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10 most bizarre addictions of modern humans


When a person hears the word addiction, the first thing he thinks alcohol, drugs, cigarettes. Indeed, the word often used in such combinations. But there are plenty of other addictions, some of them are harmless, others pose a health threat.

The problem is not that people with nothing to do, and they invent strange Hobbies. Human weakness exist since, as did the first man. Over time they change, because life does not stand still.

For example, some 300 years ago, men felt passion for horses. They bought first-class horses for big money, looking better and better. Modern man does not depend on horses, it depends on the machines. It is exactly the same as his ancestors gives large sums of money to have the fastest and most reliable car. But it will take some time, and he wants to buy better.

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10. Tanorexia

Not so long ago people began to suffer from addiction to tanning. Of course, the tan is very nice, and summer girls proud to show off tanned legs, but the speech now not about it. People suffering from anorexia, do not know the steps.

They always think that their skin is not tan enough. They very often visit a Solarium, ready to give last money, just to turn into "chocolate". A few years ago tanoreksii were exposed Teens young girls. Lately, tan has fascinated even adult women.

These people don't think about the harm UV rays. In some countries, restrictions on the Solarium on the basis of age. You can visit them at 16.

9. Dependence on drugs

Most people are not even aware that suffer from this addiction. Medicines are taking, it is inevitable. If you experience any pain people prefer to take a pill, and not to seek the advice of a doctor. Some of them are abusing drugs, taking them even when not strictly necessary.

Psychological dependence on drugs implies that people cannot do without them. He has no health problems, but he can't stop and continues to take drugs, to treat yourself from fictional diseases.

Much worse physical dependence when the body ceases to function without drugs. He just got used to the pills doing all the work for him. Vivid examples can be sleeping pills or laxatives.

8. Fitness addiction

Scientists have found that physical exercises are the human body in a certain way: reduced anxiety, euphoria appears, muffled by the pain.

So sports can also cause dependence. It seems that there is nothing wrong, but not always physical activity benefit. The fact that athletes have to increase the load again to feel a state of euphoria.

They begin to engage more and more, do not rest, do not pay attention to injuries and pain. Reasons of such dependence is usually called a confidence issue.

7. Dependence on plastics

This dependence is usually exposed to only rich people. Plastic is not cheap. Examples of the victims of this addiction is very much worth to look at the stars, you will immediately understand who is most frequently visited by plastic surgeons.

If a person has obvious problems, and he turns to a plastic surgeon, it is quite normal. If a girl enhances the Breasts, the lips, makes countless braces, changing the shape of the nose – it is addictive.

Often in the pursuit of beauty people disfigure themselves, they lose their individuality and become like puppets, but can't say to yourself, "Stop." In this case, can only help to consult a psychologist, maybe even a therapist.

6. Food addiction

People with food addiction can't control it, just as alcoholics and drug addicts. They eat even when not hungry, often overeat to such an extent that I feel bad. When you try to give up your favorite dishes, get nervous, worry.

It is considered that people suffering from food addiction, overweight. This is not always the case. Among them are those organism which successfully cope with huge amounts of calories. Even in this case, we should not ignore food addiction.

Otherwise, can develop eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), there will be serious health problems.

5. Shopaholic

A large number of shopping malls also have a negative impact on human rights. Someone is indifferent, someone who can control themselves, and someone can not live without shopping. Such people suffer if they have no opportunity to buy anything.

They often go shopping, spend a lot of time in shopping malls. Shopaholics can't talk about anything else, only about their purchases. Usually a Shopaholic affects people in families where prevails the cult of money. Addiction affects not only women but also men.

4. Gambling

Lately more and more people are exposed to gambling. It is a mental disorder, not a habit as people think. Victims are not only teenagers, but adults held people. They have one desire – to play. They cease to communicate with family and friends, forget to eat, sleep.

Human behavior changes, increases the risk of mental disorders: schizophrenia and other manic States. To get rid of this addiction is very difficult.

3. Workaholism

Hard work has always been considered a positive trait, but not so long ago coined the term "workaholism". This is not to say, people ignore the dependence on work. If you continue in the same spirit, neurosis provided.

Do not think that no rest for the weary and they have no personal time. They live like ordinary people, but in the "resting state", anxiety and stress. They only think about work.

When workaholics come to work, they feel energized. At this rate you can live a very long time, but problems with the nervous system sooner or later will make itself felt.

2. Dependence on social networking

This dependence has recently suffered more people. They can't live a day without visiting your page on the social network. Mostly victims of such addiction – teenagers, but among adults they are too much.

A person feels an irresistible urge to go to your page, see pictures, read news. If he is not, he becomes irritable. He avoids contact, a virtual world for him real interesting. The consequences of such behavior – problems with school, work, quarrels with relatives, narrowing circle of friends.

1. Depending on the TV

Another common addiction of modern man – TV. He is in every house, but not everyone suffers from this addiction. The reasons for this passion – depression, aggressiveness, chronic fatigue, loneliness.

TV helps you escape from reality, to find yourself in another world. A person ceases to live a normal life, he doesn't talk to anyone, he forgets to eat, doesn't sleep enough.

Among the victims telemania many children and pensioners. Dependence on television is a serious psychological disorder, often in these situations need counseling.

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