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10 incredible features of the human body


The human body is an amazing machine, so to speak. He is able to heal himself, to struggle with difficult life trials that drives people.

It would seem that in the XXI century has all the features and capabilities of the human body should be studied far and wide. But it is actually not so simple. The body is still full of surprises and tells the person about their amazing opportunities.

10. Half of the body is full of bacteria

Bacteria friends, associates on the formation of the immune system. The human body is very useful products of their activity, which, once incorporated in metabolic processes and competing with each other, make people resistant to various kinds of viral and bacterial diseases. Inhibit aging.

Bacterial Association settled on the skin. Indispensable their presence on the mucous membranes of the mouth, nasal cavity, vagina, the entire length of the intestine.

In the struggle for their bacterial existence, they destroy the aggressors by digestion, rapid propagation, and just "squeezing" the invaders vital for a space. That is certainly, the Holy place is never empty.

Valuable the fact that bacterial family are friendly with their bacterial neighbors. If you need to quickly form a defense, their ranks literally merge. They have only one enemy – man!

He believes that antibiotics are useful, and tries to wash out, "proclimit" to irrigate everything that reaches his hands. Mindless, mechanical washout, the intervention on the principle of "I'm big, and I can do anything" is not just bad, it is dangerous and directly threatens human life.

9. Stomach blushes with us

Situations, when the stomach is red, in a person's life is more than enough. This stress, insecurity, anxiety, fear, injury, prolonged physical stress, through a special control system emits a protective hormone adrenaline. He constricts blood vessels of the abdominal organs. Skin. Mucous membranes.

The person has a feverish glow, the gleam in his eyes. The wakefulness level increases. As soon as the situation in life is normal, redness of the skin subsides, the mucous membrane of the stomach becomes uniformly pink or matte.

8. Emotions create false memories

In the false memories of facts that were in reality, modified, it is possible to transfer them at another time. Sometimes they can surround the fictional events.

Real suffering caused by the situation, when any fact is forgotten, but it is important for a person and he is replaced by his inventions, fantastic information. Human memory constantly rekonstruiruet past. And it's wonderful.

Everyone has at least once been in a situation when one and the same event was covered in different ways depending on the listener. It is important that when the emotional coloration of the well-forgotten episode in the life breaks out again, the listener needs that kind will help to survive the flood of memories.

7. An incredible number of bacteria inside the navel

The navel is the scar on the anterior abdominal wall that remains after removal of the umbilical cord. Of all people he looks different. Some have it as prominent education, others on the contrary, he retracted.

The peculiarity is that in this little recollection of the days gone by discovered bacteria. Before the navel tied up in a mechanical way. Now clamp a special clamp, leaving a "tail" that must fall away. In a certain period of time. So, in the first days of life by diagnosis of weakness of the immune system.

The place is dark in the body, most closed clothing plus wrinkling of the skin – and there's "the apartment" for living microbes.

Scientists recorded associations numbering up to 3 thousand items. To 107 items of one individual. Doctors suggest to take care of a belly button after a shower treating his alcohol-containing substance.

6. The ability for UV vision

Ultraviolet radiation is electromagnetic radiation occupy the spectral range between visible and x-ray radiation. Infrared and ultraviolet radiation has always been considered inaccessible.

Preliminary conclusions are as follows. Rhodopsin, a photosensitive protein found in the retina capable of receiving the radiation due to the quantum effect, which was previously known as two-photon absorption.

5. In the morning we thinner and taller

Normally, the human body needs to get about 7 hours of sleep. If you go at the same time, four hours before bedtime limit the amount of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, do not eat after seven o'clock, especially high-calorie foods and in addition not to torture yourself to exercise – you can lose weight.

Calm, refreshing sleep provides the production of hormones of sleep. The task is simple. All the processes of life begin to flow to energy-saving speed. And the temperature of the internal organs should not decrease under any circumstances.

The phenomenon of extension of 1 inch per night, really exists. The thing is that in the horizontal position, the cartilages tend to decompress. Removed a spasm of the muscular corset.

In the evening, bipedalism leads to the fact that they are compressed again and spazmiruyutsya. It is a pity that there is no tradition in the day to get on all fours (especially people high or those who are engaged in heavy physical labor), and slowly walk in that position. Back just say "thank you."

4. Complete cell renewal every 10 years

It is known that human cells are updated. Bones regenerate every 10 years, gradually, this process slows down, leading to bone fragility. Skin every 2 weeks. The cells lining the stomach every 5 days. Blood – 120-150 days.

Brain cells are not updated during the whole life. The human liver has 600 years. Did not yet know about the heart. The updated body is the nails.

Regeneration processes spelled out in the genes. They are quite flexible and vulnerable. Where organ systems are working intensely reparative processes are accelerated. Partly the reason why the lifespan is shorter than nature intended. Highly expensive lifestyle leads to longevity.

3. Taste buds acidity are at the heart of

A surprising discovery was made by scientists of the University in Quickline. Cardiac tissues possess receptors that respond to bitter foods. The same as in the oral cavity.

It is interesting that the bitterness is not like the heart. It literally starts slower, because bitter substances are relaxing on the smooth muscles. Mysteries on the path of the discovery of this phenomenon many more. But abandon their solving will not happen.

2. Stomach acid dissolves the iron

Rethinking the role of iron in the human body, scientists to this day. Its need body is experiencing on a daily basis. How else, after all, impossible without iron capture oxygen from the blood. It was the capture and then transportation to needy tissues throughout the body.

Under his representation is waste and destruction of toxins, burning fat and converting it into energy. A person's appearance is changing rapidly with the shortage of the item. The skin is dry, hair dull, brittle, the corners of the mouth, poor healing of cracks, the body begins to retain water. A little more, and you can sing a nursery rhyme "I water, I water, nobody is found with me."

The human body is conceived magically. Stomach, the place where digestion occurs more intensively, contains hydrochloric acid. When connecting with the iron to produce salt and water. And in the quantities required at any given point in time.

The peoples in hot countries, there is an innate low level of hydrochloric acid in the body. That's why their recipes contain a lot of spices , just to stimulate hydrochloric acid and quality of digestion of meat.

1. The composition of breast milk changes under the child

The process of conceiving and carrying a child is a miracle. And the same miracle is mother's milk to ensure harmonious development of the newborn. The first three days the mammary glands produce colostrum.

Its value is that small, but sufficient for the little amount of doing high amounts of protein, begins powerful protection against infections, and kapitanie small body salts, vitamins, minerals.

And at the same time is powerful startup "factory" for the production of valuable product growth. Start the positive feedback mechanism between mother and child. Growing people and goes the extra milk volume. It increases energy and caloric values.

Surprisingly, the characteristics of the milk composition changes from feeding to feeding and is ideal for a growing organism.

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