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10 wise tips from stylist Fashion verdict


The transfer of "Fashionable sentence" is women very popular. Each of them would like to be in the role of "the accused", that of the ugly duckling to turn into a Princess.

Indeed, the appearance of participants is changing dramatically, they do a hairstyle, apply makeup. A huge role in the program assign a new wardrobe. It was created by working stylists.

These people do a great job, but no one has never seen. Quite a long time for the benefit of the beauty works Marianna Eliseeva. A girl came in "Fashion verdict" accidentally. Here she had to undergo training after the training in the specialty "Theory of fashion". Soon Marianne was invited to stay. Now she is a successful stylist.

Yeliseyev is working in one program and is also a blog where shares her beauty secrets. With them every girl can create a lovely wardrobe and becoming a real fashionista.

If you want to meet the spring fully armed, read our article. Below are 10 tips from stylist Fashion verdict Marianna Eliseeva.

10. Don't be afraid showrooms

The first Council of Marianne – don't be afraid of showrooms. To some it may seem strange, but in fact, most people are afraid to go into unfamiliar stores, especially if there are no other buyers. Someone can not tolerate the intrusion-sellers, and someone is afraid that the prices in the store are too high.

As a result, women (and men too) are passing by the store, which could become their favorite place to shop. Marianne, on the contrary, loves to go shopping, she'll never deny myself the pleasure to organize another RAID on a little-known showrooms.

9. Belts is fashionable!

Without this accessory does not do any one woman, but this spring they are at the peak of popularity. Stylist "Fashion sentence" advises not to ignore the belts, but to acquire new products. The trend of the season – a few belts at once. Fashionista twist them, alone adorn, attaching them to the carabiners, chains.

Fashion belts in 2019 are quite affordable. If you look at fashion models may seem to be fashionable is absolutely everything. Fashion wide belts rough, thin belts, belts-corsets. Don't be afraid to use belts in their wardrobe. Most girls wear them with trousers and jeans, but this accessory will complement any dress and make the look complete.

8. Combine bright shades

Marianne in his blog says that it's time to mix bright hues. Now it is fashionable. If you walk the streets of any city, you notice that people mostly avoid bright colors in clothes. Black, gray, brown and pastel shades are considered neutral and never go out of fashion.

If you want to stand out this spring and be in the trend, forget about the flowers. In the spring and summer 2019 fashion juicy shades of the brightest colors: orange, yellow, red, blue, green. Learn how to combine them so that it looked harmoniously and not vulgar. You can look for more information on this issue online or to find solutions and implement them.

7. Buy leather items on sale

According to most women, councils of stylists is suitable only for the affluent. It seems that, with the average income it is impossible to create an image of "a million". It is not just about money. Marianne recommends not to save on leather things, they must be of good quality.

But there is one secret that will help you acquire the desired thing and not go broke is to buy them on sale. If you can't afford products made of genuine leather, buy akokoro, but pay attention to the quality of things.

6. Buy a bright coat

It has already been noted, the trend of the season – bright colors. Marianne asks girls to draw attention to the bright coat. Such a thing will help you stand out from the crowd and lift your spirits even on a cloudy day. Popular colors: yellow, red, Bordeaux, cobalt, green. Bold ladies who are not afraid to experiment, should look at the pink and blue color.

This spring is also a popular coat in a cage, which have become classics. Much more courage needed to decide to purchase a coat with predatory prints and romantic floral motifs.

5. Square shoes in the trend

Square shoes were popular last season. Marianne warns that it does not loose its position, so do not be afraid of shoes with a square nose. Young girls are happy to buy such shoes, older women are accustomed to pointed pumps. They are afraid even to try on these shoes, especially with a dressy dress. If you enter the number, don't be afraid of change.

These shoes are much more comfortable boats, and it looks also quite nice. Those who are not afraid to seem extravagant and ridiculous, should pay attention to the shoes, decorated with fur, feathers, sequins, rhinestones.

4. Experiment

If you want to look stunning, you should learn to give values for oblique views and laughs. Marianne in the past experimented with his looks and wardrobe is not yet found a style that suited her. Stylist recommends that girls to show courage and not be afraid of experiments.

Try what you like. The Council seems trivial, but most women don't want to stand out from the crowd and dress up. Don't look at others go to the store and choose things that before would never wear. Maybe you so like the new style that you want to change the entire wardrobe.

3. Choose clothes by means

Marianne is not one of those people who believe the high cost of clothes a guarantee of quality. She visits and expensive boutiques, and mass markets. Dress for the funds. If you don't get expensive things, you should not buy them. Many stores offer clothing on credit, but it is unlikely such a thing will bring pleasure. You will constantly think about what they paid for it.

Choose clothes in accordance with their way of life. Although no one was surprised when the bus comes to a woman in an expensive mink coat, yet it looks very weird.

2. Stock up on basic things

Not necessarily to buy half of the store to look stylish and fashionable. You need to be database of clothing, and then to complement it with trendy clothes and accessories. The stylist said that there is no universal basic wardrobe that is suitable for all. For each it will be your.

If you work in an office, can not do without white blouses, nice trousers, pencil skirts. If you sit at home with a child – jeans, sweaters, casual dresses. Still, there are things that will be useful to everyone. According to Eliseeva, this is a classic jeans and white t-shirt.

1. Discover how to wear men's shirts

Another tip from stylist – undress your husband. Of course, this is a joke, but the truth is, it is still there. In the fashion of oversize, and one shirt will substitute for the several blouses and t-shirts. Dress her up in different ways.

Have Marianne there is a great video that shows how to wear a man's shirt. Use your imagination, use accessories, belts, brooches. You will be surprised, but of men's shirt can make even a holiday outfit. Don't be afraid to experiment.

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