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Now look the actors of the series "tropikanka": 10 of the most striking changes


Brazilian soap operas – the best and most interesting. They always have something catchy, so we're watching the series from the first to the last of the series: love, passion, intrigue, secrets...

The series "tropikanka" was from 1994 to 1995, and immediately found its fans. In the series develops several subplots, one of them is a love story about a poor fisherman and a beautiful, rich girl – Leticia.

The audience had to watch the development of events, many characters, so fond, that still want to know about the lives of the actors who played them, how was their fate... In this collection you can see striking changes are the actors of your favorite series!

10. Delilah – Carl Marins

The character of the series "tropikanka" Delilah is a fun girl, not yet 20, (the actress was at the time 26), she knows how to enjoy life.

She has no problems, and the only thing that Mars the girl's life is jealousy Casiano – her young man.

Today, charming actress behind a large number of projects, but in the new series it appears not as often as we would like her fans. Of the last works of Delilah you can watch the series with her participation which is called "Apocalypse" (2017-2018)

9. Benvinda — Giovanna Antonelli

The series "tropikanka" opened the future star of Brazilian cinema. For 18-year-old Giovanna Antonelli the role of Benvinda was the first in her acting.

After she successfully coped with the role, the Brazilian channel "Globo" has become to invite the actress in almost every project. Giovanna Antonelli is so loved by the viewers that none of the series without it could not do.

The actress has three children: twin girls and a son who was born from Murilo, Benicio (with the actor, she starred in the movie "Clone"). Today Giovanna remains as a popular actress, as before, with her you can see the series of 2018, called "the Second sun".

8. Azucena Carolina Diekmann

At the time of shooting the series "tropikanka" Carolina Dieckmann was barely 16 years old. Her character is a sweet and innocent girl in love with a villain Victor.

Today the actress is very popular, it is considered one of the highest paid Brazilian stars, even though she never wanted to be an actress.

With 13 years Caroline worked as a model, due to this it said represented the film company "Globo". The last series in which she starred at the moment, it is "Seventh guardian" (2018.)

7. Gaspar Francisco Cuoco

On account of his more than 70 projects, Francisco cuoco very popular Brazilian actor.

In his youth he did not aim to become an actor. He was born in the family always lacked money. His father worked in the market, and since childhood, Francisco wanted to get rich. To this end, he began to study law.

However, his training did not last long – he came to study at the school of dramatic art, which received the skills that affected his future.

Francisco cuoco to the series "tropikanka" and starred in other projects, but its only noticed after this role. He played one of the richest shipowners in Brazil.

The last series in which he starred at the moment – "Second sun" (2018.)

6. Amanda — Paloma Duarte

Artistic her acting career began with TV series "tropikanka". In recent times Paloma Duarte can be seen in the TV series not so often, as she prefers to spend her time with children.

Few people may think that radiant and smiling, the actress grew up in a dysfunctional environment – her parents separated when she was only 4 years old, her father was often drunk, and my mother suffered from chemical dependency. And reaching even 18 years old, Paloma became a mother myself.

By the way, her parents are famous – actress mother (Debora Duarte), and his father a singer (Antonio Marcos).

The last series in which she starred, called "My name is Bruna" (2016)

5. Vitor — Selton Mello

"Tropikanka" Selton Mello plays the cute guy with the curly hair, he has a complicated and even complex. He has many Affairs with beautiful women, but he is not married and has no children.

His participation in the television project is not so active, he prefers to star in short films and television shows. In addition, the actor is more like the Director's work than shooting film.

For example, from his movies you can watch "Four days in September", "Movie my life", which Selton Mello played the main role. He also starred in the series "Mechanism" (2018.)

4. Francois da Silva — Victor Pheasant

Victor Pheasant, like other actors of the series "tropikanka" in the film "Clone" and remembered by the viewers for his role of the handsome and wealthy lawyer, a family man.

His career began in Milan, where he worked as a model on the catwalk he noticed the agents and offered to try yourself in the role of actor. He began acting in the TV series, "Tropikanka" played architect. The last film in which he starred, called "Supreme plan" (2014)

The actor has dedicated his life to social activities – it helps animals, the nature, and also involved in charity work. The content is reserve, where he helps with rare species of birds and animals. Victor is a vegetarian and loves to play sports.

3. The Ramir — Erson Capri

"Tropikanka" Erson played the role of a poor fisherman to Ramir. The actor realized that he wanted to pursue an acting career in the University, then he got serious about theater. In 1975, he debuted in the theater and on television.

In 1999 Arcona was diagnosed with cancer (lung cancer), but fortunately, to overcome the disease became possible. After its discovery, the actor has been to spend more time with his family, according to him, the disease helped him – he became more happy, stay healthy, and ceased to mourn for details. All Arcona four children.

Of the last series, in which he starred, you can see "Babylon" (2015), "Rock history" (2016-2017.)

2. Casiano — Marcio Garcia

For 24-year-old Marcio Garcia in "Tropikanka" became the starting point in her acting career. He played bold, but very jealous guy cheerful Delilah, whom to call Casiano.

Actor Marcio was after business model, and almost always played positive characters. Marcio has proved that he is not only a good actor but a great Director.

Series in which he is a Director, called "the Open road" (2013.) Now Marcio continues to act in serials, for example, you can watch the "Babylon" (2015), with his participation.

His spare time he loves spending with his family, he has four children.

1. Berenice Daniela Escobar

After the actress starred in the TV series "tropikanka" (at the time she was 25 years old), started her fame. But even more popularity to it was brought role Maisy in the series "Clone".

Its Director was the husband of Daniela at the time – Jaime Monjardim, by the way, with whom she had a son. It is possible that the husband helped the actress in her career. However in 2003, Jaime and Danielle broke up and her career went into decline...

She has several years of leading the program "Superbonita" channel "GNT". The last series in which she starred, called "the Apocalypse" (2017-2018.)

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