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10 actors who can play only the same type of characters


Few would agree that Hollywood is the place where an actor or actress can realize their creative potential to the maximum, while earning astronomical fees.

However, it happens that Hollywood actor, having spent most of his life to cinema and acted in a significant number of popular paintings, and failed at least one of the roles to go beyond his on-screen roles.

In fairness, it should be noted that not each of these stars is greatly concerned about this. In addition, most of the fans of these Hollywood idols speak strongly against their favorite artist dramatically changed the genre orientation of their screen images.

Submitted 10 actors who exist in the film in the narrow confines of their established roles.

10. Steven Seagal

Seagal has become world famous thanks to roles in action movies. The future star of Hollywood began studying martial arts at age seven.

At the age of 17 energetic and ambitious young men decided to improve their skill in Japan. There's also Seagal first came to the set: as an expert in Japanese fencing was invited to stage a performance on-screen fighting with swords.

When it came to global success thanks to his charismatic, but very similar heroes, for actor firmly entrenched the role of a stern good guy who effortlessly single-handedly dispatch the enemy.

Segal never went beyond its genre, but not too upset millions of his fans.

9. Sylvester Stallone

The star of all parts of the rocky and Rambo love audience of all ages. His eyes Spaniel in the background of well-drawn muscles conquer the audience once and for all. In any role, whether it is street bouncer, who dreams of a professional ring, or Vietnam war veteran with a keen sense of justice, Stallone does not lose the sweet simplicity, and charm your boyfriend.

8. Vinnie Jones

In cinema he came after finishing his football career. On its sustainable role as a tough guy on the shoulder to cope with any difficult situation in large extent was influenced by his sports reputation.

The first role of the actor in the movie has become a cult picture of the guy Ritchie of lock, stock, and two Smoking barrels, which in the far and identified the General portrait of his on-screen images.

7. Jean-Claude Van Damme

Once graceful twine stars bloodsport was driving crazy millions of women around the world, and teenagers and young boys wiggled to seriously pursue martial arts.

And since then, van Damme firmly entrenched the role of a cute and very charming guy, who despite many tests still succeeds, simultaneously punishing all the bad guys.

6. Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is a charismatic, action-actor, which owes its popularity to the paintings of the famous Director and associate of Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, among them spy Kids, Machete and From dusk till dawn.

In all his screen career, the actor played about 200 roles memorable and very colorful scoundrels.

5. VIN Diesel

As a young man, mark (the actor's real name) worried about your subtle body, of which he became the object of ridicule from classmates.

Trying to cope with their psychological problems and hoping to gain popularity among girls, he began to engage in the formation of his body.

At the age of 17, turned out the bitch in pitching, quit his job at a local theater and got a job as a bouncer at a night club. At this time, the future Hollywood star decides to radically change the way to shave head bald to use a pseudonym VIN Diesel.

For three years in this club, the actor has gained a lot of experience with the fair sex, but no less rich experience of street fights, which largely helped him to determine the future of the on-screen image of a tough guy who is indifferent and arrogant views against their enemies.

4. Jackie Chan

This charming Chinese could fall in love with their onscreen characters a large part of the population. Early films heralded the advent of the cinema almost a new genre and changed the view of the ordinary viewer about the martial arts.

The characters of Jackie Chan cute and funny guys, who inevitably get in some trouble, out of which helps them virtuoso martial art and a charming smile.

3. Chuck Norris

Legendary star Walker, Texas Ranger and Delta force has recently become the subject of numerous Internet-memov. This applies mainly to unrealistic forces and the exaggerated slope of his characters. Although it seems it does not bother the 79-year-old Norris.

2. Jason Statham

Jason Statham – star of the popular Hollywood action movies, which fans have dubbed the second Bruce Willis. Crucial for him was the collaboration with Director guy Ritchie, who directed the colorful actor in several of his iconic paintings (Cards, money, two guns, Big money, etc.).

Also, Statham has become the face of blockbuster Carrier, where he played a major role. Since then the actor firmly entrenched the role of a cold-blooded and slightly cynical roll with a charming smile that can one hook at the same time to cut down a dozen opponents.

Because of this, in the movie, he embodies the images primarily of killers, spies, police officers, bodyguards and mafia.

1. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson great fame acquired after years of participation in wrestling. It was his impressive texture helped him get his first role in a small episode in the popular film the Mummy. Return. Next were starring roles in the films: the Scorpion King, fast and furious, Jumanji, etc.

In the movie Dwayne is mainly embodies the image of a tough big man, invincible for the on-screen enemies.

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