is the most fanatical fans of the zombie genre? Naturally, it is youth. Where are the young people, there moving. If I like to watch movies about "the walking dead", why can't I look like them? Once in a while. And there was the first zombie mobs, zombie walks and, finally, zombie parades.

Technically, the first zombie event was held in 2000 in Milwaukee (USA) on the play festival Gen Gon, but there were only about 60 people, and the idea came spontaneously.

But the first organized "zombie parade" actually took place in August 2001 in Sacramento. Since something similar is happening everywhere (and in some places – and annually).

The first zombie parade was held in Russia Moscow Arbat street in April 2009. Now they are in almost all major cities in the country (and gradually become more "realistic").

2. In 2003, max Brooks has developed a guide on how to survive in an epidemic of zombie virus

The Americans do take very seriously the idea of a zombie Apocalypse (some even builds for his family special bins equipped with the necessary means and full of a lot of food, with the aim of at least the first weeks of the zombie epidemic to "sit" there more or less comfortably).

And so, in 2003, writer Max Brooks wrote the current (and very detailed!) guide on how to behave in case "day Z" will still come: it is necessary to have on hand, where to go, where to hide, what weapons (and the means) to use against zombies and how to kill them for sure, what to move, with whom to have (or not have) the point in the process, so to speak, survival, etc.

By the way, this book a long time ago translated into Russian. But honestly, from the point of view of the Russian reader, it is slightly primitive, and sometimes, hmm... not entirely logical. Ah, Yes, that they (Americans) take...

1. In the US there is a plan CONOP 8888 – briefing Strategic command in the event of a zombie Apocalypse

Individual scientists (especially, of course, Western) do not reject categorically the possibility of something like a zombie epidemic, because on our planet, new viruses appear all the time (and old is sometimes very much altered). The more that people and their own experiments is not just almost "multiply humanity zero".

And suddenly once the rabies virus (or common flu) mutates so that will make people literally eat each other? Brrrr... What a horror!

That's just in this case brave warriors from the US and has a special plan for the localization of the virus and protect the population. The plan CONOP 8888-painted step by step what and how should the U.S. army at the onset of the "day Z".

And, by the way, it is also stated that some countries (including Russia, especially its "TRANS-Ural" part – because of the thinly populated) are relatively safe during the zombie Apocalypse. And that's great news, isn't it? Although... who are they we all afraid of something, these zombies?

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