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10 real vampires of history


Almost all people today believe that vampires do not exist. We used to see these creatures only in the movies and TV shows. However, not everyone is aware that the creation of many stories about vampires of their authors were inspired by real people and events.

Look at the 10 real monster, love blood, was a genuine horror from their contemporaries.

10. Petar Blagojevic

This man lived in Serbia in the XVIII century. It is believed that he was resurrected after his death and began to drink the blood of living people. When Blagojevich died, some villagers suddenly fell ill and quickly died. To determine the cause of their death and failed.

Ill people claimed to have seen Petar night. Died, and the son of Blagojevich, which said that the revived father came home and asked to be fed.
After some time, there was the exhumation of the body of Petar.

Eyewitnesses claimed that open the eyes of the vampire was moving, plus he was breathing. In the chest of Blagojevich drove a stake, then buried him again. After that, the villagers no longer suffer from nightmares and obscure diseases.

9. The vampire of Alnwick castle

William Newburry, medieval English chronicler, recorded a very strange story. It was about a resurrected man, master of Alnwick castle. Before he died, he sat on the roof, making sure to change loving wife.

The deceived husband fell, died, went to the underworld and then came back. The city started to go to his Ghost, who brought with them a terrible plague.

After some time, the grave of the master of the castle was excavated, after which the body stuck a shovel. From the corpse poured fresh blood that confirmed the suspicions of the townspeople about the vampire.

8. The vampire of Highgate

In London, there is the old Highgate cemetery. In the late 60-ies of the last century, people began to frequently see dead animals with unusual wounds on his neck. Many claimed to have met in the cemetery high evil man with the hypnotic gaze, which can paralyze on the spot. To find the vampire, people dug a few graves. It was never discovered, but in any case, the cemetery decided to close at night. After that, nothing happened, and city residents calmed down.

7. Sava Savanovich

Sava savanovich – known Serbian Ghost-vampire that lived in the old mill, and hunted the people approaching her after sunset. During his lifetime he was a rich cattle-dealer, who had committed a terrible sin, killing his girlfriend.

Savanovich not killed or expelled, as many other vampires. He just suddenly stopped their attacks, but people have very long feared to be near the old mill. Over time it collapsed.

Now it is believed that the vampire had awakened and decided to find a new home: people are afraid of him until now. The awakening of the Sava said even the local government.

6. The vampire of Croglin-Grunge

In the nineteenth century Cranwelli moved to the manor Croglin-Grunge. After some time in the garden began to notice an unusual glow. Special attention is paid, but one night lady Cromwell saw at the window of someone's eyes, sparkling like lights. The woman was very scared, and the monster began to open the window.

Lady Cromwell screamed. Other family members ran to help, but the strange creature still managed to bite the woman neck. The next time the vampire had managed to waylay: Cronulla started shooting, and the creature disappeared.

Morning was discovered an open tomb, which was a decomposed body with a fresh bullet holes. Soon the vampire was burned.

5. Jure Grando

Jure Grando died in the XVII century. He was a simple Croatian peasant. After the death of Grando for more than 15 years struck terror into the local population.

The vampire knocked at the door at night. If someone opened for him, for this man very quickly came death. When the vampire was not involved in the murders, it was to his widow and called her to sensual pleasures.

Then the villagers with the local priest at the head decided to get rid of Grando. They dug up and decapitated his body after that trouble the villagers stopped.

4. Underpriest of Melrose Abbey

In the eleventh century in the Abbey of Melrose lived a priest nicknamed "Underpriest", "dog priest". It is so named because he liked to hunt on horseback with dogs.

During the life of this priest was not a very nice person, and after death he became a creepy vampire.

Other priests got scared and decided to get rid of Underpriest. They came to the place where he was buried, and waited. When the priest-vampire rose, he was struck with an axe on the head. Body Underpriest burned, then the ashes were spread, but it is believed that the priest is still looking for new victims.

3. The vampires of new England

At the end of XX century in Connecticut was discovered a grave with the skeletons of farmers. These men were buried in the XVIII century. One farmer was beheaded, and his bones were arranged in the shape of Jolly Roger. It turned out that the head had separated after 10 years after the person's death.

All valuables were in place, so that the version of the looting of the graves have disappeared at once. It is believed that this is some kind of "vampire epidemic": about the same time, in neighboring Jewett city exhumed and burned almost 30 corpses.

2. Gorbulski vampire

Gorbals – old Scottish cemetery. One day there was rumors that there began to appear a vampire with teeth of iron. People said that this creature took several children.

The vampire quickly began to hunt other children, armed with knives and sticks. It is believed that the story arose because of the influence of American comics about vampires and other monsters.

1. Bloody Countess (Elizabeth Bathory)

This vampire can be called one of the most popular. Elizabeth Bathory liked to torture the villagers and to bathe in human blood.

This Countess lived in Hungary, she was born in the XVI century. The torture that was invented by this lady, was very ill: it drove people into the snow to freeze to death, doused them with ice water, pierced with nails, their lips and fingers.

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