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10 famous people who did not live to see 30


Death is always scary, but, as corny as it may sound, sooner or later it will come for all. No one knows what awaits him in life. That's just people often do not appreciate life, it seems that there is still a lot of time.

Indeed, many people live to old age. They live long lives, but they also don't want to die. Grandparents dream to walk at the wedding, grandchildren, to hold great-grandchildren. It is not always possible, but we all know that death is inevitable.

Is often different. Young men die, die in the Prime of life. Celebrity is no exception. To stay in the world of the living they do not help neither money, nor glory. Very sorry for the talented people, they could do many more useful things.

In this article we will focus on famous people who did not live to see 30.

10. Aliya (1979-2001)

Aliya was a talented girl. She starred in movies, sang, was a model. She soon got into the world of show business, the girl was 15 when she released her first album.

No wonder, because the mother of alia and her uncle were not the last people in show business. For girls were opened all doors, but that is not to say that Aliya was mediocre. No, her abilities were envied by many.

The singer died when she was 22. She released a new album, had to make a music video in the Bahamas, a team of aliyah went on a journey. The plane was overloaded, too much equipment loaded on Board. The plane crashed, everyone died. Later, he said that in the blood of the pilot found alcohol, but these rumors have not been confirmed.

9. Biggie Smals (1972-1996)

Katie called one of the most influential hip-hop artists in history.

A boy with a childhood dream to sing, but the fate was not favorable to him. He was born in a poor family, trying to sell drugs, got a prison sentence. In prison he reflected on his life.

When biggie came out, he decided to study music. He sent his entry to the contest, the song produced by producer a huge impression. Soon Katie became a popular artist, his first album was a runaway success. He has received numerous awards, a young rapper called "Discovery of the year".

Unfortunately, Smolt not tied to his past life, he was still being interested in drugs. Unknown, maybe it was directly related to his death.

In 1997, biggie was shot from a passing car when he returned to the hotel from the party. At the time he was 24 years old.

8. James Dean (1931-1955)

James has received several awards in the field of cinema and even took 18th place in the ranking of the biggest stars in America. Sorry that all this happened when he was already dead.

Dean started with ads and then played a small cameo role. Not enough money, had to earn in the Parking lot.

Soon the actor moved to new York career went uphill. First, he participated in a game show, then he was offered a decent role. Only three roles brought him great success, the last film "Giant" was released after the death of James. The actor died in a car accident at the age of 24 years.

7. Kurt Cobain (1967 1994)

Vocalist and guitarist of the legendary band Nirvana. He grew up in a musical family and since childhood passion for music. Kurt's parents divorced, it radically changed his life. He remained with his mother, but could not establish a relationship with her, so I left the house.

For some time he wandered about, he was detained for drinking alcohol, for trespassing on foreign territory. In 1985 Kurt formed a group, several times changed the composition and the name of the team. In 1991, when they released their second album of Nirvana, the group recognized all over the world.

Rock musician long ago was addicted to drugs. Besides, he had a lot of other health problems, mental musician, apparently, too was not all good. Kurt shot himself in his own house, he injected himself with a dose of heroin, incompatible with life. The musician was only 27.

6. Sid Vicious (1957-1979)

British musician, a member of the Sex Pistols. He was born in a dysfunctional family. Sid's mother taught him to drugs since childhood. After a quarrel with his mother the young man has become homeless, the money he earned street concerts.

At that difficult time the Led included in the punk culture. After a while, he was accepted into the group Sex Pistols bassist. That's just to play Led never learned, other members of the team even laughed at him.

But Vicious was the epitome of the culture of punks, maybe that's why he was left in the group. Led didn't appreciate his life, he took drugs, drank, was leading an immoral life. Ruined his heroin, Sid died of a drug overdose at age 21.

5. Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970)

American virtuoso guitarist. Jimmy is rightly called the greatest guitarist. He played the guitar like no other.

He was born in an ordinary family, after his mother's death the boy bought a guitar and got into music. Hendricks created the group together with your buddies, but the popularity they could only dream of. Moving to new York, a new group, concerts in Nightclubs brought him fame.

But one day, fate gave Jimmy a chance. He was noticed and invited to the group. After a few speeches about Hendrix learned around the world. Jimmy, like most musicians, was a drug addict. It was said that he died of a drug overdose.

In fact, the musician choked on sleeping pills that were washed down with wine. To save him failed at the time, the best guitarist was 27 years old.

4. Selena (1971-1995)

"Queen tehan" has made a huge contribution to music and fashion. Selena became one of the most popular Latin American singers.

Selena's career began at 6 years. When she was 9, she was performing in his father's restaurant. Soon the restaurant was closed, Selena's father bought a bus and the whole family went on tour. Travel interfered with the full study, but Selena has received education.

After meeting with producer Rico Trevino, Selena's career took off. She became very popular. Selena decided to go into business, opened two clothing store. They became the cause of her death.

Managing the stores were dirty. When Selena found out about it, decided to meet her. At the meeting a woman came with a gun, she shot the singer and hit the carotid artery. Selena died at the age of 23.

3. Amy Winehouse (1983-2011)

The British singer became famous thanks to its unique vocals and eccentric performance mixture of several genres. It was called one of the best British singers of the 2000s. Her name is even listed in the Guinness Book of records for the fact that the singer won 5 Grammy awards.

She was born into a musical family, so a passion for music have experienced since childhood. At the age of 14 she wrote her first song, then started taking drugs. A year later, she signed her first contract and went on tour.

Amy soon became popular. She has released albums, played concerts, toured, only could not stay off drugs. There were problems with health. When Winehouse was 27, she died. Her body was found in his apartment. Girl died from alcohol poisoning.

2. Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)

Greatest hip-hop artist in history. Tupac has had a huge influence on many hip-hop artists. His songs touched on sensitive social topics. He sang about violence, ghetto life, poverty.

His family had a lot of criminals. Most likely, it influenced the work of Tupac. The boy was studying music when he was 12. He became a member of street band. He played in theater productions, rap.

Soon Tupac became a member of the band, released the album. The real success came to the singer in 1993, when he played in the group Thug Life. Then Tupac started a solo career, and has released several albums. His last album was named the greatest hip hop album according to MTV.

In the fateful night of Shakur went to the club, the car was shot, to save him failed. The rapper was 25 years old.

1. Heath Ledger (1979-2008)

Hollywood actor of Australian origin has become famous for its ability to reincarnation. He had a bright acting talent and could play completely different characters.

In adolescence a Hit played in the school theater, then we all noticed his extraordinary abilities. Growing up, he began to star in movies. Some roles were successful, some failed, but the popularity of the Ledger could only dream of.

His dreams of fame come true after the filming of the movie "Brokeback mountain." After that, it was still a lot of roles, but it would be even more if Heath not died at such an early age.

He was 27, the official cause of death – poisoning with drugs.

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