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10 people who very much wanted to be like their idols


Today, anyone can change their appearance, would be money and desire. Many beauty treatments, beauty injections, Botox – all this is not very cheap, and not always positively affects the appearance.

Some go even further, they resort to services of plastic surgeons. Someone makes a large chest, someone corrects the shape of the nose, and someone completely changes their appearance. That's just first need to find your ideal way to get plastic surgeons have an idea about what he wants to the client.

For most people the ideal of beauty are celebrities. Of course, the stars are always in sight. So some of their fans are not trying to "reinvent the wheel", they do not improve their appearance, and are turning to plastic surgeons in the hope that they will be able to make them a complete copy of the idol.

Below are 10 people who very much wanted to be like their idols. You know, if they managed to do it, and as a new appearance has influenced their lives.

10. Claudia Allende — Megan Fox

Claudia is a model, singer and businesswoman from Brazil is very much like Megan Fox. Indeed, fans of the actress often accept Allende for his idol.

The striking resemblance: the face, eye color, nose shape, lips. Here only the girl did not recognize that all of this is done on purpose. She coyly shrugs his shoulders and denies any resemblance to Megan.

But experts in the field of plastic surgery Claudia not agree. They note that the appearance of the girl corrected. Apparently she decided to become an improved copy of the Fox, because Allende not only increased the lips, changed the shape of the nose, made a facelift, but had a boob job and plastic surgery of the buttocks.

Now Claudia is quite a popular personality. In some ways, she is still superior to Megan, at least in Instagram followers it twice.

9. Adam Guerra — Madonna

Adam Guerra from Los Angeles, met Madonna when he was 15. He found the disc at my mom, listened to it and fell in love with the singer. He soon became obsessed with her.

The young man began to copy the appearance of the Madonna, at first, he simply dressed her, put makeup. When Adam earned a bit of money on appearances (he performed at various events), he made the first plastic surgery. In total the young man had undergone 18 surgeries and has spent his dream of 200 thousand dollars. Now it is called a double Madonna.

Guerra came from great poverty, became famous, making good money on their similarity with the star. That's just his mom still regrets that at the time, do not throw this ill-fated disk.

8. Fran Mariano — Ricky Martin

The Argentine Fran Mariano has chosen Ricky Martin not by chance. The singer became his real ideal. Sam Mariano has never been pretty. To get rid of excess weight and complexes he decided with the help of plastic surgeons.

He's been through a lot, but he stubbornly went to his dream. Fran has made resemblance to Ricky Martin. Now this slender handsome. Probably he has much more confidence, and fans became much more. Relatives disapprove of such choice of Mariano, but their opinion doesn't play for the big guy role.

How did the life copy of Ricky Martin, is still unknown. Apparently, he got a perfect appearance and calmed down. At least become as popular as Ricky Martin he's not trying.

7. Amir Boyleg — Kylie Jenner

Kylie is the youngest of the Kardashian sisters. Despite his youth, Jenner has achieved a lot, the girl's own cosmetic brand, she is a successful businesswoman. Kylie is the youngest billionaire in history. Of course, Kylie has a lot of fans.

Amir Bouallag was its exact copy. Instagram-lookalike Jenner lives in Paris. The girl wants to be as popular. She learned how to apply makeup like Kylie and wants to be like her in everything.

Amir is still very young, she's 17, she is studying at the University. By the way, she never did plastic surgery. Such appearance has awarded its nature.

6. Herbert Chavez Superman

Herbert Chavis from the Philippines decided to imitate not the actor, not the singer Superman. He went under the surgeon's knife at a young age.

To become like his idol Herbert had a lot to endure. Rhinoplasty, permanent adjustment of the shape of the nose, lips, pads on the hips, the young man did not stop before anything.

Still be a real Superman he was not meant to be. It's all in the growth. Comic book hero was quite high – 1.93 meters tall, and Chavez barely comes to his shoulder. A poet on the Herbert often laugh and call him such names.

5. Chelsea Marr — Angelina Jolie

Chelsea Marr from the UK is very similar to angelina. She likes it very much, but she admits that it never sought to complete the resemblance with a star. Marr had three plastic surgeries: breast augmentation and lip and nose job. The girl focuses on the fact that she corrected his appearance, but didn't copy angelina.

Chelsea is very popular, she had a large number of followers in social networks, but she decided to live her life. Marr rejected all offers of work as a lookalike of the actress. She is now working in the oil and gas company, Chelsea chose the office job, not popularity and fame.

4. Romario DOS Santos Alves — Hulk

Clearly, when people want to copy the appearance of the stars, but what motivates them, when they want to be like the Superheroes and other strange creatures?

Romario DOS Santos Alves from Brazil chose to follow a very unusual example. He wanted to be the same as the Hulk.

The young man was engaged in bodybuilding, so he was able to pump a good muscle, this seemed to him a little, he decided to resort to injections of synthol. Hands are swollen, their girth has reached 65 centimeters.

Soon the pain became a faithful companion Romario, limbs ached and went numb. The doctors had to work hard to save hands on a new Hulk from amputation. Last year Romario visited Moscow on the program Andrei Malakhov. He came there in order to convince the Russian guy not to use synthol.

3. Conrad Onnerud — Leonardo DiCaprio

Conrad from Sweden lived a normal life. He worked as a bartender and wanted to be a musician. When a young man joined "Instagram", came to him success. It was called a double DiCaprio.

Indeed, Onnerud – an exact copy of the young Leonardo. Because of this similarity, for Conrad opened all the doors. He became a model, starred in commercials, but about the career of the musician also does not forget. Still, with such appearance, Conrad will do whatever you want.

2. Camilla Osman Kim Kardashian

But Camille Osman is not very nice compared to popular Kim Kardashian. The girl is a successful model, she wants to be an individual and to get rid of the stigma counterpart Kim.

And Camille, and Kim have Caucasian roots. Probably, therefore, between them a certain similarity. Osman did rhinoplasty and increased lips, but it is not to be someone's copy.

The model was lucky, she met with Kim, she even posted their photo sharing. Camille loved the Kardashian, she found her cute and friendly.

1. Pixie Fox — Jessica rabbit, the little Mermaid and other cartoon characters

Pixie Fox from Sweden was a regular girl. She got an education, got a job in a company, some time worked as an engineer. But Fox did not retreat from her dreams, she wanted to be like a cartoon character. She was impressed by Jessica Rabbit and the little Mermaid.

125 thousand dollars, the number of operations, and Pixie indistinguishable from the cartoon Jessica. She has huge Breasts, slim waist, unnatural face.

The important thing is that Fox is happy with these drastic changes. She became a famous model, she was happy with her life and new appearance.

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