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10 deadly drugs that are widely used by doctors last


People are always sick, and often to find out the causes of diseases was difficult. Of course, that humanity had "mangled a lot of firewood" before you achieve results in the field of health.

However, even in the relatively recent past, there has been absurd and even dangerous treatments that now surprise us with their stupidity. Below are some of these methods.

10. Manure

Even the Egyptians used crocodile dung as a means female contraception by inserting it in the vagina. This method was used, and the Africans.

The ancient Greeks used the chicken manure to lighten hair, and the British in the 17th century "treated" with the help of baldness. The Indians added their manure sacred animal in any potions and drugs.

The danger of such methods is that in the muck of the lives of many bacteria, including pathogenic. So often people are poisoned and infected, and did not even know what and why.

9. Radium water

When it was discovered radioactivity, no one has studied its impact on the body. In the early twentieth century, the world was shocked with the radium fever. Of course, she doesn't escape medicine.

It is unknown when and who decided that radium is good for the body. But it soon became to be considered that this element is able to treat virtually all diseases.

In 1918, the world saw a homeopathic remedy "Radithor". The bottle contained distilled water containing one microcuries of radium-226 and 228.

Prolonged use of this "drug" element was accumulated in the bones. People have died from radiation sickness, osteoporosis, tumors.

8. Tapeworms

In the twentieth century, these parasites used for weight loss. Eating meat with larvae of the tapeworms has become a new and effective diet.

Living in the human body tapeworms consume a part of food inside of it. Tapeworms use vital nutrients. From the fact that in addition to their own body has to supply the food of the parasite, infected and really starts to lose weight.

But along with the weight loses its vitality and beauty. Such a diet is deadly, but in the past, man thought otherwise.

7. LSD and ecstasy

Data psychedelics for a long time was widely used in the treatment of mental disorders such as depression or schizophrenia.

With a 50-x 60-e years of the last century, there have been numerous studies on the effects of LSD and ecstasy on the human psyche. The experiments involved more than 40 thousand patients. It has been observed that these drugs just worsen the condition of patients. LSD and MDMA increase anxiety and cause psychosis even in healthy people.

After the publication of the results of the study, 70 years, psychoactive substances was banned as drugs.

6. Goat's testicles

In the early twentieth century John Brinkley, one of the richest doctors of America, besides not having medical education, proposed a "revolutionary" method of treatment of impotence and infertility in men.

For a large sum of money he gave them goat's testicles. On the set of the carried out implantations he earned a fortune. But his patients not only did not get rid of the problem, but bought a new one. Among them just the same impotence, as well as infection by various infections.

5. Sex with virgins

The myth that using contacts with virgins can cure syphilis or gonorrhea appeared in the XVI century. In some African countries, this misconception still exists.

Virgins always attributed to some "magical" properties, but it is clear that this "treatment" has the opposite effect and certainly does not cure diseases, sexually transmitted.

4. Paraffin

In the early twentieth century, people attempted to treat wrinkles and breast augmentation. To this end, the doctors used paraffin. They injected it under the skin as implants, as well as to smooth out wrinkles.

Soon this practice was stopped because during operations are constantly recorded infection, and paraffin formed painful lumps under the skin.

3. The powder of mummies

In the past it was the fashion for the use of the preparations containing powder of bodies. English monarch in the seventeenth century drank a mixture of alcohol and powder of the king's skull, and from the XVI to the XIX century people drank diluted powder of Egyptian mummies.

He supposedly healed from coughs, headaches, and even stomach ulcers. Often instead of ground mummies people drank the powder of an ordinary dead slave, and instead of healing received poisoning and abdominal pain. What is surprising is how long existed a fashion similar to the "treatment".

2. Mercury

The first mention of this "drug" found in the sixteenth century, and then it was used down to the present century. At the end of XX century, physicians began to abandon the use of drugs with this toxic substance.

Even Paracelsus treated the "French disease" by means of rubbing in feet of mercury ointment. Doctors suggested their patients to inhale the vapors of mercury, to wear it in a pouch, swallow and inject with this metal.

Also mercury was treated for syphilis. It is proved that it really suppresses pale Treponema is the causative agent of the disease. However, people still died, but not from syphilis but from severe poisoning and its consequences.

1. Arsenic

Arsenic is a pretty controversial item. Some of its compounds are safe or even necessary in the treatment, and others are able in a small dose to kill a lot of people. Mostly arsenic was used as poison. Death from poisoning by this substance has been long and painful. People just gradually faded.

Also an element used in paints, Wallpaper, and even cosmetics. From the early 18th century until the mid-19th arsenic was part of drugs from arthritis, diabetes, malaria and syphilis. Of course, the use of drugs based on it led to the death of patients.

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