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Top 10 largest country by area in the world


Throughout our planet there are about 200 countries and territories, which are located at 148 940 000 square kilometres of land. Some of the States occupy a small area (Monaco 2 sq km), while others prostrated for several million square kilometers. It is noteworthy that the largest of the state took about 50% of the land.

The ranking presents the largest country by area in the world.

10. Algeria2 382 740 sq. km.

Algeria (ALGERIAN) occupies the tenth place among the largest countries in the world and is the largest state on the African continent. The state capital is the name of the country Algeria. The area of the state is 2 381 740 sq km. It is washed by the Mediterranean sea, and a large part of the territory is the largest desert in the world Sahara.

9. Kazakhstan is2 724 902 sq. km.

Kazakhstan occupies the ninth place in the ranking of countries with the largest area. Its area is 2 724 902 sq. km Is the largest country not having an outlet to the world ocean. The country belongs to part of the Caspian sea and the inland Aral sea. Kazakhstan has a land border with four Asian countries and Russia. The border territory with Russia is one of the longest in the world. Most of the territory is occupied by deserts and steppes. The population as of the year 2016 – 17 651852. The capital is the city of Astana is one of the most populated in Kazakhstan.

8. Argentina2 780 400 square kilometres.

Argentina (2 780 400 sq. km) belongs to the eighth place among the largest in territory of the countries of the world and the second largest in South America. The state capital, Buenos Aires is the largest city of Argentina. The country is elongated from North to South. This leads to the diversity of natural and climatic zones. On the Western border there is the mountain system of the Andes, the Eastern part is washed by the Atlantic ocean. The North of the country located in the subtropical climate in the South stretch of cold desert with harsh weather conditions. The name Argentina was given in the 16th century the Spaniards, who imagined that its core contains a large amount of silver (Argentum — translates as silver). The colonists were wrong, silver was very small.

7. India3 287 590 sq. km.

India is located in the area of 3 287 590 sq. km It ranks second in population (1 283 455 000 persons), conceding superiority to China and the seventh place among the largest countries in the world. Its shores are washed by the warm waters of the Indian ocean. The name of the country has received from the river Indus on whose banks the first settlement. Before British colonization, India was a rich country. It is there in search of riches tried to get Columbus, but were in America. The official capital of the country is new Delhi.

6. Australia is7 686 859 sq. km.

Australia (Commonwealth of Australia) is situated on the same continent and occupies the whole of its territory. Also, the state occupies the island of Tasmania and other Islands of the Pacific and Indian oceans. The total area, which is home to Australia is 7 686 850 sq. km. the Capital is Canberra – the largest in Australia. Most reservoirs of the country salt. The largest salty lake Eyre. The mainland is bordered by the Indian ocean and seas of the Pacific.

5. Brazil8 514 877 sq km.

Brazil is the largest country of the continent of South America, is the fifth largest occupied territory in the world. In the area of 8 514 877кв.km. live 203 262 267 citizens. The capital bears the name of the country is Brazil (Brasilia) and is one of the largest cities in the state. Brazil borders all countries in South America and the Atlantic ocean on the East side.

4. USA9 519 431 sq. km.

United States of America (USA) is one of the largest States located on the mainland of North America. Its total area is 9 sq. km. 519 431 U.S. ranks fourth in terms of area and third in population in the world. The number of residents is equal to 321 267 000 people. The capital is Washington. The country is divided into 50 States and Colombia – Distrito Federal. USA shares borders with Canada, Mexico and Russia. The territory is washed by three oceans: Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic.

3. China9 598 962 sq. km.

China (people's Republic of China) headed by the three leaders with the largest area. It is not only a country with one of the biggest space but with a huge number of the population, which is in first place in the world. On-site 9 598 962 sq. km. and a population of 1 374 642 000 people. China is on the mainland Eurasia and shares borders with 14 countries. Part of the mainland, where the PRC is washed by the Pacific ocean and the seas. The state's capital – Beijing. The state includes the territorial subject 31: 22 provinces, 4 municipalities of Federal subordination (mainland China) and 5 Autonomous regions.

2. Canada9 984 670 sq. km.

Canada with an area of 9 984 670 sq. km. occupies the second place in the ranking of the largest countries in the world in terms of territory. It is located on the mainland of North America and is washed by three oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic. Canada borders with the USA, Denmark and France. The state includes 13 territorial entities, of which 10 are referred to as provinces and 3 territories. The population is 34 737 000. The capital of Canada is Ottawa – one of the largest cities in the country. Conventionally, the state is divided into four parts: the Canadian Cordillera, the lofty plain, the Canadian Shield, the Appalachians and the Great plains. Canada called the land of lakes, the most popular of them – the Top area of which measured 83 270 sq m (the biggest freshwater lake in the world), as well as bear included in the TOP 10 of the biggest lakes in the world.

1. Russia17 407 125 sq. km.

Russia (Russian Federation) occupies a leading position among the largest countries by area. The Russian Federation occupies an area of 17 125 407 square kilometres on the largest continent of the earth Eurasia and occupies the third part. Despite the huge area Russia ranks only ninth in terms of population density, the number of which is 146 267 288 . The state capital is the city of Moscow is the most populated part of the country. Of the Russian Federation comprises 46 oblasts, 22 republics, and 17 entities, referred to as territories, Federal cities and Autonomous districts. The country is bordered by 17 States by land and 2 by sea (USA and Japan) . In Russia there are more than hundreds of rivers longer than 10 kilometers is the Amur, the don, Volga and others. In addition to rivers throughout the country there are more than 2 million fresh and salty waters. One of the most famous Baikal lake is the deepest lake in the world. The highest point of the state is mount Elbrus with a height of about 5.5 km.

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