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10 movies with the worst translation of the name into Russian


Adaptation of foreign names for films of the Russian hire is a process that sometimes defies logic. Even in situations where no trudnoperevarimoy game of words or other linguistic subtleties, domestic localizers sometimes give such gems, that's amazing.

Such names sometimes completely kill a picture, discouraging viewers that expect to see some trash on the basis of inadequate names. Of these locations, you can make a top 20 or even top 50, but we traditionally restrict ourselves to ten and try to squeeze the most interesting.

10. The Shawshank redemption1994

Let's start with the classics in all senses of the word: a classic of the cinema and the classics "creativity" of our localizers. Original title of the film The Shawshank Redemption, which can be translated as "salvation", "redemption" or "liberation". Yes, the word "escape" in the sense of fit even more, but it's spoilered the whole story!

In the picture to the end there is only a hint of what Dufresne prepares to escape, therefore not knowing the name, you can suspect anything you want, but the domestic audience the luxury of reason, deprived.

9. My boyfriend — psycho2012

What movie can you imagine seeing that name? Even if you've looked about it and imagine what might be called "My boyfriend — crazy". With confidence of 99.9%, it can be argued that you comes to mind teen Comedy for girls, which looked and forgotten.

In fact, the picture Silver Linings Playbook (a collection of rays of hope) Comedy with deep meaning, for which Jennifer Lawrence received the "Oscar". The target audience of the film have him just go, and those who went just because of the name felt betrayed.

8. Telekinesis2013

Ignorant people may argue: the main character really owns powerful telekinesis, so this name better reflects the essence than the original "Carrie".

Yes, that's right, but there is one thing: the film is based on the Stephen king book "Carrie" and is the third screen adaptation of. It means that Carrie already has an impressive fan base, including how to read the book and saw a picture of Brian De Palma or David Carson, but "Telekinesis" is an empty phrase.

7. The beginning of2010

The beginning of what? You never asked this question? Apparently, distributors in Russia, too, did not bother, "Slapped" on a poster, the first profound word that came to their mind.

The original Inception translates as "introduction", it perfectly suits the essence of the film in which we are talking about the introduction of ideas into someone's brain.

It is evident that Christopher Nolan was not much to ponder over the name and made everything simple, but elegant. Why do we so love to complicate things?

6. Walk the line2005

A great biopic with Joaquin Phoenix about the life of musician johnny cash is an example of how our localizers know how to find antonyms.

Original title of the film Walk the Line, referring to one of the songs of the artist. It can be translated as "to go on line, on the edge", and filmed. In it the protagonist is on the edge, constantly risking to fall, but the love and support of June Carter not allow him to cross that same line, and only we, in Russia, johnny cash after all her crosses.

5. A game without rules2010

And again antonyms, this time even more senseless and merciless. Football heard the expression Fair Play means fair play? Then you can translate the phrase Fair Game, meaning essentially the same thing.

Even if you really try, it is still difficult to even imagine how and why "Play" has become a "Game without rules".

4. World war Z2013

And here the logic is quite clear: you can clearly see how I worked "brilliant" marketers wishing to "hypnoti" the grandiose name the works of Hg wells.

In the original movie named World War Z, that is, World war Z, as it is not the same with war of the worlds.

Just think: in the film there is no even the worst alien or a rusty space ship, but it's happening war of the worlds. Marketing 80th LVL, what can I say.

3. Transylvania2012

Even a person who has never studied English, you should be able to understand that Hotel Transylvania is no monsters on some holidays. It's just "Hotel Transylvania," which refers to the homeland of vampires, but this name probably seemed too boring.

What do kids love? Right, vacation. Who lives in Transylvania? Vampires, werewolves, monsters of all sorts. Fold and obtain acceptable result, people go. The rare case when the sheer stupidity of adaptation did not spoil the box office receipts of the project.

2. Friendship and no sex?2013

Ask yourself, would you go to the cinema for such a film? Invited to the session his girlfriend, or even spouse? Unlikely. The title clearly defined the tape in the category of youth or even adolescence, although in reality it is not.

Yes, this is a story about young people (starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver), but there is no vulgarity, plenty of jokes below the belt and drunk student parties ending with the arrival of the police.

The foreign press dubbed the picture as "beyond sweet", which is more romance than Comedy. Sex, as such, there is not much.

The original title is sounds What If, and translate it as "What if?" or "What (would be) if?" A Russian adaptation of the Russian adaptation and no logic.

1. Military diver2000

Biographical drama about the first American black graduate of the naval school, which became a diver, came under the proud name of Men of Honor, that is, "Men of honor".

United States Navy, officers of the great ships, the harsh army life it all goes well with the title, suggests a direct Association. And what associations you have is the word "diver"? Not a diver, and that diver?

Why not go ahead and call sniper strelyalka, athlete with begaljica, and the sapper vzryvaetsya? You will see these on the poster of his movie theater don't be surprised.

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