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10 everyday things that bring happiness to your home


Good mood, happiness has to do with our internal attitude. But, if there were any problems, things are not going as you had hoped, it is difficult to immediately pull myself together.

Be happy by the order will not work. But you can bring home a few items that will fulfil the role of a talisman will fill your home with positive energy. Worse will not be exact, but maybe you will notice a change for the better.

10. Honey

Honey has always been associated with comfortable and happy life, symbolized wealth. If you want to improve your financial situation, buy a jar of honey and place it in the apartment. Naturally med have to eat, eventually replacing the empty jar with the new one.

It is believed that brownies like to feast on honey. And, if the house will be a treat, they will be better able to cope with their responsibilities, i.e. to keep order.

9. Bell

Now there is a trend in medicine – kolonoterapiya or treatment of bells. The low sounds of the bells, calm, and high – help you Wake up.

Some psychiatrists and psychologists advise their patients to undergo rehabilitation with the help of bell-ringing after severe stress. Doctors believe that on a subconscious level the sound of the bell evokes positive emotions. To obtain a therapeutic effect, just listen to the sound of the bell in the Church or qualitative recording of bell ringing.

Or buy a bell, the jingle of which will lift your mood, help to calm down, and, according to esoteric, will banish all evil from the house.

Choosing a bell, pay attention to its sound. If the sounds he makes annoy you, buy another.

8. Garlic

This plant has long been considered a powerful talisman that can protect the house from evil spirits and other evil spirits, the evil eye. If you want to save the family from negative effects in different parts of the kitchen lay the heads or cloves of garlic.

You can make a bunch of 3 heads of garlic and hang them over the door. Then the negative energy will not be able to enter the house through the door.

Those who have a lot of time working at the computer, it is necessary to put next to the monitor garlic. It will pull all the bad, put in order energy and increase efficiency.

7. Candles

With the advent of electricity, many have forgotten about the candles, because even if you disable the light you can use a flashlight or phone, if you need to find.

But if you need to clear the room from negative energy, it is necessary to regularly light a normal candle. To get rid of the constant bickering and disagreements, times a day in the rooms light a candle. Soon you will notice how the relationship will be adjusted.

If you have experienced a lot of stress for a few minutes looking at a burning candle. This will help to restore emotional balance.

But do not let the candle burn out to the end, until it will spread the puddle. If you believe the signs, this candle will take away the luck of the one who time has not extinguished. And it is not necessary to blow out the candle (if it is not on the birthday cake), it is better to pin down the wick.

6. Mirror

Going for a new mirror in the store, you need to stay in a good mood. Buy mirror round shape, which remembers all good. If to hang such a mirror, it will not flow away happiness.

Looking in the mirror, it is desirable to smile, to be happy. Then it absorbed good energy, and later will return a positive. If you're going to swear in front of him, swear, or be in a bad mood, it will also absorb and store this negativity.

Regularly wipe the surface of your mirror, because seeing oneself in a muddy and dusty mirrors, you, according to the sign, you can lose reputation.

5. Horseshoe

People used to believe that the found the horseshoe promises happiness. Now horses on urban roads will not meet, respectively, and horseshoes are rare. But you can buy at the local gift shop. It should hang over the door. If you bought a fridge magnet in the shape of a horseshoe, it can be attach on the fridge.

Those who dream of wealth, good job, success in business, is to attach a horseshoe horns up. In this position it promises abundance. The longer it is in the house this horseshoe, the more positive energy that promises financial well-being.

For those who want to protect the house from negative energy, evil forces and misfortune, and seeks to prevent troubles and quarrels, you must hang a horseshoe horns down. Our ancestors believed that a horseshoe, like a dome, protects the home from all evil, evil thoughts and wishes going under it and coming down, coming into the room.

4. Soap

Soap is not just a cleanser but also a symbol of purity. Even if you use shower gel, buy a few pieces of soap. It will help to clean your house from evil spirits, deliver us from the trouble.

But soap should be natural. Even Wang said that a simple soap can wash the hvoroby and get rid of evil spirits.

3. Pin

Often the cause of trouble be the evil eye or damage. To protect them from themselves and loved ones, you need to use pins. If you come to visit the man with the bad thoughts, the negativity that he brought with him, may affect the well-being of its residents.

Early to protect your home, at the corners of the openings of the front door stuck pins should be directed to the stabbing part of the street.

2. Apples

Always buy apples and ensure that the kitchen had at least one bull's-eye. Then your house will always be happiness and prosperity. While it lies on the Desk and pleases others, you will have no worries.

Choose a nice looking Apple, without damage, rot. It is desirable that it was red, rosy, smooth. Put it in a beautiful dish or other container.

1. Icon

It will help the believer. Need in the Church to choose the icon that will have the heart. She will be a faithful friend who will support in a difficult situation, will help to cope with grief, calm, if the man worries too much.

Praying before the icon, you can ask about health, to help build relationships between people. God helps you find peace of mind and happiness. We turn to him through prayer, which is performed before the icon. Every time we look at it, remember God, ask him for help or thank for what He already gave us.

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