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10 films 2018, a must see


2018 last year gave us a lot of good movies, some of them have gone unnoticed despite the big budgets and good actors.

Today we decided to collect 10 paintings that will be, but have not only a well-known blockbusters, but a couple of mixed tapes, the weak charges or criticism which does not indicate poor quality.

10. The Avengers: infinity war

On the first part of the battle of the Avengers with Thanos already written so much that add something new is difficult. The film is definitely one of the best in the superhero franchise, the quality of the plot it can be put on a par with the first "Iron man", which is considered exemplary.

The special effects and level things happening on the screen "epic" above all praise. The impression from the movie was spoiled a little fresh "Captain marvel", which was a complete disappointment, and it was this character will be one of the key in the final part.

9. Halloween

The film is a direct continuation of the horror film of 1978, completely ignoring all the events that took place in the shot since the sequels (which were not always successful).

For his role again back Jamie Lee Curtis, who is already 60 years old. She plays the older Laurie Strode, which is 40 years lives in anticipation of the day when Michael Myers returns to kill her.

She learned to handle weapons and taught his daughter, but when the maniac in the mask still comes, she is absolutely not ready, so an easy victory for her not to.

Despite some mistakes, the movie overall was really decent (there is a part of the Creator of the franchise, John carpenter, who acted as producer).

8. Quiet location

Another horror movie, which unlike "Halloween" does not apply to any franchise is brand new. The main idea of a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by the blind monsters, which focus exclusively on hearing.

Because of this, survivors are forced to move as quietly, as even a polite "thank you" can attract the attention of monsters. The picture was the best in 2018 in its genre, collecting an impressive box office 340 million dollars with a budget of only 17 million.

7. The girl who got stuck in the web

This film was both a sequel and a "soft" restart of the Thriller David Fincher's "the girl with the dragon tattoo", released in 2011. In the Director's chair this time was Fede Alvarez "shot" in 2016 horror "don't breathe", which with a budget of 9.9 million dollars collected over 150 million

Is Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig in the lead roles starred little-known actors, though impact on the overall quality of the picture, but it does not make.

6. Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald

The sequel to "Fantastic beasts" turned out to be worse than the first part, but the point here is not so much the quality of the entire film, but in the stupidity of the script, since everything else on top. It's weird when kids in the "Harry Potter" did more logical and smarter than what adults do, experienced mrakovica in the new franchise.

In spite of this, to look at the picture you still need as a minimum in order then to understand the events of the third part, which will be released sometime in early 2021. Such a big break due to the fact that Rowling is writing the scripts as we go, so to wait for the whole story, which will consist of 5 movies have long.

5. Alpha

The film, released in 3D and IMAX, was, according to the plans of the creators, to become, if not a box office hit, at least to certain middle, in the office collapsed. With a budget of 51 million dollars managed to collect less than 100 million, but, as is often the case, it's more bad marketing than the movie itself.

Historical drama about the adventures of people who lived 20,000 years ago, has received nearly 80% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, so if you like stories about the lives of primitive people must see, half an hour, will spend not in vain.

4. Brothers Sisters

Western Comedy of Jacques Audiard turned out to be exemplary: a great cast (John C. Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rutger Hauer), a quality of black humor, interesting plot.

This picture, which rentals passed almost unnoticed, most critics considered one of the major masterpieces of 2018, and such epithets out of the blue to give out. We should also mention the acting C. Reilly: here he gave one of his best roles in his career, though not received awards or nominations for prestigious awards.

3. The incredibles 2

The first part of the animated film in 2004 collected more than $ 600 million and received two Academy awards (including best animated feature), becoming one of the most successful projects Pixar. It's amazing that a sequel had to wait so long, but it was worth it.

The second part was even better than the original, which is not often. Before going out in wide release, the work has received praise (or even enthusiastic), so its ultimate success did not surprise anyone. Even at this time, "Oscar" they failed, but managed to please the audience and make good money: fees amounted to 1.2 billion.

2. Killer 2

Another sequel, this time a Thriller with Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolina 2015. Not to say that it turned out a masterpiece, but fans of the genre to miss it in any case impossible, as sturdy fighters now shoot not as much as I would like.

The main advantage of the film to the extent adequate plot, devoid of outright blunders and without excessive pathos.

1. Isle of dogs

Finish our selection of doll cartoon, directed by Wes Anderson, which unfairly "swept" with "Oscar". The award went to "spider-Man", which I did not like the title of the best.

The work done in the creation of "Islands of dogs" is an enormous work, in contrast to drawn on the computer "spider", and the plot is significantly stronger.

The story is set in Japan of the future where because of the dog flu dog was placed on quarantine island. There goes the boy Atari, who is looking for your four-legged friend. A very adult story that will be understandable to everyone.

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